Debating Theology Online
Telling That Which is Profitable (Ac 20:20).

A Sodomite:  Hoping You'll Understand

I've been sexually immoral

Is polygamy ok to God?

Need advice for my marriage

Are you a son or a slave?

Wicked Presidents

Remember Lot's Wife

An Introduction to the Doctrines of Grace: Limited Atonement

To a Leftist, "Love" is Submission to the Ideology

Is it possible to love your spouse as much as God?

Gospel in one minute.  What would you say?

An Introduction to the Doctrines of Grace: Irresistible Grace

The language of prayer

Family in God's Eyes

Christian Fellowship with Proclaimed/Unrepentant Homosexuals or Adulterers

Anointed Artwork of President Trump?

Is it true that it's better to be sinned against than to sin against others?

Do you have an answer to this statement made by an atheist?

When God's children sin

US Immigration Begins Deporting Christians to Face Genocide

End times: you guys/gals are the experts maybe you can help

What Kind Of An Ambassador Are You?

The finished work of the cross?

Do I need to be re-baptized?

Who is this?

Has the gift of speaking in tongues ceased?

Has the moon changed?

Consequences of sinning

Married and lonely

Arch of Baal

How to Handle Poor Relationship with Difficult Parents

About Salvation

Is cross-dressing sin?



Asking about Derek Prince

Job was a sinner, too

How to Get Your Family and Loved Ones Saved

Women joining the workforce

If one says he is a Christian but...

Antinomianism: Legalism's Red Herring

When is it right to fight back?

Can God Repent?

How we are to live

Falling away from the faith (it's possible)

Women should not be allowed to preach in church

The Antichrist will come out of Islam

Did Jesus pour His blood on the mercy seat before the Father in heaven?

The Law of Moses and the Gospel of God's Kingdom

Broken:  marriage

Friends, family, chat Pt II

Trump is a Reptilian Shapeshifter

State Control of Your Children

Sept 23, 2017

Revelation Ch 12

Ezekiel's Temple

Explain Titus 3:5

This Generation shall not pass...

South Korean President: 'High Possibility' of War with North Korea

What do you say?...

I think I'm done with God

Looking at a beautiful woman

I Choose Free Will

It can never be the voice of a billion, or so, traditional/mainstream Christians.

Animal Sacrifices Found in the Old Testament?

The Sabbath Commandment. Is it Jewish? Are you Jewish?

Everyone Will Die For His Own Sin

Repentance:  two unanswered issues  

How Serious are Doctrinal Errors?

The voice of truth

Tennessee has locked the doors of a Scientology facility...

In love

How to identify false teachers

Habits are demonic


Is the 'grand illusion' about Grand Canyon on the verge of being exposed?

Hanford Nuclear Reservation tunnel collapse

Christians: Are you intelligent? Faithful? Prove your answer.

My name is Christopher Hartley...

Do you sin?


Christ's vs Mohammed's view of wives, in a photo

About death

The hidden and denied sin of idolatry

What's so great about where you live?

How do you begin to obey God's commands?

Are you personally culpable for your government's actions?

Alex Jones loses custody battle, called a 'performance artist'

Question for non-Calvinists

President Trump Rates an A+ for First 100 Days

First So-Called Lady Dedicates 'Healing' Garden at Children's Hospital

Celebrate Recovery

You must be sin's master

Israel abuzz that President Trump will visit Jerusalem

Yet future?

Are you stuck at the gate?

There is one gospel/salvation, Heb 2:3

Faith + Obedience = Salvation?

Genesis 1:27

By what are you tempted?

The Christian judgment myth

What is faith alone?

Vampire Catholics

God is the Same and He Never Changes

Bible promises

A mature believer does not deny they sin but repents quickly when he does sin

The Great Apostasy:  These Days Are Here Today

The benefits of living your life as a son of God and there is no downside

Don't Fly United

Child dedication church event

After rapture day and you are left behind will you believe then?

Unable to concentrate, still seeking

Atheists Studying the Bible

God's children can't sin


First Concubine

Can you help a university student?...Images of the Lord

Divorce:  man molests child...

Understanding Things From God's Perspective

The deceived and deceiver

Why does God harden sinner's hearts against the truth?

What is the terrorist's aim?

Men, stop hitting on women

With all those passing each day in the world...mark of the beast

Forgiveness can be granted upon ignorance according to the scriptures

Believers, Enjoy your Benefit Package:  Gifts from God

If you were Putin

If you were the supreme leader of Iran

What are the offices of apostle and prophet today?

Paul's Thorn in Flesh

I may have a misunderstanding here:  Should we have inter body debates in a forum...?

Standing for restoration

The Great Woman Sign of Revelation 12

Ready for a new question to run from church-worshipers?  Do your 3 Gods?...?

Lack of Oxford Comma Costs Maine Company Millions in Overtime Dispute  

When to quit?

With what did Christ purchase?

You believe that every human being has the possibility to believe?...

Question on prayer and time

Divorce:  a colleague of mine...

What does 1 Co 15:2 mean?

Rev. 13:8 What is the name of the Beast that 666 points to?

Is Christianity good for society?

I cheated on my husband  

Cut UN Funding

Since Christ's blood is not for Gentiles, will 2P2Pers please explain what atones

Happy Purim

Urgent advice required regarding marrying an unbeliever

What is the meaning of grace?

The Fig Tree of Matthew 24


Scientists create time crystals, a rule-bending new form of matter

Malik Obama Tweets Alleged Barack Obama Birth Certificate in Kenya

Nuns vs. Katy Perry

Husband is converting to Catholicism

The straight gate

Face eating murderer says he doesn't deserve death penalty

Mass grave packed with bodies of young children uncovered at ex-Catholic orphanage in Ireland

Anti-Christ Spirit of Spiritual Death Exposed

Biology, not your subjective feelings

Jesus separate from Jehovah; calls Jehovah "my God"

Atonement without blood according to Freelight

Let's dance

The Gospel of Reconciliation Refutes the Calvinist Doctrine of Predestination


Understanding the Trump world we now live in

Doctors could prescribe houses to homeless under radical Hawaii bill

Maine Drops 9,000 From Food Stamps After Refusal To Comply With Work Requirements

GT finally confesses

Help:  assignment regarding marriage

The rapture is after the tribulation and at the last trumpet

Dear wolves/wolf-ette's, children of the devil, Cain, Jr.'s,: What sins?

Scripture You Probably Have Never Seen Until Today

Hypothetical: adultery

Georgia Guidestones

Drain the Swamp

Night and day: President Trump warmly welcomes Israel’s leader...

Message to all Pastors

I'm Proud Of My Anglo-Saxon Heritage

The True Meaning of Glorification

The Sleep of Death in Sheol, the Two Resurrections, and the Lake of Fire Judgment

Heaven is Not Where Those Who Are Saved Go

Why was the friend not wearing his wedding garment?

Is "Pizzagate" a "fake news" nutty conspiracy or revelation of a child abuse ring?

Have You Been Crucified With Christ?

How do you know if you're saved?

The Gospel That Saves, Redeems, Justifies, Reconciles, Sanctifies and Glorifies

The manner of Jesus' second coming

What will our resurrected bodies be like according to the bible?

Last War: A War of Religion  


Men Commit Most Crimes


Why Some Are Hell Bound

Ever seen a real Christian?


Virginia City Removes Nearly 100-Year-Old Statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee


Rise of the Beast


Warmongers McCain and Graham

Vatican Commemorates Martin Luther with Stamp

The bible is man-made

Filipinos Seek Miracles From Statue

The Nature of Deception

Prager's Aside on Comings of Christ Reveals Judaism

How to Receive Christ as Your Savior and be Born Again

Calvinism: You Must Already be Saved to Get Saved?

Make America Safe Again

America Open for Business

Trump puts Bannon on security council, dropping joint chiefs

71% of Americans see Russia as “clear and present danger” to US & NATO    


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