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Could You Train Yourself To Enjoy...



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Unbiblical Headship Doctrine

Seedy C

Is this what Christian love looks like? I'm disgusted and full of sadness.

Pope visits Auschwitz, begs God to forgive "so much cruelty"

Switzerland to strip jihadis of citizenship in major terror crackdown

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Ivanaka Trump - Beautiful, Intelligent, Amazing

Question for all regarding how we fought Nazism in WWII


Be Like Mike

Scientology propaganda machine: Tom Cruise launches TV network to reach ‘every person on earth'

Christianity says, never be with a spouse whom you do not love, divorce instead

'Weaponizing' regime? Lawmakers raise red flags on Boeing-Iran jet deal

Pope Francis "Friend of Islam"

The real crimes of John Nelson Darby

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I have a question about observing God’s commands in light of New Testament scriptures


Has the Law Been Done Away With?


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Vatican Plot: Third Temple, Take Over of Israel


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Prehistoric mother and child discovered

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State Department Office Removed Benghazi Files After Congressional Subpoena

Whole Foods denies it made anti-Sodomite cake

San Fransicko Lawsuit: Open-Air Urinal

Hospital to End Baby Israel's Life








Facebook is run by hypocrite leftist scumbags

Cardinal Corrects Pope on Communion





Is Putin Immortal? 

"Iran provokes the world as Obama does nothing.” Who said this? You might be surprised.  

Why would God need a hell?