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Serpent Dove




Dave Barry's Year in Review

Catholics Seek Gift of Contemplative Prayer

Proud Catholic: God Used an Atheist to Save Me

Mary Quite Contrary

Problematic Apologetics


News to Note

Heaven and Hell

Storming the Battlements

Feedback: Where Are All the Bunny Fossils?

Law And Grace

The Most Important Place on Earth?

Autonomy Is No Ladder to Christ’s Supreme Authority

What Are the Clouds?

Seeing God in the Details

7 Tips for Memorable Vacations

Dangerous Vacations

Our Suffering Savior

Fool-Proof Apologetics

Life’s Toughest Questions

Today’s Financial Crisis

A Whale of a Design

God’s People In the Furnace

Contradictions: What’s in a Father’s Name?

Preach the Gospel

A Wise Desire

News to Note

The Necessity of Increased Faith

Nietzsche Was Right!

Feedback: Listen to the Rocks

The Desire of the Soul in Spiritual Darkness

The Wonderful Unscientific Teachings of Christianity

The Power of the Holy Ghost

Christ Manifesting Himself to His People

A Remarkable History of God’s Provision

The Church of Christ

“Slam Dunk for Science and the Constitution”?

The Eternal Name

The Two Effects of the Gospel

News to Note

The Hope of Future Bliss

Glorifying God Through Praise

Not Playing Games at These Olympics



Faithful and Just

Thoughts on the Last Battle

TOL isn't TOL anymore...

A Caution to the Presumptuous

Christ’s People—Imitators of Him

Contradictions: Problems with Basic Math?

The Carnal Mind Enmity Against God

David’s Dying Song

The Name of the Lord Jesus

News to Note

Jesus Christ: Creator

The Tomb of Jesus

Never Ashamed

Feedback: A Question of Authorship

Thanks for the Greatest Gift

Joseph Attacked by the Archers

Garments for the King

Darwin and Lincoln

The Best Creation Science Updates of 2012: Earth Science

We Can Know that We Know Him

Paul’s First Prayer

Dive off that fiscal cliff

Who can you remember from when you joined TOL?

TOL has been taken over by TruthSetsFree

The straightedge lifestyle

Civil War: Senate to go for Handguns

This brother is telling it like it is!

Bible proof for Mary being a perpetual virgin

Does Christ's Death in and of itself save anyone?
Remember Lot's wife

American Dream Fades for Generation Y Professionals

Ready To Reason

New Apologetics Web Series

The Bible

The Victory of Faith

Death before Sin?

Attenborough on Genesis

A Spring of Water

Consolation Proportionate to Spiritual Sufferings

How Is Your Mood Today?

Paradoxes of Scripture

The Peculiar Sleep of the Beloved

Agenda 21 Will Bring Tyranny

Dedicate a song, to a loved one, a friend, a tol member or anyone the mood strikes
A God-Hater's Christmas

Rep. Hunter calls for Americans to boycott Mexico

Brigitte Bardot Backs Gerard Depardieu in Tax Flight Battle

Why Do Some Say Christ Was The Second Adam?

The Divine/Human Word
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Questions for believers


An Answer in Suffering

The People’s Christ

Our Inheritance

Feedback: So Old You Can See It

Did Underwater Archaeologist Confirm Noah's Flood?

God Is Faithful

The Kingly Priesthood of Saints

Old Testament Prophecy

Spiritual Liberty

What Paul Knew

No Room for Compromise: 14 Scholars Speak Out on the Book of Genesis

Proving with Ease the Absolute Divine Origin & Inspiration of the Book of Enoch

The Book of Enoch is Referenced in Jude?

Seek Ye First

Christ Crucified

Gene Networks Are Intolerant of Mutation

A New Name

Life Doesn’t Evolve Around Darwin...But...

World's Oldest Dinosaur Fossil?

Without Natural Affection

Sweet Comfort for Feeble Saints

Fed Surrender Means Mega-Inflation

Speaker sellout: More Taxes, More Debt

What reasonable gun control looks like

Should there be a limit on how many threads one person can start in a time period?

What can be done to help prevent the epidemic of school shootings?

Rescued By Mary

The Earth is Full of Violence

The 5th question for poster "Keypurr"

I Got Robbed

Questions For Conservatives

Blessed Is He

Darwin, Design, and the Brain

France Taxes Americans

Connecticut Elementary School Shooting

No Sales Tax On The Internet

Faint Not

Contradictions: My Three Sons

Mt. Ararat and the Resurrection

The Comforter

Be Diligent

The Personality of the Holy Ghost

Get Your Mind Ready

The Sin of Unbelief

Forget Not His Commandments

News to Note

Attn aCW: Get your priorities straight

American Fiscal Suicide

Scattered Abroad

Famous Evolutionist Told to “Burn in Hell”

Massive Black Hole Disrupts Galaxy Formation Theories

God's Glory at the Fall

Feedback: Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?


What part does man play in his salvation?

Why will believers be delivered up to be afflicted and killed

The Urgency of Christ's Work

The Remembrance of Christ

Age of Grand Canyon Remains a Mystery

Did He Really Die?

Charles Spurgeon—Reloaded

Is the Age of the Earth a 'Side' Issue?

He Is Able

The Immutability of God

Scientists Discover Secret to Fast Swimming Penguins

Snared Christians?

Most of Mankind Will Be Damned - What Does that Mean for You?

The Living Word/The Word of Life

One Nation Under . . . Man?

Are Rotifers Gene Stealers or Uniquely Engineered?

What is "Fatima"?

Demonic Possession

Administration Moves Forward On Gun Control

What Is The Significance of The Wise Men?

Christian Combatants


Contradictions: Two Missing Legs

Newly Found Biochemical Is Essential for Life

Controversial Topic Part Two

Harry Reid Wants To Kill The Filibuster

The End Of The Free Internet?

If sacrificed sinless human blood was all that was needed...

Damascus Countdown

Who was Jesus?

Eternal Things

News to Note

To Those Who Think That This Is Jesus Mocking...

Bob Costas makes an anti-gun rant on Sunday Night football. What did you think of it?

Four Commands

A Mess in Texas

Neandertals Apparently Knew Medicinal Plants

Why did Jesus call himself "Son of God" and not "God"?

What agnosticism means to me

Happy Birthday freelight

A Debate on the Sacrifice of the Mass

Pope Declares The Christian Calendar Is Wrong

Stop UN control of the Web

Losing one's soul

How Did Roman Catholicism Drift into Apostasy?

Israel's Existence Has Nothing to Do with the Bible?

Military Pig Men

Apostate Churches Seek Unity

A public apology to all I have provoked or hurt or offended

Timothy George Addresses the Pope as Holy Father

Now sick babies go on death pathway

Real Legal Friday

The art of being a jerk online

The deity of Christ Jesus

Domestic spying


Feedback: Logic Fails Atheism Again

Uganda repents

Called Before Birth

Building a Community for Discovery

Girls with guns, not dolls, in ‘gender neutral' toy shop

Ancient Patriarchs in Genesis

My Ignore List! Behold!

Top Republican senator ditching Norquist anti-tax pledge

Was Christ Tempted to Sin?

Contradictions: A Lot of Relationships

Race Around the Nation

News to Note

Feedback: Morality Paradox

Our Hope

The “Eyes” Have It

Thanksgiving in Heaven

Contradictions: A Staff or Not

Resist Obamacare

Creation’s Hidden Potential

Palestinians Celebrate Tel Aviv Bus Bombing– Hand Out Candy & Pray for More Body Bags

News to Note

Feedback: Readers’ Choice

The Year of Darwin

Contradictions: A Change of Heart

The Names of the Men

News to Note

Our Hiding Place

Feedback AIG

Study: Star Formation Is Virtually Finished

AP Reporter Battles State Dept. Spokeswoman Over White House’s Silence on Anti-Israel Rhetoric

Men dragging body behind motorcycle in Gaza City

The Only Way

The (Im)moral of the Story

Beck: Agenda 21

Turkish PM: 'Israel Is Terrorist State'

Put Spending Cuts First

Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh "We will not recognize Israel"

Stansberry Research: Obama will seek a third term

Jesus Christ--Our Hope

The “I Can’t Know” Religion

Did Mars Have an 'Original' Atmosphere?

Contradictions: A Time to Kill?

Col. Richard Kemp: IDF protects civilian rights

Israeli Brigadier General: Hamas Wants to Conquer Tel Aviv

Bloggers Spot More Dead Child Fakery by Hamas

News to Note

From Genesis to Bethlehem

Son of God

Contradictions: Full of Meaning

Back Trouble

Death Panels

Asking and Receiving

News to Note

Neandertal DNA Research Confirms Full Human Status

Goldilocks Planet

White House petition seeks Obama's birth certificate

Rockets Fired from Egypt Hit Israel

Pallywood! Palestinians caught faking injury, death

Living a Lie? Are atheists building a worldview on Christian principles?

Symmetry….the terrorists are committing a double war crime

Do White Christians Need A Real Nationalist Party?

Argentine crew prevents Ghana from moving ship

Man Cave

Computer Problems

Pope Benedict

Feedback: The Origin of Christmas

Get Ready to Blast Off!

A Review of a Ridiculing Non-Review of Ben Stein’s Expelled

Changing Lives in Latin America

Koreans for Creation

A Gift That Lasts

Contradictions: Two Ages at Once

The Grace of Being Content

Finding God in Galapagos

Contradictions: Two Ages at Once

Ant Engineer

Is increasing taxes on the wealthy a wise economic plan for this nation?

In Purgatory we experience what our victims on Earth experienced

The Patriarchs

News to Note

'Oldest' European Town News Misses the Obvious

Land Ho!

Salvation in the Details

The Question He Couldn't Answer

Me? Teach? Science?

Beetle Battle

New NYC subway ad

The real problem with the Republican party

Upside Down Flag Protests Over Election Sparking Controversy

If your state were to secede from the US

Thanks for trying, Romney and all who supported him

Obama Admin Rolling Out 68 New Regulations/Notices Per Day

Tulsi Gabbard becomes first Hindu-American in US Congress

Spreading the Message Through DVDs

Celebrate Creation

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth
An Early Birthday Present
No Room for the Creator?

Just a Game?

A Royal Row
Darwin Answered

Feedback: Too Many Theories?

No Stone Unturned

Big Fraud

Big Bang Blow Up

The Voice of the Lord
Tissue Issue

Created to Rule the Day

Australopithecus Was a Well-Adapted Tree Climber
Fish Story

Take Heed
A Belief to Put on Ice

The Coming Boehner Debt Sellout

Florida Vote Twist: More Ballots than Voters

Never Forsaken

Getting a Grip

For Us

Contradictions: Counting Offspring

Where to Bestow Our Wealth

Salt Sneezing Lizards

Christ Our Leader
Biblical Authority Study and Discussion Questions

Ask What Ye Will

Orchid Slideshow

Root of Bitterness

Galapagos Islands Slideshow

Think on These Things

Do Species Change?

Born of God

News to Note

Judgment in the New Testament

Watch Interviews with Leading Creation Biologists

Our Living Lord

Feedback: Put the Bible Down

Justice for the Righteous

Contradictions: A Man of Many Wives

Fallow Ground

Darwin’s Personal Struggle with Evil

An Acceptable Sacrifice

News to Note

The Definition of Faith

Feedback: Giving Thanks

The Divine Designer

The Sinner's Prayer

Study Shows Proteins Cannot Evolve

Great Scott, Eugenie! 

Old Testament Love

Did Scientists Find T. Rex DNA?

Toying with Children’s Minds

Name and Recognition  

Dinosaur Bone Tissue Study Refutes Critics

Contradictions: Against the Law

Sudden Creation

The Pursuit of Darwin

Companies plan massive layoffs as Obamacare becomes reality

Marriage Equality Passes in three states. Praise be to Obama!

Iranian jets fire on U.S. drone

Stop UN Gun Control Now

Stopping Obama Big Government

Muslim Brotherhood: Obama Needs To 'Accept The Will Of The Arab People'


Raising the Debt Limit

What will 4 more years of Obama mean for this country?

Back in Black

Our triune God

Is it possible for a Christian to debate doctrine and still be loving?

Rebuke a Genius, Scholar, a Fool?

Obama Blew It!

Obama wants 'revenge' and Biden's not a proud VP

Rome Conference Explores Cult of Mary

Faith Without Works is Dead

Do you believe God has planned out the rest of your life in every detail?

The Scarlet Hope

News to Note

The Test of Expedience

Feedback: Why Didn’t God Respect Cain’s Offering?

The Promise Marches On


Instant Creation

Contradictions: Cut in Half

The Invitations of Christ

Feedback: A Life Sentence?

News to Note

Christ and the Four Thieves

African Populations Fit Biblical History

Survive and Thrive

Summing up Submission

How Some Insects Can Eat Poisonous Plants

Battering Rams and Ladders

Veneration of Relics

Court OKs warrantless use of hidden surveillance cameras

Scripture That Proves The "Historical Gospel" And Justification By Faith Alone

Is Peter head of the Church on Earth?

Recognizing the Son of God

Cambrian Creature Had Complicated Brain

A Sacrificial Love

Deliverance from Fear

Bone DNA Decays Too Fast for Evolution

Willing to Ask

Right Now!

Oyster Genome Confounds Mollusk Evolution

Darwin—Unwittingly a “Creationist”

Sovereign Grace and Rule

Plant Embryo Development Supports Creation

Evolving Tactics

The True Gospel

Certain Stellar Features Just Don't Exist
Understanding Where New Species Came From

Tragic Ignorance

Bacterial 'Evolution' Is Actually Design in Action
Understanding the Book After 150 Years

A Credible Lifestyle

Virus Adapts with Gene Accordion

Understanding the Man After 200 Years

The Raging Seas

Scientists Discover New Molecular Motor 'Clutch'

God of the Gaps

Christ the Creationist

Eight Spears found in German Coal Mine

News to Note

Angels Round About

Stark Differences Between Human and Chimp Brains

Sin Not

Feedback: What About Other Views?

Somebody has to say it

Furnishing Enemies with Arms...

Britain rejects US request to use UK bases in nuclear standoff with Iran

War on Women in the Womb

Did God write the Bible or did men?

Obama Says He Wants Wind Turbines 'Manufactured Here in China'

Sorry, but we are judged by our works

What is the worship of Baal?

Colin Powell Endorses ______ for POTUS

Horses and Bayonets

Donald Trump claims Barack Obama Bombshell

Binders full of women

Presidential Election:  Who are you voting for? 

Muslim Prayer Rooms Open in Catholic Schools

Swedish Music


Sacraments Refused to Those Who Don't Give

Lindsey Vonn challenges men in downhill ski competition

Marian Devotion on the Increase

Pope Denies the Resurrection of the Body

Pope Asks Mary to Inspire Muslims

Posters and Pin-ups

Staged Evolution

Contradictions: A Righteous Lie?

News to Note

Feedback: A Matter of Days?

The Party Scene

Creationism: The Biggest Threat?

A Night When Evil Is Celebrated

Contradictions: Slaughter at Jericho

News to Note

Feedback: Does the Majority Rule?

For Whom Should We Vote?

Pick Your Battles

What about Halloween?

Stand Fast

Debate, Finally

Optimized Engineering in Locust Legs

Believing God

Contradictions: Time of Death

Walk as He Walked

News to Note

The Blood of Abel

Polar Dinosaurs

Blessings in a Fallen World, Part 3

Feedback: A Class Act?

Blessings in a Fallen World, Part 2

Responding to Tolerance

Blessings in a Fallen World, Part 1

Contradictions: Bats of a Feather

Earnest of the Spirit

News to Note

Does New Galaxy Study Confirm Big Bang?

Feedback: Searching for Truth

Fear Factor

U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan Hit 2,000

When Did You Receive the Holy Spirit?

Proud Savage

Global Taxation Through The UN

Romney wonders why windows don't open on airplanes

Your favorite and least favorite thing about TheologyOnline is....

Contradictions: Meat of the Matter

News to Note

Feedback: Literally Hurting the Gospel?

A Religulous Movie

We Will Not Tolerate Intolerance  

Contradictions: Introduction

News to Note

Feedback: A Rock So Big

Behind Closed Doors

The Stealing of America

Singing Garments of Life

Persuaded by the Evidence

The Creation of Plants

News to Note

Things to Be Aware

Feedback: A Simple Answer

Promised in Writing

Leapin’ Lemurs

The House of the Lord

“The Clergy Letter” Fails Methodists

ENCODE Reveals Incredible Genome Complexity and Function

Blind Hearts

News to Note

Men and Women See Differently

Never Like This

Feedback: What Do Christians Have to Say about Homosexual Behavior?  

Why Muslims are barbarians and are savage?

Catholicism - The Religion of "You Must" or You're Anathema

The Holmes who is on trial is a fake

Belgian prostitutes told to wear more clothes

People Killing Dolphins...Dolphins Killing People

The People's Voice Awards

A Miniature Big Bang or More Hot Air?

Our Earthly Home

Talking to Aliens?

News to Note

Feedback: Who Was the Serpent?

Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia

Time for an Upgrade?

Is She Really a Creationist?

News to Note

Giant’s Causeway of Northern Ireland

Confessions of a Former Atheist

That Which Endures Forever

Thirty Miles of Dirt in a Day  

Maddy the Lemur (Video)

Rapid Speciation (Video)

The Present is Not the Key to the Past (Video)

Ice Age (Video)

Canyons (Video)

Coal (Video)

The Wildest Goose Chase in Scientific History?

Don't Miss the Moment

Science “So Called”

A Ticket to Heaven...Priceless

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Loving Science, Loving God

Global Warming in Perspective

Our Future World?

A Dark and Stormy World

Continuing Catastrophes

Post-Flood World

F.A.S.T. and Furious

World Underwater


Mature for Her “Age”
Equipping Students with the Truth

AiG–U.K. Update: Dr. Monty White Moves On

News to Note

Feedback: One Bible, Many Interpretations?

Fruitless Trees and Fruitless Lives

White Cliffs of Dover

Life in Christ

The Created World

Who Gets Weary?

One Dead Bigfoot, Six Teeth, One Big Hoax

Dark Sayings of Old

A Young Earth—It’s Extremely Relevant

Those Who Depart

News to Note

On Eschewing Evil

Feedback: Coming to Our Senses

Scientists Discover the 'Anternet'

Judgment in the Fabric of the Universe

Taking Care of the Creator’s Business

Lions, Tigers, and Tigons

By Man Came Death

Building Bridges with Muslims

Is Fossil Finger Genome Human?

The Three Appearings of Christ

Visiting Museums—Be Not Afraid!

British Politics Discussion Thread

KFC, Hardees and Krispy Kreme are Muslim Threats

The obscure so called anti-Muslim film that sparked Egyptian and Libyan riots


How should the USA respond to the attacks on it's Embassies and Consulates...?


Tax the rich in France? Louis Vuitton CEO saying au revoir 

57 Days Left, How's Mitt Doing?

Obama to Netanyahu: Campaigning Takes Precedence over Meeting

Muslims Attack US Embassies

Chicago Teacher's union strike. Who's side are you on?

The Economist Reports on the Catholic Church

Statue of Virgin Mary To Be Built Higher than Statue of Liberty

Catholics and Orthodox Seek Unity

Bible Belted in Texas

Oldest City?
Design-Denier Wins Religious Reward

The God Problem?

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth

School Scare
Arctic Insurance

Recalling Creation

The Youngest Planet?
One of a Kind Cave Critters?

Time and Time Again

Creation in California’s Christian Classrooms Challenged
The Early Bird Catches the Dinosaur

Cave Formations

Publisher’s Pen

How Many Doors?

News to Note

Feedback: It’s Only Natural?

Devils Tower in Wyoming

Our Answer to Evolution Imposed

News to Note

Feedback: What Has God Been Doing All These Years?

Dinosaur National Monument in Utah

News to Note

Feedback AIG: Thank God for Evolution?

Mount St. Helens in Washington State

Why Would an Evolutionist Become a Doctor?

News to Note

Feedback: Lucifer and Sin

Petrified Forests in Yellowstone

"Bodies...the Exhibition”

Building up the Arsenal

News to Note

Feedback: Is Any Scientific Research Free from Presuppositions?

Obituary: Sir John Templeton

Should Christians Celebrate Evolution?

Darwin or Lincoln: Who Mattered More?

News to Note

The Foundation of the Gospel

Feedback: Making “Sense” of It

The Father Testifies of the Son

Niagara Falls in North America

How to Respond to Defamation

Calvin’s Dragons!

Preaching against False Teachers

News to Note

The River of God

Feedback: Teaching by Example

Life Light Love

Textbooks Gone Astray

Catholic Worshippers Flock to See Mary's Shinbone

Righteous Judgment to Come

Creation and Intelligent Design: God vs. god

Why Do Creatures in Ancient Amber Look So Modern?

U.S.E. Your Faith

More Ice on Mars?

Scientist Answers His Own Question

Obama’s Second Term Agenda

News to Note   

Adam and Eve a Myth Says Catholic Cardinal

Democrats Boo Putting God and Jerusalem Back in Their Platform Language

The Importance of a Eucharistic Life

Mary's Queenship Points to Jesus?

Attn: Mary Contrary Re: Your Avatar

The Apostle's Creed

Was math invented or discovered?

Calvinism Opposes the Gospel and is anti-Christ

What about abortion in cases of rape?

Obama Dishonors Fallen Seals

The American Bible Challenge

The Fourfold Witness to Christ

Feedback: Are We Restricting God?

Interviews with International Creationist Leaders

Discernment Lacking

News to Note

Feedback: Are the Bible and Evolution Compatible?

Building Blocks




God's Grace
Flight, Design, and a Passion to Teach

Scientists Store 70 Billion Books on DNA

“Pedaling” Creation Evangelism

Multiplying the Message Among the Nations

Raising “Noble-Minded” Children

Starting a Creation Corner

Putting the Creator in His Place

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth

TOL Lexicon: add your ism, ist and ite, etc.
Abraham’s Sacrifice
U.S. Doomed if Darwin Denied by a President

Church Shopping and Hopping

Standard Thinking in Florida’s Schools

“Thank God for Evolution”

Can a Christian Not Sin?

The Expellers Exposed

Monster Record

One of a Kind?

Are You Really Reading This?

Publisher's Pen

News to Note

Feedback: Should We Teach Evolution?

The Creator is Clearly Seen

The Mystery of Life


A Colony of Heaven

The Language of DNA

Discovery Rewrites Plant Evolution

Common Designer 


Habitable Planet 

So Send I You

Explore the Wonders of Creation

Knowledge of Eternal Life

News to Note

The Whole Counsel of God

Feedback: Must Science Exclude the Supernatural?

Great Swelling Words

Designed for Flight

The Offended Brother

Bloodline: Another Unholy Hollywood Hoax?

The Cleansing Blood

Biblical Authority Discussion Questions

Unanswered Prayer

News to Note

I Charge You

Those Pesky Creationists!

Now and Then

Feedback: Call for Help

Unsearchable and Unspeakable

The Wonders of Your Own Backyard

Church Leadership
Is It Really a Beautiful World?

A Non-Citizen's Role in Society

Undeserved Rewards

Position and Condition

God Rules

Christians and the World

The Incredible, Evangelistic Egg

All the Fountains of the Deep

“My Ways [Are] Higher than Your Ways”

What Shall We Do?

News to Note

Abiding Fruit

Vatican Astronomer Believes in ET?

Witnesses of the Resurrection

Feedback: Just Show the “Evidence”

The True Riches

Best Seat in the House

The Finished Work

Do All Creationists Go to Heaven?

The Lord Jesus Christ

The Mystery of Life

The Watchman Held Accountable

Mystifying Mosaics

Paul's Missionary Journey

The Matrix

In Heavenly Places

The Wonders of the Whole

Jostling Chariots and Judgment
Landed—a Missing Link?

Offended at Him

The Creator Clearly Seen

The Word of His Grace

Little Green Machines

The Ministry of the Saints

News to Note

Scrap Your Worthless Religion and Embrace the Gospel

Our Understanding of Creation

Feedback: Dinosaurs, Man, and the Bible

His Son's Name

Flying Foxes

Descriptive Attributes of God

New Scientist Brings up Old Arguments

The Serpent in the Wilderness

News to Note

Lobe-Finned Fish Supplies Surprises

How to Handle a Multitude of Sins

Feedback: Worldviews and Occam’s Razor

A more accurate slogan for TOL would be...

With Christ

News to Note

Praise at the Incarnation

Creation Graduate School Under Attack Again

Searching for God

Jefferson vs. Hitler

Together in Christ

English Schools Now Teach Evolution as Fact

The Word Made Flesh

News to Note

No Other Name

Dr. Dawkins, Tear down This Wall!

Engineer Envies Plant Cell Structure

Obama's War on Suburbs

The Lord Our Maker

Feedback: Enormous Leaps of Logic?

Open Doors

The Theory of the Moment

Guarding the Word

Evolution and the Challenge of Morality

Lukewarm Laodicea

News to Note


Strong Philadelphia

Feedback: Distorting for Darwin?

Dead Sardis

All to the Glory of God

Tolerant Thyatira

News to Note

Permissive Pergamos

Biblical Authority Study Questions

Faithful Smyrna

In Search of God

Careful Ephesus

News to Note

RNC Chair wants Akin to 'step aside' and not come to convention

Walk--Don't Walk

Feedback: Should We Keep Them from Seeing?

Not So, Lord  

Our Ultimate Aim

The King of Glory

A Modern Space Mystery

Glorious Liberty

News to Note

Worshiping God

1/3 of Country on Welfare

Feedback: Does Logic Supersede the Bible?

Always Rejoicing

Dino Age Is Only Skin Deep

Called and Chosen
Chinese Pastors Trained in Creation

Always Rejoicing

No More Problems
Tower of Babel Rebellion

The Unshakable Foundations
Babel Explains Our Differences

Scattered Abroad

Expelled Review

The Arm of the Lord

Equipping Christians Through Education

Spiritual Entropy

News to Note

Laughing or Weeping

Templeton Award-winner Denies Intelligent Design

It's (Virtually) Alive!

Handfuls of Purpose

Feedback: Who Sinned First?

In Christ Jesus

A Meeting of Minds

The Blood of the Lamb

Trace Your Family History through DNA Testing

Enoch: A Man of Faith

The Tower of Babel

Wars and Rumors of Wars

The Beginning of Creation

10,000 B.C.

The Necessary Light
News to Note

Be Ye Separate

The Return of the Hobbits

Delight in the Will of God

Connecting the Bible to the Real World

True Love

News to Note

Waxing Old, like a Garment

Magic, Information, and Faith

The Discipline of Patience

Feedback: Are We Wasting Our Time?

God-Hardened Hearts

Admitting Design

From Disciples to Brethren

God’s Rainbow in Living Color

The Days of Youth

News to Note

The Battle for Purity

Feedback: Did God Create the Earth to Look “Old”?

Sowing Continually

God Is Triune

The Battle for Purity

The Gardens of the Lord

Tongue-Twisting Tales:  One Language, Many Legends

More Fluctuations Found in Isotopic Clocks

The Family of a Disciple

News to Note

Four Sets of 'Impossible' Stars

Secret Faults vs. Presumptuous Sins

Feedback: The Trinity and Creation

Ancient Civilizations & the Bible

The Redeemed of the Lord

Where's Eric Holder?

Son of Sam is now a born again Christian

How Young Is Too Young?

The Furtherance of the Gospel

Christians Can Make a Difference

Soldier's Duty
The Missing Ingredient in History

Hereby Know
A Burden for His People

God's Grace
Firm Foundations—Lasting Faith

Assembling Together

“Mahering” Religious Beliefs

New African Fossil Confirms Early Human Variations

Lazarus and the Rich Man
Elementary, Dr. Watson

Jerzy (the Jerz) says a lot, yet says nothing of importance!

Boeing Demonstrates Drones That Perform Like ‘Swarm Of Insects’

LOL @ American Gun Culture

Like a Wave of the Sea

Hollywood on Human Origins

Arrows in the Hand

Unnaturally Selected

God's Complete Supply
Split Personalities

Follow Me

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth
Getting a Life?
Common Ground

The Father of Glory

Hard to Digest
California Dreaming?
Scuba Spiders

A Breakthrough for Life

Without the Shedding of Blood

Publisher’s Pen

In-Law or Outlaw?

Marvels of the Monarch

The Glorious Gospel

Dating the Pyramids

Sweet-Smelling Sacrifice

Search for the Tower of Babel

The Builder of the House

Were There Enough People to Build the Pyramids?

Forsake and Follow

Instant Replays that Last a Lifetime

The Faithful Lord

How Does “Biblical Authority” Affect Your Everyday Life?

What Sort of Work

The Myth of the Noble

The Linen Clothes

Dinosaurs—Alive After Babel?

Things We Cannot Do Without

It’s Not Just Black & White: Babel Explains Different People Groups

A Test for False Prophets

More Than PIE: Babel Explains Distinct Language Families

The Promise of Liberty

Ur Connects Babel to Today

He Counted Me Faithful

“Pop” Cultures of Antiquity

Seeking Signs

Egypt or Babel: Which Came First? Reconciling Ancient History with the Bible

Spirit, Soul, Body

What Did the Tower Look Like?

What Does It Take to Make a Jellyfish?

Looking Young

Communicate Well

Action Verbs

Zero Dark Thirty

Dems Stopping Military From Voting

Name one thing that TheologyOnline has always done well and you would not want to see it change

Queen of the Harpies

Dealing with Skeptics

The Trinity in Salvation

Table of Nations

The Power in Us

Cave Dwellers—Are They Ancient?

Christ the Foundation

The Power of Ideas

And Forty Nights

News to Note

Forty Days

Feedback: Stellar Evolution and Millions of Years

Christ the King

Experimenting with evil

Ancient Times

One Nation Over God

Christ's Strength

“Creating” Life in the Lab: One step closer to a synthetic organism?

Be Content

The World in Revolt:  Understanding the Rebellion at Babel

Pelosi's Demons

The Godhead

Do Creationists Reject Science?

Joy in the Christian Life

News to Note

Pastor Became Atheist. Why?

Where Are the Nine?

Now All Under His Authority

Why do you suppose most major media outlets are so overwhelmingly liberal in their reporting?

Pay Attention

From Delusion to the Gospel

Right Thinking

News to Note

Be Instant

Feedback: Can We Prove God Without the Bible?

Blessed Assurance

Creationism vs. Evolutionism And Attention to Word Meaning

Boldness in the Holy Place

The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Hints of Redemption

Creation in Christian Colleges

The Works of the Lord

News to Note

Peaceful Security

Feedback: Did God Create the Universe with the False Appearance of Age?

Gospel by Revelation

The Church—a Relic

The Same Mind

News to Note

A Good Name

Feedback: Is Science Enough?

Judgment Is Coming

Unraveling Worldviews: Review of Unraveling the Origins Controversy

The Resurrection and the Believer

News to Note

The Spirit and the Word

Feedback: From Old to Young

Born to Die

News to Note

Careful for Nothing

Our God Contracted to a Span

Walking in Truth

Jesus Christ: The Last Adam

Man and His Labor

News to Note

Useless Search for Evolution of the Human Brain

Preached in All Creation

Feedback: Entitled to an Opinion?

Ye or Thee

Christ's Obedience to the Authority of God

The Aroma
The Beauty & Wonder of our Universe


Does the Moon Really Give Light?

His Word Is with Power

Wisdom and Prudence
Canadians Warm Toward Creation?

The New Heavens and New Earth

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth

The Watchful Christian
The Ascent of Atheism

God's Son in the Old Testament
Getting a Loch on Nessie?

The Mystery of Darkness
The Origin of Life Revisited

The Word of the King
A Billion Problems with the Big Bang

By Any Means

Biblical Authority Discussion Questions

Statement of Christ's Purpose

The Reality of Spiritual Warfare in the Home

The Terror of the Lord

The Majesty of God

The Flesh of a Little Child
Hole Holds Promise?

He Who Made the Stars

Swiss Mix

David's Army
Taking a Bead on an Old Earth

A Bondslave and a Freeman

The Gospel Message—Written in the Stars?

Stir Up

Getting Rid of Christ?

Lean Not

The Abraham Affair: Fired for Disbelief

In the Spirit

Truth without Direction: A Review of The Golden Compass and His Dark Materials Trilogy

A First-Century Hymn

News to Note

The Way of Cain

Emperor of the Ice

Kids 4 Truth

Bringing Balance to the Shelf AIG

He Shall Never See Death
Europe Fights to Keep Creation out of Schools

The Unmuzzled Ox
Small Change

A Time to Die
A Hobby That Took Root

Exhorting One Another

Feedback: Did God Create Logic?

More Mutations Mean More Diseases, Less Evolution

Evolving Bacteria

Denver Airport

Power in the Ark

Science Fiction: Not Just Entertainment

Salmon Use Sophisticated Compass Cells

Bearing the Cross

Take Heed Therefore

Dinosaur Killer

Both Together

Do I Believe in UFOs?

Shadows of His Presence

Straight Answers to Common Questions

Jesus and the Charge of Blasphemy

Far Out Claims About Astronomy

Death in the Pot

A Country Confused

Witnesses of the Trinity

News to Note

Fountain of Life

Growing a Venus Flytrap

The Mount of Olives

The Heavens Declare . . . A Young Solar System

Raised Us Up Together

News to Note

Making Sense of Britain's Atlantis

The Book of Books

Feedback: In Gratitude

Transposable Elements Key in Embryo Development

A New Song for a New Year

Stem Cell Breakthrough

Human DNA Variation Linked to Biblical Event Timeline

Willful Sins

The Big Bang: God’s Chosen Method of Creation?

Do People Have 'Gill Slits' in the Womb?

Our Job as Ambassadors

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Did Noah Bring a One-Ton Crocodile onto the Ark?

The Time of Old Age

News to Note

Young-Looking Methane Lakes on Saturn's Moon

The Great Commission
Capturing the Creator's Canvas

The Higgs Boson: A Blow to Christianity?

The Lord Will Provide

Biased Judgment: Comments on NOVA TV’s Judgment Day and its analysis of the Dover ID Trial

Physics, Not God, Explains the Universe?

Immortality or Resurrection
Teach the Lost—Look to the Stars

'James...Brother of Jesus' Ossuary Is Rock Solid

The Gifts of the Wise Men

Feedback: Questioning the Reliability of the RATE Group and Its Findings

Have Scientists Found the 'God' Particle?

The Babe in Bethlehem

Is it over after Dover? A review of the anti-ID documentary “Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial”

Anti-Evolutionary Secrets of the Bonobo Genome

Sorrow According to God

It’s All in a Name

Mercury's Magnetic Crust Fulfills Creation Prediction

The Name of David

AiG “Forward Deploys” Resources to American Troops

Photosynthesis Uses Quantum Physics

The Folly of Humanism

News to Note

Organ Discovery Shows Why Whales Didn't Evolve

Obamacare Kills The Elderly

The Folly of Humanism

Feedback: Young Is the New Old

Fresh Fossil Squid Ink 160 Million Years Old?

There Shall Be No Night

Finland School Shootings: The Sad Evolution Connection

Artifact Confirms Ancient Bethlehem

Crowds flock to Virgin 'miracle' tree in New Jersey
Aurora heroes: Three who gave their lives

Will you eat at Chick-Fil-A knowing they support traditional marriage? 

Absolute Trust

Are Iceman Blood Cells Really the Oldest?

Did Panda Bears Once Live in Europe?

The Goal of Teaching

Public Schools and Parenting: One Big Happy Family or Not?

Gene Control Regions Are Protected--Negating Evolution

Naming Names

From a Young Age: Teaching Young Children the Creation-Gospel Message

South Korea Moves to Correct Textbook Errors

Morning Prayer

News to Note

ICR Debuts YOM Conference in Dallas

Little Children

Feedback: Can Public Schools Be “Neutral”?

Did Dinosaurs Gas Themselves to Extinction

The Sin Unto Death

“And God Said”

Scientists Late to Recognize Human and Giant Mammal Coexistence

Salvation vs. Assurance of Salvation

Hearing Aids for the Whole Family

Newly Discovered Human Brain Genes Are Bad News for Evolution

God's Shining Face

You Can Make a Difference!

Humans Used Fire Earlier Than Believed

Who is to Blame in the Colorado Movie Theater Shooting?

Is the Dark Knight Massacre A Political Statement?

Colorado Movie Theater Shooting

Lawmaker: Fort Hood report shows FBI worried about political correctness, ignored terror signs

Help Me, O Lord

Purring Cats and Roaring Tigers

Amazing Fish Adaptive Design

Love from the Beginning

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth

Single Mutation Makes Melanesians Blond

The People Said, 'Amen'
Readers Respond

No Nearby Dark Matter

Works of Darkness

Posted! Mistaken Signs, But No Mistaken Intent

Do Habitats Create Creatures?

The Intercessor

News to Note

Circular Reasoning in Polar Bear Origins Date

The Devil Never Rests

Forty Years of Legalized Killing

Study Finds DNA Clues to Cattle Origins

I Am Christ's Friend

Feedback: Can We Trust the Genealogies in Genesis?

Bird Brains and Quantum Mechanics

The Very Good Wine

Back to School “the Temples”

New Theory: Evolution Goes Backward

Sharp Teeth

Bachmann: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrating Obama Administration

Fullness Of Blessing


One-Ton 'Feathered' Dinosaur?

Bible Study for the Homeless Shut Down

The Prosperity of the Ungodly
Unseen Planet

What Will the Next Biological Breakthrough Be?

Arpaio's Obama probe finds 'national security threat'

Obama Guts Clinton Welfare Work Requirement
Seizing mortgages using eminent domain

Government to supervise credit reporting for first time

Bain Capital

The Danger of Willful Sin

A Thai to the Flood

Ancient Raindrops Argue for Young Earth

Stand Fast
A Leg Up?

Lab Studies Show Evolutionary 'Evidence' Is Merely Assumed

Why Homosexuality Must Be Recriminalized!

Why the Protestant Reformation failed?

Do atheists have a sexual harassment problem?

Arrested For Calling A Police Horse Gay!

The 144,000

Dear Mr. Knight

You may do as you please. Here are 4 things I will never do, maybe 5

A whole lot of reporting going on!


Senate Considers Adopting U.N. Measure Regarding Disabled People

20 officers hurt, 10 IRA gunshots in Belfast riots

Let God Be True

The Parade of Chimps

Chewed Dinosaur Bones Fit Flood

The Captain of Our Salvation

Group Think

Rare Fossil Pterosaur a Reminder of Native Legends

Our Glorious Bodies
Birds Under Fire

Stone Age Art Holds Hints of Language

Obama’s Scorched Earth Policy

What methods/tools/weapons do you use for home defense?

Worldpride London 2012

Just Stop Fornicating

Signs of the Everlasting Covenants

News to Note

Flood Explains 'Worldwide Pattern' in Ancient Rock

Our Umpire in Heaven

DNA Pioneer in Evolutionary Racism Storm  

Ancient Forest Frozen in Time 

Captives of the Devil

Feedback: Does the Bible Make Our Research Void?

Brain Function Discoveries Support Creation

The Marvel of Design 

Is It Time for a New Reformation?

Distant Watery Planet Looks Young

Keeping the Law

Swedes Ban Creationism from Schools—Including Christian Schools!

Linguists Argue over Language Origins

The UN Decides To Tax The US

The New Covenant

The Early Church on Creation

Octopus Cold Adaptation Surprises Scientists

Heaven's Commonwealth

News to Note AIG

Why God Created Large, Sharp Teeth

How Can a Man Be Just before God?

Feedback: Is Jesus Really God?

Israeli Library Digitizes Newton's Theological Works

McDonald's & the Olympics

D-Day For Gun Control

Should a Christian Get Angry?

Why Do the Atheists Rage?

Can Solar 'Belch' Theory Solve Sun Paradox?

Those Fossil Fuels

Have Scientists Created a New Life-form in the Lab?

Scientists Decode Key to Spider Web Strength

Jesus and the Fact of Hell

Quick Comments on Lots of Recent News

Mouse to Elephant Needs How Much Evolution?


News to Note

Plant UV Detectors Could Not Have Evolved

Showdown with Governors

Your Triune God

The false doctrine of original sin

Follow the Leader

Feedback: Finding Answers

Researchers Find Fossil Salamanders' Last Meals

Creation and the Finger of God

Creation Row in Northern Ireland

Gorilla Genome Is Bad News for Evolution

The Counting God

News to Note

What Causes a Galaxy's Magnetism?

Biblical Accuracy

Feedback: Are We Leading Children Astray?

'Primitive' Tribe Demonstrates Modern Social Behavior

The Doctrine of Christ

Council of Europe Proposes Creation Motion Again

Rediscovered 'Extinct' Tortoise Frustrates Darwinism

The Joyful Sound

Isn’t the Bible Full of Errors?

Does Radical New Theory Explain the Existence of Everything?

Dino Cells

What does God expect from you?

Compound Names of Jehovah

News to Note

Why 'Darwin Day' Passed without Fanfare

One Day as a Thousand Years

Feedback: Saved by grace ... and evolution? 

Louisiana's Floating Marshes Echo Pre-Flood Ecosystem

When Christ Ascended 

What Is “Presuppositional” Apologetics? 

Is Peruvian Mummy a Giant Toddler?

What is a soul?

Tax & Spend Liberals

If it was proved that homosexuality was genetic, would it then make it okay?

Who should Romney choose as his VP running mate?

Goodbye, Knight!

Anti-Catholics have a demonic spirit

Are you justified or not?
The Final Battles of Pope Benedict XVI


International Eucharist Congress in Dublin

Southern Baptists Debate Sinner's Prayer


2013 comet

Y or N: [Obama] is antichrist and Jesus may come soon 2 oust him?

Can professing Christ wash away sins like those committed by Hitler?

Obamacare Stands

Obamacare is Upheld by the Supreme Court

On the Dirty Yak Watch

The Crazy Colorado Fires of 2012

Whom Would you Ban?

Unceasing Prayer

Doesn’t Carbon-14 Dating Disprove the Bible?

NASA Earth Image Helps Answer Flood Question

Catholic Priest Convicted of Child Abuse

The Muslims have Taken Over Egypt!

Unfairly Banned Again!

Bringing up Children

Declaring God’s Glory Among the Nations

Animal Laughter Study Doesn't Help Evolution

Is pot an issue for the Christian?

Video Game Discussion Thread

Eternal Torment or Annihilation? What Happens to the Wicked...

Meaning of Eph 2:5

Russia, Iran, Syria, China to Hold Massive War Game: Echoes of Bible prophecy?

Global Warming

The Reformation of the 16th Century: A Lesson for Today

New Study Explains Fast-Moving Magma


Other Religious Writings: Can They Be From God, Too?

Evolution Made Cavefish Go Blind?

The Pleasure of the Lord

Why 66? How Can We Be Sure Which Books Belong in Our Bible?

Surgeon Says Human Body Did Not Evolve

Perfect Minded

Unlocking the Truth of Scripture

Baylor Surgeon 'Dissects' Darwinism

There is no Trinity

What doctrine allows for the 'veneration of Saints'...?

Who is the Queen of Heaven?

The White Horse

The Left is Obsessed with So-Called Race

The Dream Act by Executive Order - Almost

Obama Leaks Top Secret Info To Score Political Gains

To the Animals
It’s a Jungle Out There!

Sophisticated Protein Motor Defies Evolution

The Fatherhood of God
Jackson Hole Bible College

2011 Another Frustrating Year for Evolution

God the Owner
October 31—A Great Day to Celebrate?

Why Dogs Don't Need Snow Boots

Following the Mark

International Homeschooling on Shaky Ground

Fossil Whale Brain Proves Paleontologist Wrong

This Generation

Developing Deception

Paddlefish Are Tuned to Eat Only Plankton

Putin Visit to Israel St for June 25: Is there a prophetic significance?

Roman Catholic and other ancient churches

Babylon the Great, the Mother of Prostitutes and Detestable Things of the Earth

The Mystery Gospel

Locating Christ's Church in History

Paul's Obsession With the Gospel

Hey Hey Hey

The "I don't care about" thread

Heckled By Catholic Church Bells

Debate on Mary Exposes the Error of Catholicism

The Virgin Mary is the Greatest Source of Hope

Iraq Poised to be Oil Giant & Economic Power

Catholic Cardinal Denies Adam and Eve Existed

Pope Continues to Woo Anglicans Home to Rome

Court: Marine Can't Challenge Sharia

Why is Jefferson a M.O.D.?

Theological Triage

Check out this obituary of a local Atheist

Liberals want to outlaw large soft drinks and other large sugary drink

Does one receive all of the righteousness of Christ when he is saved?

Opposite Day

Sex Selection Abortion Ban

Snake Handlers

If a person is born again, have they been saved?

Do Pets go to Heaven?

Is getting a divorce immoral?

Never Alone
Spreading God’s Truth—One Language at a Time

Study Finds Molecules Evolving in Wrong Direction


A Harlem Elementary School Makes Arabic Mandatory

When is the killing of an infant not an evil act

If a person is saved, why would he still need a Savior?

TOL Home Page Redesigned and optimized

Is God punishing the US?

How would you confront a demon-possessed person?

Bob Enyart dumps Starbucks!

Lefties don't understand human nature

If the God of Joshua told you to slit a baby's throat, would you?

Is the US a Christian nation?

Arpaio investigation: Obama might be Kenyan

What is Grace?

Biden Unhinged: Republicans "Don't Get Us, They Don't Get Who We Are"

Obama's literary agent says he was 'born in Kenya'

If God were evil would you worship him?

My sea change

Two Witnesses

Clinton, Obama, UN To Tell Us How To Raise Our Children

Book: Obama Team Tried to Pay Rev. Wright $150K to Keep Quiet Until After Election

Drones in US: Congress Is Going to Look the Other Way and Let the Air Force Spy

Iranian rapper faces death threats and fatwa for 'blasphemous' song

Facebook Co-Founder Saverin Gives Up U.S. Citizenship Before IPO

The central error of Calvinism

If Obamacare stands

Is it immoral to vote for A even the BAD, when B is worse?

False Conversions are Suicide for Local Churches

Fed clears China's first US bank takeover

Obama Pro-Sodomite

Leaks Expose Vatican Bank Scandal

UN EU Treaties

Thousands of pills 'filled with powdered human baby flesh' seized in S Korea

U.S. military developing spychips for soldiers

Bishops Offer Ways to Reduce Time in Purgatory

It looks like this may be Kat’s last stand and a big win

Random acts of kindness


Do you think TOL bans members too frequently, or not frequently enough?

To call someone a liar...

Jobless rate

Pepsi boycott ends!

Secret plan to create 'super-powerful EU president'

The snake?

Knight Sticks up for the racist!

I hate Knight because...

Romney: Obama shouldn't use bin Laden in campaign

Granite, what is your story?

Worst final you've ever taken?

It's May Day, what are your plans?

SEALs slam Obama for using them for political purposes

People are People

Russell Crowe to play Noah

Anti-choicers Hate Women

How do you read a book?

Can Protestants Unite with the Pope?

Your Penmanship

Jefferson's Avatar

New Thread

When all truth is revealed I bet we will find out?

Egypt plans 'farewell intercourse law'

Arizona’s immigration-crackdown law

What happened to Enoch?

How do you start a civil war?

Crazy about God
TOLers meet face to what?

Knowing Christ
Open Hearts, Receptive Minds in Kazakhstan

New Book Says Universe Came from Nothing

Meditation in the Morning
Sharing Creation with the Jewish People

Google Doodle Celebrates Creation Geologist

The Indwelling Trinity

Answers for All God’s Children

Marine Reptile Fossil Rewrites Evolution

Nuns stole and sold babies

Not Convenient
Flocking to Buy?

Researchers See Fish Adapt in One Generation

Confidence in Christ Alone
A Transitional Form

Is Scientific Misconduct on the Rise?

Absent from the Body
Willingly Ignorant

Oldest Temple Topples Evolutionists' History of Religion

Even As Christ
The Encyclopedia of Life

Over 100 Frozen Original Mammoth Proteins Found

Who and What to Esteem

Reclaiming God’s Truth—Reforming our Culture

Noah's Ark Game Misses the Boat

Night Sky

Hastening His Coming

The heavens declare

Diamond Weevil Studded with Advanced Technology

The Heart of Stone

News to Note AIG

Fossil Moth Still Shows Its Colors

Is it possible to be forgiven by God for your sins if you never repent?

Silver Spoon


Satan is Lord

Obama Jobs Plan: Work and Get Unemployment

Say goodbye to the 1st Amendment

Pray for Chuck Colson

The Red Flags of False Teachings

Do you believe in destiny?

Do you like Justin Bieber?

Please Pray For Me

Michael Savage: Spanish firm & Vote Counting Machines

Mexi Vote

Enyart brand Open Theism

Seal Judgments and the Wrath of God

A moment of clarity with David Axelrod

Brazil cult members arrested for cannibalism

Work out your salvation with fear and trembling--Oh uh--4 letter word!

Is gambling a sin?

Observations Great and Small

Food and Oil To Run Out Within 50 Years?

The Passion of the Christ film

Book: Napolitano perjured herself to Congress in Fast & Furious testimony

Jonesin' for drugs: Big Pharma & Evil Profits


Tax & Spend Liberals

Has Obama eased or exacerbated racial tension in this country?

Do you respect Ann Romney?

Bloomberg launches attack on ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws

The Dispensation of Grace

AIG Feedback

Dead Sea Sediment Core Confirms Genesis

Three Tabernacles
Biblical Authority Discussion Questions

Human Jawbone Size Reflects Diet, Not Just Lineage

In His Steps

Fighting for Truth

Fish Sound-Making Muscles Show No Evolution

Unshakable Things

William Tyndale and the English Bible

Some Atheists Go to Church for Kids

The Prophet's Chamber

Flocking to video stores?

Study Shows Bird Species Change Fast

Trayvon Martin murder case

Zimmerman charged with murder

Dogs and Dangers

Cain’s Wife—Who Was She?

Whales in the Desert?

Russia Is Massing Troops On Iran's Northern Border And Waiting For A Western Attack

The Unintentional Prophet

How Well Do You Know Your Authority?

The New Creation

A Call Back to Truth

Shrimp Shells Inspire New Biodegradable Material

The Glory of the Lord

A tale of two museums

Another 'Goldilocks' Planet Stirs ET Hopes

My Lord and My God

News to Note AIG

Evolution Can't Explain Organic Fossils

For Thy Name's Sake

Feedback AIG: How can we know the Bible is reliable?

Fossil Cuttlefish Has Original Tissue

Romney & "Religious Bigotry"

The Meaning of Man

What About the Gap & Ruin-Reconstruction Theories?

Skin Sample Is Two Million Years Old?

Purified Seven Times

Can Creation Models Be Wrong?

Is the Cambrian Explosion Problem Solved?

Origin of Races

But God

Peppered moths—back on the agenda?

'Zombie Worms' Ate Mediterranean Fossil

Sozo:  a man and his anger

Gentlemen only ladies forbidden

Mega Millions: McMystery

The Stations of the Cross

Is it immoral to smoke marijuana?

Appeals court fires back at Obama's comments on health care case

America's Most Biblically Hostile President

The Vatican's Twisted Priorities

Are Marian Apparitions Biblical?

Why everyone needs the Catholic Church

godrulz-it's promised...

The Fall of the American Economy

Obama on Fuel Prices: It's the Jews!

Obama takes a shot at Supreme Court over healthcare

Predestination and Will

Catholic Guilt

Does going to Church matter?

Homeland Security Unites with Abortion Industry to Silence Gospel

GOP Will Lose the Future by Dissing College Grads

Ad I posted on Craigslist today

I love you, but I hate your church!

A Confederacy of Dunces

Meditation for Holy Week


Biden: "We Want To Create A Global Minimum Tax"

Degrees of punishment in hell

Man claims attack by lion, saved by a bear

Logos 4

Should transsexuals be allowed to compete in a women's beauty pageant?

Puppet Theater

How the Christian Holocaust will Happen

Why the 144,000 had to be sealed?

Who's influence will be greater? Tim Tebow on NY? Or NY on Tim Tebow

T.U.L.I.P for dummies

Why the will can never be free

Watch Marty Goetz admit Isaiah 53 isn't read in Synagogue

I lost my faith a while back

Homo hormones in every pot

Sarkozy bans imams from entering France
Obama to Medvedev: ‘After My Election I Have More Flexibility’

Judgment at WJT [sic] and at Bema Seat?

The Unpardonable Sin and its Effect?

Who are in the body of Christ?

Kingdom of heaven means?

When does Born Again Happen?

Christian: Are you free to do whatever you want?

Hyper-Disp views: wrongly dividing the Word

Keeping Racism Alive

Two Faithful Friends

News to Note AIG

What Magnetized the Moon?

The Wickedness of Unbelief

Feedback AIG: Did T. Rex taste like chicken?

Is New Fossil a Bird-Eating Dinosaur?

Our God Is Everywhere

Don’t Creationists Deny the Laws of Nature?

Bacteria Share Light Spectrum with Plant Leaves

The Foot of Pride

Supporting the foundations

Perfect Molecule for Vision Shows Eyes Were Designed

God Is Love

Tribute to Dr. Bolton Davidheiser

Freedom of Giving Threatened by Secular Forces

The Riches of His Grace

Feedback AIG: Does the Bible teach female inferiority?

Outrunning Disaster

The Clothing of a Virtuous Woman

Couldn’t God Have Used Evolution?

News to Note AIG

Flood Stories

What can I do? Taking the truth to school

The Peace of Christ

Distant Galaxies Look Too Mature for Big Bang

Second Law

Tebow Talk

Media, Homosexuals Threaten Christian Minister

Sweden Cash Free: Churches, Business, Banks to Go Cashless

Bloomberg Strikes Again: NYC Bans Food Donations To The Homeless

This is my goodbye

Dutch Roman Catholic Church 'castrated at least 10 boys'

Postman: Ayers family put 'foreigner' Obama through school

CIA Spying on you in your home

Martial law

Bammy Sez: Put A Black Man In Every Classroom!

What Oikonomia/Dispensation means

Is there any point in praying for the dead?

Web-surfing as anesthetic

TOL Pet Memoriam

Surreal, Strange and Odd Threads? Why?

American Idol: Tone Down Your Jesus

Former Rutgers student convicted in webcam case

Healthcare Jihad

Advert banner concern

Knight, please define Christianity

The Almighty is Aware of All

Nobody understands you GP

Not Just a Jewish Problem

Dangle, Snipe, and C elly

Kony 2012

Trial for American Soldier

Do we have to repent to be saved?

Topic of the Day

Gossip in the Chat Room

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Messianic Jews of TOL

OK, everybody ready to fight another war for Israel!?

Virginia gives detention prevention plan to governor

Arpaio investigation: Obama might be Kenyan

Moderator opportunity at TOL

Is the Pope anointed by God?

Breitbart's Obama Video Unveiled

Rush Limbaugh and birth control

What members make you cringe?

Talk Radio Targets

Using Their Daughters--Again

Nudie Town

Whose Interpretations are Binding upon Christians?


'Ex-Terrorist' Walid Shoebat Exposed as Fraud

Suggestions on how we might give TOL a boost?

Obama defunds ‘snowflake babies’: Program aids in embryo adoption

Sheriff Joe: 'Probable cause' Obama certificate a fraud

President Obama’s Plan To Kill Armed Pilot Program

Theological theories regarding Mental Health

HPV Vaccine Linked To Teen's Paralysis?

Ohio High School Shooting: what can we learn from this tragedy?

Judge tosses charge against Muslim who allegedly attacked atheist mocking Mohammed

Obama Plays Race Card, Calls on Churches to Support Campaign

What sports do you participate in?

Act of Valor Movie

Argument for God's Existence

Are you easily offended?

It's funny why no one has a sense of humor

Bill O'Reilly: Oil prices reach critical mass

Christ at the Checkpoint Responds to Messianic Jews

Drudge: Santorum Story

Russian Warns Israel not to Attack Iran

Women preaching from the pulpit. Is it wrong?

Big Foot

Home Defense: Weapons, Loads, Tactics

The Evil Assad Regime Must be Brought Down and Brought to Justice, or Face Judgment

House Republicans to Obama: Nuke cut plan is ‘dangerous’

Rick Santorum supporter Foster Friess

Origin of hype: No intelligence to create life?

Lovingkindness and Tender Mercy

More Transparency Needed in Science Textbooks, Museums

Dumb luck

New to Note AIG

Justified--by Faith or Works?

Mistakes and Misconduct in Science

The Little Grand Canyon

Feedback: What gives an argument authority?

Faith, Self Defined

Bird Fossils Offer Clues to Dinosaur Question

Science in Scripture

Revelation Chapter 13

Oklahoma senate passes "Personhood Bill"

Netanyahu: Iran sanctions not working

Be very careful what you ask and say on certain threads

Call Of Duty Game Leads To Prank Lewisville 911 Call

Second Hand Smoke Hoax

Pentecostalism, And "A Fresh Word From God."

Tony Bennett wants to legalize drugs?

Ask God Any One Question

Cheerleading coach removed after calling team ‘highfalutin heifers’

Crop Circles: Messages from intelligent life?

Who thinks Mitt Romney is pro-life?

Who Is Responsible For Unplanned Pregnancies?

Obama is deliberately destroying the US

Banned from AtheistForums.Com

Document confirms FEMA camps soon to be activated nationwide

Spanking kids can cause long-term harm: Canada study

Whitney Houston dead at 48

How does a person become free from sin?

Are God and Jesus Christ identical?

Suggestions for my next thread

Can A Sociopath Ever Become A True Christian?

Very Sick This Time Around

Feedback: Clear evidence of evolution or... 

Why Shouldn’t Christians Accept Millions of Years?

New Insights into Earth's Nitrogen-Balancing System

Baby Zygote

Is There Really a God?

This Great and Wide Sea

How Did Wolves Become Dogs?

Useless Body Parts

Terrorizing of the soul and mind at the Creation Museum? AIG

The Beginning of Wisdom

Did Humans Cause Dinosaur Extinctions? 

Describe your day in only one sentence

Liberals, who gets to decide what marriage is?

Oatmeal is outside the faith

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Facebook Timeline mandatory rollout: You have 7 days to scour your past

Google announces privacy changes across products; users can’t opt out

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