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I am

the bread

 of life

 (Jn. 6:35).





































































































A little


leavens the

whole lump.

(Gal 5:9, NKJV)




























































































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New Age,  Islam, Nation of Islam, Buddhism, Roman Catholicism, Judaism  Hinduism  One World Government/Religion

"Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance.

The only thing it cannot be is moderately important."

-C.S. Lewis


"There are two types of people, those who have hope and those who need hope."

-Gino Geraci.

"You cannot do right if you do not believe right."

-Jim Andrews


"You can't make a good omelet out of bad eggs no matter how you mix it up."

Adrian Rogers


Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men (2 Cor 5:11, KJV).


Scriptural Reminders of False Teachers



Remove the sheepskin:

Beware the Wolves (MP3 right click and 'save target as' to download) Adrian Rogers

There are two religions--one true and one false--the way of Cain and the way of the cross.  Remove the sheepskin and

understand those who:  pervert, prostitute, or hate the gospel of Jesus. 


Did you know there are snakes in the Garden of God — serpents who would twist the truth and poison the Church with false doctrine? Learn to recognize the identifying marks of these “theological reptiles” so you’ll know how to avoid them! Adrian Rogers Jude 1:11


[Edited notes Snakes in the Garden by Adrian Rogers] Satan is not against religion.  He infiltrates the church.  He infiltrates through apostasy.


What is an apostate?  An apostate is not just an unbeliever or not even somebody who is in a false cult necessarily--these are lost until and if they get saved--but they are not an apostate.  The word apostasy means to fall away. It is somebody who has received the truth, who has rejected the truth, begins to ridicule the truth, and after a while actually tries to replace the truth. He is the enemy of the Lord Jesus Christ and of the cross and Christ and he is what the Bible calls an apostate.  What are marks of an apostate?  Jude mentions three men that illustrate the marks of an apostate... 


...There are those who:  pervert the gospel (way of Cain), those who prostitute the gospel (error of Balaam) and those who protest the gospel (rebellion of Korah).  


Snakes in the Garden (MP3 right click and 'save target as' to download) Adrian Rogers


Edited notes The Portrait of an Apostate by Adrian Rogers



Empty Words Pt A, Pt B, Empty Hearts Pt A, Pt B (MP3 right click and 'save target as' to download) John MacArthur

Edited notes Empty Words, Empty Hearts by John MacArthur


***Heresy Alert***

Recommended Reading:

Reviving Heretical Doctrines

"Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?" (Mat. 16:13, KJV).

Don't Drink The Kool-Aid: Oprah, Obama and the Occult by Carrington Steele

Slandering Jesus: Six Lies People Tell about the Man Who Said He Was God by Erwin Lutzer

Misquoting Truth: A Guide to the Fallacies of Bart Ehrman's "Misquoting Jesus" by Timothy Paul Jones

Breaking the Da Vinci Code: Answers to the Questions Everyone's Asking by Darrell L. Bock  





Product Code: W476X
Price: $3.99

Pamphlet: Answers to the Da Vinci Code pamphlet
Dan Brown's best-selling novel, The Da Vinci Code, makes a number of false statements about Jesus Christ and the history of Christianity. Yet the story is so compelling that many readers believe it is true. This handy concise pamphlet answers the 20 most important questions people have about this novel in just 12 pages.


Recommended Sites

 Calvary Aurora

10 Errors of the Da Vinci Code by Scott Richards
Da Vinci Code Notes by Charlie Campbell


The Christian message is still ringing true...

  Preview Christianity, Cults & the Occult

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ISBN 10: 1596360534   ISBN 13: 9781596360532   Product Code: 323X
Price: $3.99

New Cults Comparison Fold-Out Chart: Christianity, Cults & Occult pamphlet
This fold-out chart clearly contrasts Biblical Christianity and 11 movements with a wide range of occult connections: 
Freemasonry, Kabbalah Centre (Philip Berg), Wicca/Neopaganism, Satanism, Spiritualism, Santeria, Voodoo, Theosophy (H.P. Blavatsky), Anthroposophy (Rudolf Steiner), Rosicrucianism (AMORC), Eckankar (Paul Twitchell), Astrology and Horoscopes and more...


Preview Christianity, Cults & Religions

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ISBN 10: 9901981409   ISBN 13: 9789901981403   Product Code: 404X
Price: $3.99

PAMPHLET:Christianity, Cults and Religions
New Edition! Two New Groups! Best-seller Christianity, Cults & Religions compares the beliefs of 18 world religions and cults at a glance! Know what each group believes about God, Jesus, Salvation, and more...

Jehovah's Witnesses (Watchtower Bible Tract Society), Mormonism (Latter-day Saints), Unification Church, Christian Science, Unity School of Christianity, Scientology, Wicca, New Age, Islam, Nation of Islam, Baha'i World Faith, Judaism, Hinduism, Hare Krishna (Iskcon), Transcendental Meditation (TM), Buddhism, Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism)

False teachings about the Trinity






Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses Refuted  Learn about Jehovah's Witnesses' denial of the historical, Biblical Jesus.  "They do not believe that Jesus is the preeminent one, the first born over all creation, the second member of the trinity, the one who "spoke and the universe leap into existence (Hanegraaff)."  

False claim:  Jesus is the archangel Michael.

False teaching about the trinity (Arianism (Dynamic Monarchianism):Jehovah's Witnesses denying the deity of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  To them, Jesus was a created being adopted by God, and the Holy Spirit is simply the power of God or a force..."

Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe in hell.

For the Jehovah's Witnesses celebrating holidays is wrong.

I Am a Witness

Click to view

ISBN 10: 1596361204   ISBN 13: 9781596361201   Product Code: 582X
Price: $3.99

10 Questions & Answers for Jehovah's Witnesses pamphlet
Includes information on:
• How the Jehovah’s Witnesses began • Prophecies by their leaders • Should God be called “Jehovah”? • Is the Trinity a “Pagan Doctrine”?


Jehovah's Witnesses Apologetics (MS Word)
Jehovah's Witnesses False Prophecies (MS Word)
Jehovah's Witnesses Doctrinal Reversals (MS Word)
Is Jesus Christ the Archangel Michael? (MS Word)
Verses Jehovah's Witnesses Use to Deny Christ's Deity (MS Word)
A Case For the Trinity (MS Word) 


Recommended sites:

In Plain Site Jehovah's Witnesses

4 Jehovah


Defending Contending

Apolgetics Index

Word Press



Mormons:  Well Dressed...Bad Doctrine (Geraci).

Magic underwear will not get you into heaven.





""I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me (Jn 14:6, ISV)."

No matter when you get in line, you will never be a god!

"I am God, and there is none like me (Isa 46:9, KJB)."

False claim:  Jesus is the spirit brother of Lucifer.

False teaching about the trinity (tri-theism:  Jesus was a created being and the Spirit-brother of Lucifer, who became a god. Mormonism teaches that there are many gods and we too can become gods.)  Mormons are polytheists.  They believe in eternal progression.

"What existed from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes,

what we observed and touched with our own hands-this is the Word of life! (1 Jn 1:1, ISV)."

"In the beginning, the Word existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God (Jn 1:1, ISV)."

Excerpt:  Hot-Button Questions About the Bible and Christian Life Grace to You





Click view

ISBN 10: 1596361174   ISBN 13: 9781596361171   Product Code: 579X
Price: $3.99

10 Questions and Answers about Mormonism
What do Mormons teach about Jesus, the Trinity, God, baptism for the dead, and how to be saved? The Latter-day Saints often use Christian terms, but mean something completely different. This pamphlet will help you sort through the confusion. CLICK ON THE PHOTO FOR MORE INFORMATION.

I Bear You My Testimony (Tract) Click to view

Recommended Reading:

Mormon Apologetics (MS Word)
Changes in the Book of Mormon (MS Word)
50 Questions To Ask A Mormon (MS Word)
Inconsistencies in Joseph Smith's First Vision Account (MS Word)
Similarities Between Joseph Smith and Muhammad (Islam) (MS Word)

Is the Book of Mormon a hoax?



Crime in the "Chruch" Polygamy

No religious belief excuses the reality of violence, child marriage, trafficking, sexual abuse and incest

Another Jesus

"Christian Science--not Christian, not science." -Pastor Gino Geraci



Christian Science


Does Tom Cruise really believe that aliens control his brain?




The Urantia Book


United Pentecostal

False teaching about the trinity:  Modalism (also Sabellianism, Modalistic Monarchianism) "Jesus only", there is only one God who manifests himself in three modes. God is essentially playing different roles and the assumption is that in the Old Testament he revealed himself as the Father, in the New Testament God reveals himself as Jesus, and in the church-age as Holy Spirit.




Unification Church


Unity School of Christianity


Revealing the Secret Life of the 23 Most Famous Occult People

List of Lesser Known Cults

Cult Help Info

Atheism & Agnosticism

Click to view

ISBN 10: 1596361239   ISBN 13: 9781596361232   Product Code: 585X
Price: $3.99

10 Questions & Answers for Atheists

*  Can we know there is a God?  Is there a basis for right and wrong?  Can a person believe in God and in science?  what about evil?  Leading apologists Dr. Norman Geisler and Alex McFarland (President of Southern Evangelical Seminary) look at the big questions of life. 

Cosmological argument:

• Everything that had a beginning has a cause.

• The universe had a beginning.
• Therefore, the universe had a cause.

Design argument:

• Every design has a designer.
• The universe—and life—has a highly complex design.
• Therefore, there is a Great Designer.

Moral argument

• Moral laws require a lawgiver
• Absolute moral laws exist.
• Therefore, there is an absolute Moral Lawgiver.

Evidence of God (Tract) Click to view

Excerpt The Evidence of God:  I was once full of confidence that Darwinism justified my atheism. I felt I had investigated the issue sufficiently, having studied biology, chemistry, geology, anthropology, and other sciences. No doubt about it, natural selection acting on random variation had put God out of a job

But then I began to go beyond the obvious, to set aside my prejudices, to ask questions I had never posed before, and to pursue the clues of science and history wherever they led. Instead of letting naturalism limit my search, I opened myself to the full range of possibilities.

Frankly, I wasn't prepared for what would happen.

The facts of science systematically eroded the foundation of Darwinism until it could no longer support the weight of my atheistic conclusions. After two years of intensive scientific research I came to a startling conclusion the data of the physical world points powerfully toward the existence of a Creator...

Bob Enyart pastors Denver Bible Church. Vs.  Zakath, raised in a Christian home, seminary trained, earned a doctorate in counseling psychology, pastored two churches, founded a Christian school, and a Christian counseling practice with his wife of twenty-five years. Zakath left the Christian faith almost ten years ago, eventually ending up in his present belief system, atheism.

Does God Exist? - Battle Royale VII - Bob Enyart vs. Zakath

Uncommon Descent

Recommended Reading:

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and The Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay (Paperback - Aug 18, 2009)


Is Whichcraft the Way? (Tract) Click to view

Click to view

ISBN 10: 1596361530   ISBN 13: 9781596361539   Product Code: 617X
Price: $3.99

10 Questions and Answers about Magic, Spells, and Divination
Former astrologer Marcia Montenegro — who is now a Christian — answers the top 10 questions about magic, astrology, psychics, Ouija boards® , and more, from a biblical perspective.

New Age

God is impersonal.  He is not the God of the Bible.  He is called force or energy or the one all pervading reality.  There are two basic beliefs.  1.  Evolutionary godhood—God is everything and we are all becoming God and 2.  Global unity—bringing everything together.


Have you heard words or sayings like this?


Code words:  New consciousness, new orientalism, cosmic humanism, cosmic consciousness, mystical humanism, human potential movement, holistic health movement,


Or buzzwords like:  awakening, enlightenment, centering, channeling consciousness, cosmic energy, force of life, global village, holistic, human potential, self actualization, networking, planetary vision, space ship earth, synergistic, transcendental, transformational, transpersonal…


No only words but symbols:  rainbow, pyramid, triangle, eye in a triangle, Pegasus, concentric circles, rays of light, swastika, ying yang, goat head on a pentagram, the number 666, the unicorn…


Satan knows that he’s not going to sell eastern mysticism, and ancient Hinduism—which this really is.  He has repackaged the product…See:  The New Age (MP3 right click and 'save target as' to download) by Adrian Rogers



Excerpt Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis:  "[There] is a big difference between Pantheism and the Christian idea of God...Pantheists usually believe that God, so to speak, animates the universe as you animate you body:  that the universe almost is God, so that if it did not exist He would not exist either, and anything you find in the universe is part of God.  The Christian idea is quite different.  They think God invented and made the universe [Ge 1:1]--like a man making a picture or composing a tune [Gn 1:26–28].  A painter is not a picture, and he does not die if his picture is destroyed.  You may say, 'He's put a lot of himself into it,' but you only mean that all its beauty and interest has come out of his head.  His skill is not in the picture in the same way that it is in his head, or even in his hands.  I expect you see how this difference between Pantheists and Christians hangs together with the other one.  If you do not take the distinction between good and bad very seriously, then it is easy to say that anything you find in this world is part of God.  But, of course, if you think some things really bad, and God really good, then you cannot talk like that,  You must believe that God is separate from the world and that some of the things we see in it are contrary to His will." Ro 1:23.

New Age Quest! (Tract) Click to view to view 

Mind Control


New Thought (Old Heresy)

Delivered From Twelve Years of Occult Bondage

Quotes from History:

Oh, my brothers and sisters in Christ, if sinners will be damned, at least let them leap to hell over our bodies.

And if they will perish, let them perish without arms abour their knees, imploring them to stop, and not madly to destroy themselves.

If hell must be filled, at least let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let no one go there unwarned and unprayed for.

If hell  must be filled... From Spurgeon's sermon, The Wailing of Risea.


Do you know who is the most diligent bishop and prelate in all England?...It is the devil.. Ye shall never find him idle, I warrant you.  Where the devil is resident there away with books and up with candles; away with Bibles and up with heads; away with the light of the gospel and up with lights of candles; yea at noondays; down with Christ's cross, up with purgatory pickpurse; away with clothing the naked, the poor, and impotent, up with decking of images and gay word...Oh! that our prelates would be as diligent to sow the corn of good doctrine as Satan is to sow cockle and darnel!

Hugh Latimer, Cited in Reformation History Library {Albany, Oregan: AGES Software, 1998}, Heroes of the Reformation, P. 104.

Recommended Site: 

Haven Ministries

World Religions:

World Religions (Tract) click to view




We have a common enemy, Satan (1 Pet. 5:8).  He can deceive us so we must search the scriptures and hold to what is good (1 Thess 5:21).  Muhammad did not question the accuracy of scripture.  "Just as Old Testament prophets looked forward to the coming Messiah, Muhammad looked back with respect and admiration to Jesus as the Messiah.  The Quran calls Isa Al Masih (Jesus) "God's word" and a "Spirit from Him." (Surah 4:171)  It affirms His virgin birth and special role in the end times...

...[The] view of fatherhood makes it easier to relate to god as Abba (father) and to come to Him as a humble child, ready to be loved and disciplined.  Jesus said one must enter God's kingdom as a little child..."  (Islam & Christianity).

God is:  living, personal, relational, good and loving.  You can worship the true and living God of scripture (Jer 10:10).  

What is Islam, and what do Muslims believe? Is it possible that salvation could be found in the religion of Islam?
Can keeping the Five Pillars of Islam assure me of paradise? Are the five pillars of Islam the way of salvation?
Muslim Questions - questions from Muslims and about Islam. An honest look at Muslim theology from a Christian perspective.

Didn't Muhammad perform miracles like Jesus?


"Muslims believe that Ishmael should be included in the prophetic line, yet it is clear from the Bible (and a certain aya in the Qur'an, S. 29:27) that there was only one line which God would work through, and that was the line of Isaac..."  Vid: Which is the True Prophetic Line: Ishmael or Isaac?

For My Muslim Friend (Tract)  Click to view

Click view

ISBN 10: 1890947679   ISBN 13: 9781890947675   Product Code: 461X
Price: $3.99

The insightful and concise Islam & Christianity pamphlet compares the basic beliefs of Christians and Muslims (followers of Islamic faith) in a single glance. Using an easy-to-follow, fold-out chart format, this bestselling pamphlet helps believers understand the key differences between Muslims and Christian. It looks at key issues and asks, "What Muslims Believe," "What Christians Believe," and addresses "How to Correct Misunderstandings." With this knowledge believers can reach out to Muslim without offending cultural sensitivities.
Size: 8.5"x 5.5" unfolds to 33" long. Fits inside most Bible covers.

Islam Apologetics (MS WORD)
Muhammad vs. Jesus (MS WORD)

Qu'ran Quotes

"For many Islamists and radical Muslims, abrogation is real and what the West calls terror is, indeed, just." 

Peace or Jihad? Abrogation in Islam

Lie to the Infidel.  ‘Taqiyya’:  How Islamic Extremists Deceive the West

Recommended Reading:

The Case FOR Islamophobia: Jihad by the Word; America's Final Warning by Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

Shari’ah Law: What’s Old is New by Frank Wuco

Recommended sites:

“Islam is a religion, political system and military strategy." ~ William Federer
Recommended reading:
Islamic Conquest-Past & Present (DVD series) by Wiliam J. Federer 

Nation of Islam

Nation of Islam (Tract) click to view


What is Buddhism and what do Buddhists believe? What are the core beliefs of Buddhism?

I am a Buddhist. Why should I consider becoming a Christian? What is the relationship between Buddhism and Christianity?

Buddhism Apologetics (MS WORD)
Connecting with the Divine

Roman Catholicism

"You do not need a faith plus works, you need a faith that works." ~ Jim Andrews

"If you'll get your eye off that saint you've been praying to and onto the living Lord Jesus, you can be saved." ~ Tonilee Adamson

"Brought to you by the folks that gave the world over 600 years of an "inquisition"

with an estimated 50 million people murdered in the name of God (Dodge, TOL).

Roman Catholicism (MS WORD)
Luther's 95 Theses (MS WORD)

The Road to Heaven (Tract) click to view 

The Road to Heaven (Spanish Tract) click to view

Major Christian Doctrines compared to Roman Catholicism

 Biblical Christianity vs. Roman Catholicism

Proclaiming The Gospel

Mike Gendron Resources:

Roman Catholicism:  Scripture vs. Tradition

Click to view

Biblical References Bookmark

Click to view


Which Jesus Will You Trust?

Click to view


The Greatest News Ever Told

Click to view


Is A Roman Catholic Christian An Oxymoron?

Click to view


Have You Ever Been Deceived?

Click to view


"The law is not intended for righteous people but for lawbreakers and rebels, for ungodly people and sinners, for those who are unholy and irreverent (1 Tim 1:9)."

Biblical Evidence for Catholics St. Joseph Communication (a Catholic Publication)

A Scriptural Response to:  Biblical Evidence or Catholics St. Joseph Communication

A Scriptural Response for Catholics:  Gospel of Works vs. Gospel of Grace

A Scriptural Response to Catholic Publication:  Are Catholics 'saved'? by Thomas Smith

Why Isn't the Apocrypha in the Bible?

Did Constantine Decide What Books Belong in the Bible?

What Occurred at the Council of Nicea?

Did the Roman Catholic Church Give us the Bible?

What is the origin of the Roman Catholic Church?

Siblings of Jesus Mary, not the perpetual virgin as Catholics teach,

Did Jesus have brothers and sisters (siblings)?

Exposing the Idolatry of Mary Worship: Catholic Dogma, Part 1 Grace to You

Excerpts The Plot by Bob Enyart

Order The Plot by Bob Enyart:

Order The Plot


No Sacrifice

No Altering Commandments

No Purgatory

No Mary Worship

No Praying the Rosary

No Papal Authority

No Mediator

No Celibacy of Priests

No Abstaining from Meat on Fridays

No Assurance in Infant Baptism

No Idolatry & False Teaching

Works vs. Faith

What to "Do"

Recommended Reading:

The Greatest Lie - Dr. Youssef

J. Vernon McGee's Bible Commentary on Galatians

Deception of False Teachers (2 Pet 2:18-2:22) 

The Nutritious Bread of God's Word

Disputation of Doctor Martin Luther in the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences by Dr. Martin Luther (1517)

Communication (or prayer) to the dead


The Acts of God in History

Roman Catholic Church False Teachings About Mary

What Were the Christian Crusades?

Who Burned the Witches?  

Pro-Gospel Articles


A Lamp in the Dark

Click to view


Tares Among the Wheat

Click to view


Catholic Apologist Initiates Debate on Eternal Security 

Celebrating Twenty Years of God's Faithfulness

Our Only Hope for a World Spinning Out of Control

I Never Knew You Depart From Me

Many People Never Investigate Life's Most Important Issue

The Consequences of Religious and Personal Pride

What is the Most Trustworthy Source for Knowing Truth?

Exchanging Religion for an Eternal Relationship with God

The Role of Repentance in the Salvation of Sinners

God's Word Exposes Ten Fatal Flaws of Catholicism

The Fatal Fable of a Sin-Purifying Fire

God's Perfect Man and Man's Perfect God

Evangelicals and Catholics Who's Bashing Who?

Three Fatal Errors Common Among False Teachers

Making Christ's Last Command Our First Concern

Why Evangelize if God Has Already Chosen Who He Will Save?

Calling People to Repent and Believe the True Gospel

The Remarkable Formation of The One World Religion

Transubstantiation Divine Miracle or Deceptive Hoax

Living On The Edge of Apostasy

Hard Questions to Ask Good Catholic

Emerging Church Is Leading Protestants Back Home to Rome

Rescuing Precious Souls from the Bondage of Religion

Satan's Six Strategic Assaults on the Christian Faith

Does The Christian Church Need To Be Evangelized?

The Disappearing Doctrine of the Evangelical Church

The Death of Discernment In The Church

Pope John Paul's Disputable Influence on Christianity

Divine Forgiveness: Joyful Assurance or False Hope?

The Divine Rebuke of Corrupt Religious Authority

God's Clear Commands Against Idolatry Are Ignored

All Christians Are Called To Proclaim the Gospel Articles

 Who is the Pope to you?

Religious Titles

Recommended Reading:

Reasoning from the Scriptures with Catholics by Ron Rhodes

Preparing Catholics for Eternity by Mike Gendron

Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible? by David W Daniels

Is Rome the True Church?: A Consideration of the Roman Catholic Claim Norman L. Geisler



Crime in the "Church" Pedophilia

(not limited to the Catholic Church)

Three Things That You Cannot Learn in School (MP3 right click and 'save target as' to download) by Adrian Rogers

One World Government/Religion:

Can you Imagine worship of the Eucharist imposed by the sword of Islam?  The enemy of my enemy is my friend

"Christian Ramadan"

The Pope kisses the Koran

Common Bonds for Unity

Recommended Sites:

One World Religion Update Understand The Times International

One-World Globalism Run Amuck by Dick Morris

Recommended Reading:

The Power Elite and the Secret Nazi Plan by Dennis L. Cuddy

He who has ears to hear, let him hear (Mt 11:15)

The Vatican & Islam

John broadcasting in Rome in Italian!


Shalom at Last (Tract) click to view


What is a Cult?

Are Sincere Cultists Lost?



Historical Biblical Christianity

What is Christianity?

Do All Roads Lead to God?

Is The Bible True?

Click to preview

ISBN 10: 1596361492   ISBN 13: 9781596361492   Product Code: 614X
Price: $3.99

Worldviews Comparison --See how others view Christianity and Christians. Quickly compare a biblical, Christian worldview with several popular religious worldviews (panentheism, polytheism, finite godism, and more) and secular worldviews (secular humanism, materialism, and more) in this indispensable chart.

Other Beliefs

Who do men say I am?

Prologue:  The Gospel of John (Jn 1:1)

Click to view

ISBN 10: 1596361433   ISBN 13: 9781596361430   Product Code: 609X
Price: $3.99

This handy pamphlet is perfect for anyone who wants to know the basic doctrines of the Christian faith. These key beliefs of Christianity are embraced by Christians around the world. Today’s churches are filled with people who are passionate about being Christians, but who may not know what exactly they believe.

Click to view

ISBN 10: 1890947814   ISBN 13: 9781890947811   Product Code: 558X
Price: $3.99

Pamphlet: Fruit of the Spirit
This fascinating pamphlet encourages Christians to live according to the Spirit, which produces godly traits (“the fruit”) to be part of our lives—
• Love • Joy • Peace • Patience
• Kindness • Goodness • Faithfulness
• Gentleness • Self-control
Also available as a laminated wall chart and an individual pamphlet.

 Evidence of Saving Faith:  Looking at the Cross from God's Perspective by John MacArthur

Judge Not?

Recommended Reading:

The Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin and Ravi Zacharias (Hardcover - Oct 1, 2003)

The Compact Guide To World Religions by Dean C. Halverson (Paperback - Mar 1, 1996)

The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict Fully Updated To Answer The Questions Challenging Christians Today by Josh McDowell (Hardcover - Nov 23, 1999)

Other Resources

  1. What do I do to get saved?
    1. Salvation is a free gift of God (Rom. 6:23). Jesus bore sin in His body (1 Pet. 2:24), and paid the penalty for breaking the Law of God, which is spiritual death (eternal separation from God). If you want salvation, you need to admit that you are a sinner and that you want Jesus to forgive you of your sins. You must acknowledge that there is nothing you can do to earn forgiveness. Pray and ask Him to forgive you. You need to trust in Jesus. Seek Him; He will save you.
    2. Repentance is part of salvation. Once saved, you should stop doing those things that are displeasing to God. He will live in you and give you the ability and desire to resist sin (1 Cor. 10:13). When you are saved, expect to change -- for the better.

Grace to You transcripts by John MacArthur (Browse by subject)

Don't use words too big for the subject. Don't say "infinitely" when you mean "very"; otherwise you'll have no word left when you want to talk about something really infinite.
--C. S. Lewis


























































































































































































































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