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"Are you going to believe me,

or what you see with your own eyes?"

~ Groucho Marx


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Stop What do you do at a stop sign?  It depends on how you interpret the stop sign.

Stop What does a liberal Christian do at a stop sign?

A liberal Christian would conclude that the word stop was never uttered by Jesus himself

but it belongs to a later period.

Stop What does a post modernist deconstructionist do at a stop sign?

A post modernist would deconstructionist the sign and end the tyranny of the north south traffic. 

Stop What does a Catholic do at a stop sign?

A Catholic cannot understand the stop sign apart from Rome.

Stop What does a Lutheran or a Presbyterian do at a stop sign?

He will stop if someone before him stopped.

Stop What does an Evangelical fundamentalist do at a stop sign?

He will look up "stop" in the dictionary and then force his passengers out of the car.

Stop What does a heathen do at a stop sign?

He will do whatever he wants.

Stop What does a Jew do at a stop sign?

He will take another route altogether so that he does not risk breaking the law.

Stop What does an esteemed seminary professor do at a stop sign?

He will assume that the "stop" sign was copied from a hypothetical "Q" sign.

Stop What does an agnostic do at a stop sign?

He doesn't know if the sign exists and will act as if it doesn't.

Stop What does a charismatic do at a stop sign?

He will lay hands on the sign to cast out the demons of traffic.

Stop What does a legalist do at a stop sign?

He will take the text literally and wait for the sign to tell him to go.

(Source: Bob Enyart Live Radio Program, aired May 6, 2009).

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