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Before I formed you in the womb I knew you (Jer 1:5).

All those who hate me love death (Prov 8:36, NASB).

Speak out for the one who cannot speak (Prov. 31:8, GWT).

Spare those staggering toward their slaughter (Pr 24:11b).

"We begin as a human being right at the point of fertilization (Ps. 139, Ps.51).  God made man in His image (Ge 1:26,27; 1 Co 11:7, Jas 3:9)  Those aborting babies are killing humans made in the image of God.  Get answers from God's word, not man's opinion (Ken Ham)."

Mary was with child--not with a blob of tissue (Lk 2:5).

Personhood Talking Points

Not one of our Supreme Court Justices will acknowledge personhood
for unborn children made in God's image. Not one will fight for the unborn child's unalienable right to life. Learn about moral relativism, legal positivism and 15 years wasted in the pro-life movement.

"And our posterity" is written in the Preamble of The Constitution--that means unborn children have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Sign the Pledge


Learn about the link between abortion and breast cancer at Generation X-Pose

American Right to Life

The Personhood Wing of the Pro-Life Movement

Colorado is the Pro-Life Hub of our nation!

You may want to check out a to see what can be done by those willing to barter with the lives of children by reducing the inalienable (non-transferable) God-given right to life to a second-tier negotiable matter. And see what can be done by others who just say no to those who pass laws that say "and then you can kill the baby".

Abortion apathy is sin.

ASO Denver's Jonathan Sutherland Not Interviewed (right click, open)

What is abolitionism?

Abortifacient chemical weapons

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Learn more about abortifacient-- using chemical weapons on children such as birth control pills and "the morning after pill"

Colorado Right to Life spokesman Bob Enyart says, 'Embryos are living human beings with eternal souls and spirits.  You just have to refrain from killing one to see what a precious child it is.'" 

Live by the sword die by the sword:  abortion vigilantism worksheet

Babies understand morality, math and physics (MP3, right click and "save as" to download).  Ps 40:8.


Snowflake website


Pray for Personhood Throughout the U.S.

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Black Genocide  Click to view

I am a Person Click to view

History Lesson Click to view

Our Perfect Child Click to view

Window to the Womb Click to view

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