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Dave Barry’s Review of 2013, the Year of the Zombies

News to Note

Fighting in the Forums

The Sons of God

The Battle for Kids’ Minds—Get Answers!

More Than a Spiritual Problem

The Man of God

Feedback: Weeping for Humanity

Morality and the Irrationality of an Evolutionary Worldview

God's Ways Are Best

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth

Piranhas, the Feared Fish

The Seventh Day

Planned Prayer?

Are Humans and Chimps Related?

The Brightness of the Glory

Atheists Still Fight the Cross

The Impropriety of Evidentially Arguing for the Resurrection

Before the World Began

Putting a Face on Evolution

Rock Layers Folded, Not Fractured

What's in a Name?

Filming the Ark

The Debate over Stem Cells

Not Giving, but Sowing

Classic Conundrum

Presuppositional Procedure

His Amazing Grace

Bill Nye, the Humanist Guy

Are Some Mutations Directed?

Shaloam shabbat to all Sabbath keepers

Do you do devotions?

TOL celebrity lookalikes

Chamber of Commerce to Spend $50 Million to Crush Tea Party

Waste Book: How our thieving liberal government liberally wastes taxpayer’s money

Turning off life support

Christmas Day:  I Didn't Go to Mass

Is the doctrine of Eternal Conscious Torment biblical or not?

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson kicked off A&E

Banned Again 

Street Smarts

Retired Sodomite Priest Marries 'Partner'

North Dakota to Let Man in Same-Sex Marriage Wed Woman, Too

The Peace of the God of Peace

Proofs of the Pudding

Giant Controversy Without Cause

The Source of All Wisdom

The Penalty of Unbelief

Flying Machine

Say Goodbye, Say Hello

Lightning Bugs: The Beetle Beacons

Vid: Pope Kissing Statue of Mary

Youth Message by Paul Washer

Muslim Leader Says Pope is a Good Model

What Were Your Favorite Gifts Growing Up?  

Protestants Unite with Catholicism on Baptism 

Is suicide the ultimate expression of free will?

Pope Prays for the Dead

Sexual harassment? 6-year-old suspended for kiss on hand

Pope Continues Pressing for Unity of All Faiths

Ray Comfort on BEL on Evolution vs God

Do Mennonites Who Make Cabinets Have Religious Liberty in America?

10-Year-Old Suspended for Shooting Imaginary Arrow

Budget Deal

The Second Remnant

Junk Science

Evangelism and Apologetics

The Son of Thankfulness

The Heart of Apologetics

Revelation, Speculation, and Science

Light in the Darkness

Turning the Gospel Right-Side-Up

The Amazing Regenerating Rib

Sinning Against God
What to Know Before You Go

Biblical Chronology and the 8,000-Year-Long Bristlecone Pine Tree-Ring Chronology

Creeping in Unawares

Creation and the Witch Doctor

ABO Blood and Human Origins

Pope Asks Mary to Bring World Peace

The Positive Thread

"The Bible" Creator Praises Pope for Pro-Gay Comments

Satanists plan statue to stand alongside Ten Commandments in Oklahoma

Income Inequality aka Higher Taxes

Thy Rod and Thy Staff of Rebuke

Believe the Lie

Random Facts

Mary Draws People of All Faiths

Are my threads boring?

Pope Bows Before Muslim Queen

Unity of Whole Creation Sought

America's Bible Hypocrisy: Study Shows Disconnect Between Beliefs and Behavior

Study Finds 44% Increased Breast Cancer Risk for Women Having Abortions

How to Effectively Engage Catholic Friends, Family and Spouses

Do You See What I See?

Our Focus in Evangelizing Catholics

How Can You Be Sure You Are Saved?

Church Must Not Interfere in the Lives of Sinners

Fox News' Highly Reluctant Jesus Follower

Online friends...define "friend"

Remember the Reformation

U.S. now indicates Iran interim deal wasn’t quite finalized

Big Labor

War on Christmas

Mixing state and medicine

Welcome To The Post-Racial World Of Obama

Banned again: the sequel   

Avatar Newbie

The Dayspring from on High

Leaving Home...And God

Creation or Evolution: Yes, We Have to Choose

What Began at Philippi

Scorpions—Armed and Dangerous

Are Demons Active Today?

Star Formation and Creation

News to Note

Orchids—A Bouquet of Adaptations

The Unknown Creator

Delicate Balance in DNA Production

Al Mohler Video

The Discontinuity of Life

Golden Plover Video

The Authority Test

Misuse of the Bible

Laminin and the Cross

Interactive 3-D Lucy Image

Feedback: Christians Celebrating Christmas at Christmas Town

The Smell of Change in Our Understanding of Pseudogenes

Are You Ready for the End of the World?

God, the Holy Spirit

Battle for Kids’ Minds

Reformed View of Origins?

Good Reason for Great Zeal

Sand Transported Cross Country

Letter From Ken

News to Note

Zonkeys, Ligers, and Wolphins, Oh My!

Divine Love and its Gifts

The Trinity

School Tragedy in Connecticut

Darwin at the Drugstore?

Field Museum Study Guide

Who Were the Nephilim?

The Lord Our Shield

Questionable Dating of Bloody Mosquito Fossil

Mutilating God’s Word: Adam, Bilbo, and Peter Enns

The Lord Is a Great God and a Great King Above All Gods

The Monster Dragged to Light

A Poke in the Eye?

Biblical Authority Discussion Questions

Unicorns in the Bible?

The First Sin

Always, and for All Things

Certain Men

When in Rome

Life: Designed by God to Adapt

The True Account of Adam & Eve

Setting the Record Straight on Vestigial Organs

Readers Respond

The Seeing Eye

Clear Warning Signs

Words Are Us

Bringing Lucy to Life

Caught in the Act!

Sixth Senses

Transcontinental Rock Layers

Victory Begins at Home

Feedback: Are There Beneficial Mutations?

The Angelic Shout

Secrets from the Most Distant Galaxy

The Church—Training Ground for Truth

Much Ado About Moths

Dead Works

Gone in Only One Generation

How Much Global Warming Is Natural?

Earnestly Contend

Tough as Snails

Feedback: Is the Present the Key to the Past?

The Remarkable Psalms

Counting Earth's Age in Lightning Strikes

Is Josephus Reliable?

The Ultimate Standard

Total Abstinence

Experiment: Water’s Life-Saving Secret

Feedback: Is the Big Bang an Attempt to Remove God?


Your Pituitary—A Miniscule Master

Parasites—Unwelcome Guests

Four Women, a Boat, and Lots of Kids

Christ at Creation

New 'Human' Fossil Borders on Fraud

No Kind Left Behind

Lucy Was Buried First

He Shall Speak Peace

Incredible Microprocessor Protein Acts as Genome Guardian

Turkey Coma?

Did It Rain Before the Flood?

Evolution: The Anti-science

The World’s a Graveyard

News to Note

Feedback: Evidence of New Genetic Information?

Feedback: Responding to the Logic of an Atheist

Human Evolution—Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Questions of the Day and the Question of the Day

A Look at the Canon

A Holy Celebration

A Black Hole Gravity Lens

Government Funding in the UK Means an Evolutionary Education

Is Jesus the Creator God?

Pat Robertson’s Word or God’s Word: Which Will You Believe?

High & Dry Sea Creatures

Filled and Fulfilled

Prayer Certified of Success


News to Note

For the Troubled

Black Holes

Dear Atheists, from Bodie Hodge

Exalting the Anointed One

Just Another Thanksgiving?

Author of Peace

News to Note

Weird Physics

The Common Salvation

Who Killed the Iceman?


Rest with Us

Grand Canyon Rafting

Feedback: Are the RATE Results Caused by Contamination?

Lord of Hosts

The Man Greatly Beloved

Selling Science to the Public

Sanctified, Preserved, Called

What Is The Lie?

Red-Haired, Fast-Talking Neanderthals

The Truth

Human-Like Fossil Menagerie Stuns Scientists

News to Note

Dark Waters and Thick Clouds

Did Sea Slugs Evolve to Steal Genes?

The Essence of Simplicity

A Tale of Two Chromosomes

The Just Shall Live by Faith

Newfound Nitrogen Harmony Saves Tropical Forest Trees

Feedback: Misunderstandings About YEC and OEC

Radiocarbon in Diamonds Confirmed

The Devil and Halloween

The Hexapla of Mystery

How Old Is the Earth? Get Answers!

Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth

Jesus, the King of Truth

Ancient Protein “Resurrected”?

Dwell Deep, Oh Dedan!

“Junk” DNA—past, present, and future, part 2

News to Note

Atheism: An Irrational Worldview

The Thorn in the Flesh

Movie Review: Arctic Tale—Exaggerating the Effects of Global Warming

Feedback: What Is Unique About the Colorado River?

Geologic Evidences for the Genesis Flood

Living Temples for the Living God

The Stars of Heaven Confirm Biblical Creation

The Life, Walk, and Triumph of Faith

From Vulgate to Vulgar

Zombies, Vampires, and Werewolves—Oh No!

First conference on creation geology

A Visit to the Tomb

Semi-homemade life

News to Note

The Hearing Ear

Our Gifts, and How to Use Them

“Junk” DNA—past, present, and future, part 1

Feedback: Jesus Did Not Exist

Did God create (bara) or make (asah) in Genesis 1?

Man's Grief and God's Compassion

The Secret Food and the Public Name

The Historical Development of the Old-Earth Geological Time-Scale

Prayer for All Men

The Saints Blessing the Lord

Jesus, evangelical scholars, and the age of the earth

Satan's Strategic Plan

The Lord Blessing His Saints

Antibiotic Resistance of Bacteria: An Example of Evolution in Action?

Knowing Him

British Pre-Roman Roads Lead to Genesis

The Great Assize

The Amazing Human Hair

Persecuted for Righteousness' Sake

Impact Theory of Moon's Origin Fails

News to Note

Some evidence and hope that secular publishers may provide creation information

The Man Your Daughter Marries

OMG Gets New Meaning

The Relevance of Meshak  

Quick Links > Today's Posts

Repentant murderer executed. Is he saved?

Deadly Sin

Bloody Mosquito Fossil Supports Recent Creation

John Lennox and a Sad Divide

Do the Genesis Genealogies Contain Gaps?

Why Does God Need Spilled Blood And Burnt Flesh?

100 Pro-Abortion Storytelling Events Organized Across Country


Vinny and TSF start Loser Club

What does it mean to say I have Jesus in my heart?

Be perfect as God is perfect

Freedom to Pray

Welcome Wagon

Banned Again

Jephthah's Daughter

A Root Out of a Dry Ground

Feedback: A Reader Challenges Our Claim of a Logical, God-Created Universe

Confident Prayer

The Paraclete

Origin of photosynthesis

Carest Thou Not?

A Honeycomb

Are There Half a Million Years in the Sediments of Lake Van?

The Vine

My Prayer

Genesis 2:17—“you shall surely die”

The Father of Lights

News to Note

The Neandertals: Our Worthy Ancestors, Part II

Farewell to “Lucy”

The Beauty of Holiness, Part 4

Sun Paradox Challenges Old Earth Theory

The Ministry of Gratitude

The So-Called Jesus Family Tomb

The Beauty of Holiness, Part 3

Recent Earthquake Spawns New Island

Feedback: The Curse of Canaan

A Catastrophic Breakup

The Beauty of Holiness, Part 2

Was Toxic Protein Once Good?

Dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark

Wrecked, but Not Reckless

Tiktaalik and the Fishy Story of Walking Fish

aCultureWarrior: Please Present Your Gospel

Star Wars in Non Fiction; Public School Teacher in...

Who Will be Saved?

Luke 23:34

Sea Floor Cities

Adam and Jesus were both "sons of God"

The Beauty of Holiness, Part 1

Global Warming Halts, Arctic Ice Multiplies

Creationist Bestseller Updated yet Timeless

Did Microraptor gui invent the biplane before the Wright brothers?

Labouring and Not Fainting

The Placenta

How Did Plants Survive the Flood?


The End

A Simple Remedy

The Origin of Oil

Boycott McDonalds

Contractors forbidden to publicly discuss Newtown school demolition

Putin nominated for Nobel

The New World

The Resurrection Is Credible

Human Endogenous Retroviruses (HERVs)—Evolutionary “Junk” or God’s Tools?

God's Final Word

Dinosaurs—Atheist Exclusive?

Fungal “family tree” identifies problems with evolution

The Valley of Blessing

News to Note

The Neandertals: Our Worthy Ancestors

Water and Blood

Feedback: Bill Nye and More

How Low Can You Go—Again?

The Throne of David

A Call for Revival

Lucy’s child, “Selam,” from Ethiopia

The Lord

The Healing of One Born Blind

From Ferrari to Model T: Is Reverse Evolution Possible?

Overcoming Victory

Salvation All By Grace

“Non-evolution” of the Appearance of Mitochondria and Plastids in Eukaryotes

The Whole Armor of God

Biblical Authority Discussion Questions

Seven Outgrowths of Faith

Moses’ Decision

Exploding Fish

Teaching Universe

Abortion—Headway to Protect the Unborn

Who Begat Whom?

I Will Build My Church

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

The Doctrines of Salvation

Special Report: How Your Vote Counts

The Fallacies of Radioactive Dating of Rocks


'smORFs': Functional Little Genome Gems Confront Evolution

Homosexual Marriage—Golden Rule for Marriage?

God & Natural Law

The Vanishing Serpents

Flower Fossils 100,000,000 Years Out of Place?

A Massive Discovery

Evolution or Adaptation?

Why Will There Be Animal Sacrifices In The Millennial Temple?

Holy Anointing

Circular Intronic RNAs Defy Junk DNA Dogma

News to Note

“Evolution” of Finch Beaks—Again

Anti-bullying programs give bullies latest, cutting-edge bullying ideas apparently

Close public schools

I Believe that all Christians Should be Evangelicals

Why Calvinists Never Quote John 3:16

Gino Geraci interviewed Bob Enyart, show available?

What Do Fig Trees Do?

Origins of Life: A Simple Approach?

Love for God

Study Fails to Prove Flight Feathers Evolved
Bird Flu

Heart and Soul

Evolutionists Call New Plant Epigenetic Study 'Heresy'

Raising the Bar on Creation Research

My Silver and My Gold

Engineered Chemical Could Cost Less, Save Lives

Two Fighting Dinosaurs?


Non-elect infants who die

Do Atheists Have Faith?

The Sacrifice of Praise

A Victory for Balance in Tennessee

My Hands and Feet

Galaxy Games


Course Correction in Korea

The Rhetoric of Design


Evo Tours

Explaining Design Away

The Similitude of God

Water in Rocks May Support Moon's Bible Origins

Mission Minded

Eroded Appalachian Mountain Siliciclastics as a Source for the Navajo Sandstone

Whom Do You Know?

'Living Gears' Might Have Evolutionists Hopping Mad

Bacterial Bodyguard

The Biblical Origins of Science

To Die Is Gain

Brilliant Butterfly Feature Challenges Darwinian Selection

More than Human

Echoes of the big bang...or noise?

George H.W. Bush witness at Maine same-sex wedding

U.N. Arms Trade Treaty

Broadcaster Fired for Opposing Same-Sex Marriage Rips Fox Sports for Religious Discrimination

You are going to Hell because you don't agree with me on doctrine!

Identifying Antichrists

Structuralism: A New Way to Avoid Creation

Long-age Puzzle of Thin Ice at the Edge of the Laurentide Ice Sheet

Quantitative Easing

People Control

Speaking to a Hostile Audience

The Name above Every Name

Extraterrestrial Life

The Serpent Worshippers

Shooting at Washington Navy Shipyard

Olympic Treasure

Too Serious to Ignore

Flood/Post-Flood Boundaries Within the Global Stratigraphical Record

Why Am I Like This?

Paleocene Dinosaurs and the Reinforcement Syndrome

What Do We Do with the Youth?

Pseudogene Function: More Evidence

Ministry Menagerie

Arthropods Supposedly Invaded Land 40 Million Years Earlier

Same Plants and Animals—Two Different Views

Space Life?

Same Apes and Humans—Two Different Views

Dinosaur Footprints, Fish Traces and the Flood

What Were the First Animals Like?

Getting the Formula Right

Genetics and Biblical Demographic Events

Who owns the church?

Were the Pyramids Built Before the Flood?

Ancon Sheep: Just Another Loss Mutation

ARJ Highlights

Extrasolar Planets Suggest our Solar System is Unique and Young

Who Cares for Larry?

Greater Than 98% Chimp/Human DNA Similarity? Not Any More.


Orthodoxy and Genesis: What the Fathers Really Taught

Behold the Lamb

Disappointing Discourse

Kuiper Belt Objects: Solution to Short-Period Comets?

To the Thoughtless

'Snowball Earth'—A Problem for the Supposed Origin of Multicellular Animals

Letter From Ken

Sizing the Day

News to Note

A Uniformitarian Paleo-Environmental Dilemma at Clarkia, Idaho

No Quarter

Three Worldly Powers

Much-Inflated Carbon-14 Dates from Subfossil Trees: A New Mechanism

Is There a Dominion Mandate? Reply: A Response to Hennigan, Kulikovsky, and McDurmon

Feedback: Was Jesus Married?

Salty Saga

An Analysis of the Dodwell Hypothesis

The Pragmatic Life

The Supposed Consistency of Evolution’s Long Ages

Bibliography of Creationist Astronomy


Is the ’Erets (Earth) Flat?

The Importance of an Historical Adam

The Teacher

Express-Lane Magma Indicates Young Earth

Geocentric Gobbledegook

Astronomical Distance Determination Methods and the Light Travel Time Problem

Wife of

What does "Church" Mean?

Article: Peter’s Authority: More Solid than a Rock

Can one be saved and not be born again?

Social Security overpays $1.3 billion in benefits: GAO

North Korea nuke reactor likely starting up again

Infractions for reporting posts that do not need reporting

Why not ban them yourself?


Poison Dart Frogs (Video)

Rating Radiodating

Stone Tools From the Early Tertiary in Europe

Jesus Might Love You

Luke 10: 19: I Give You Power To Tread On Serpents and Scorpions

OK, so here it is: What is really wrong in the Catholic Church

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Experiment (Video)

Nailing Jello (Jelly) to the Wall

The Dwarfs are for the Dwarfs: Stanley Fish, The Pragmatic Presuppositionalist

Radiohalos Video Excerpt

What Biology Textbooks Never Told You About Evolution

A Proposal for a New Solution to the Light Travel Time Problem

“Nightmare Pass” Video

Eviscerating Eldredge: A Review

Does Natural Selection Exist?

Untrodden Ways

More Problems for the ‘Oort Comet Cloud’

The Human Beta-Globin Pseudogene Is Non-Variable and Functional

Public Schools

A Response to Threat

Shocking Evidence of Electric Signals in Plants

Perseverance Without Presumption

Did Lucy Walk Upright?

An Evaluation of Plasma Astronomy

Does Anybody Know?

Satan Plots, but God Prevails

News to Note

End-Mesozoic Extinction of Dinosaurs Partly Based on Circular Reasoning

An Evaluation of the Myth That “Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution”

The Ministry of Reconciliation

Scientist Suggests 'We Are Actually All Martians'

Ingratitude of Man

The Young Faint Sun Paradox and the Age of the Solar System

Numerical Simulations of Hypercanes Charley and Fay in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico over a Warm Ocean

TOL Store

Bearing and Helping to Bear  

Feedback: The Hypostatic Union

New Hominin Skull from Kenya

Can Theistic Evolutionism Explain the Origin of Morality?

The New, Old Commandment

Meerkat Clans—The Original Social Network

Billion-Fold Acceleration of Radioactivity Demonstrated in Laboratory

Numerical Simulations of Three Nor’easters with a Warm Atlantic Ocean

The Seven Pillars of Wisdom

“Waters To Swim In”

The Root of our Ecological Crisis

Understanding the Nature of Scripture, of Jesus, and the “Dis-Ease” of Theistic Evolutionists (BioLogos)

Our Eternal Bodies

Excerpts From The Genius of Ancient Man

Spiritual Death

What Makes Us Human, and Why It Is Not the Brain: A Creationist Defense of the Soul: Reply

But When You Sin

Pterosaur Revolution Confirms Creation

Testimony and Experience

'Nucha' and Plate Tectonics

Review of John Lennox’s Book Seven Days That Divide the World

#10 DNA in “Ancient” Bacteria

Fibonacci Numbers

#9 Very Little Salt in the Sea

Divisions Unresolved

Theistic Evolution: An Incoherent and Inconsistent Worldview?

#8 Short-Lived Comets

Sojourn of the Jews

Parallelism in Hebrew Poetry Demonstrates a Major Error in the Hermeneutic of Many Old-Earth Creationists

#7 Carbon-14 in Fossils, Coal, and Diamonds

White Hole Cosmology

The Unbeliever at War with God: Michael Ruse and the Creation-Evolution Controversy

#6 Helium in Radioactive Rocks

Dare to Question the Materialist High Priests
Abraham and the Chronology of Ancient Mesopotamia

#5 Rapidly Decaying Magnetic Field

Evidentialism–The Bible and Assyrian Chronology

Mammalian Ark Kinds

#4 Faint Sun Paradox

Insect leg development

Is Young-Earth Creationism a Bad Choice?

#3 Soft Tissue in Fossils

Recent Cosmic Microwave Background data supports creationist cosmologies

Creation Date of Adam from the Perspective of Young-Earth Creationism

#2 Bent Rock Layers

The Permian extinction

Evolutionary Psychology: Why It Fails as a Science and Is Dangerous

DEA has more extensive domestic phone surveillance op than NSA

How to Know the Will of God

Did God Make Human Memory Malleable?

Fossil Reptiles on the Russian Platform

Beyond Distant Starlight: Next Steps For Creationist Cosmology

#1 Very Little Sediment on the Seafloor

McIntosh, Taylor and Edmondson Reply to Flood Models

Thinking About Forever

Flood Models
Toward an Accurate Model of Variation in DNA

Swamp Man!

A Different View of the Universe

Where in the World Is the Tower of Babel?

Readers Respond

Doppler Toppler?

A Well-Watered Land: Numerical Simulations of a Hypercyclone in the Middle East

Unbinding the Rules
The Human Retina Shows Evidence of Good Design

Were They “Worse Sinners”?

Did 'Old World Early Paleolithic' People Travel to North America?

How Genomes are Sequenced and Why it Matters

The Sphere of Instrumentality

The Tower with Many Flaws

An Examination of Augustine’s Commentaries on Genesis One and Their Implications on a Modern Theological Controversy

The Genius of Ancient Man

A Tropical Reptile in the 'Cretaceous' Arctic

Created Kinds and Essential Natures

The Gift of Labor

Does a ‘Transitional Form’ Replace One Gap with Two Gaps?

Emergentism and the Rejection of Spirit Entities

Should we kick the Woodshed off the Active Page?

Is Voting Enough?

Flood Models: The Need for an Integrated Approach

Iowa Democrat prayer: Thank God for abortionists!

How Could Most Scientists Be Wrong?

Response to Faulkner’s ‘Biblically-Based Cratering Theory’
Ancient Egyptian Chronology and the Book of Genesis

News to Note

Designer Science

Response to Comments on “How Genomes are Sequenced and Why it Matters

Golden Vials Full of Odours

How Different is the Cranial-Vault Thickness of Homo Erectus from Modern Man?

Geomorphology of Uluru, Australia: Reply

Feedback: Ants Don’t Care About Christianity

Jumping wallaby genes and post-Flood speciation

Time to Abandon Postmodernism: Living a New Way

Poison Dart Frogs—Drop Dead Gorgeous

How Well do Paleontologists Know Fossil Distributions?

Adam, Free Choice, and the Cause of Sin: A Creationist Response to a Christian Evolutionist

The 10 Best Evidences from Science that Confirm a Young Earth

Problems for 'Giant Impact' Origin of Moon

Determining the Ark Kinds

Dead Sea Scrolls—Timeless Treasures

The Age of the Jovian Planets

Untangling Uniformitarianism, Level II: Actualism in Crisis

Peregrine Falcon—Nature’s Top Gun

Geological Conflict

What Makes Us Human, and Why It Is Not the Brain

Hissing Cockroaches—The Perfect Family Pet

Teaching Creation and Evolution in Schools

Genome-Wide DNA Alignment Similarity (Identity) for 40,000 Chimpanzee DNA Sequences Queried against the Human Genome is 86–89%

What’s Really Hiding in Those Deserted Caves?

Divining Design

Those Enigmatic Neanderthals

Bird’s Nest Fungus—High-Flying Eggs!

The Non-Transitions in ‘Human Evolution’—on Evolutionists’ Terms

Numerical Simulation of Precipitation in Yosemite National Park with a Warm Ocean

What Was God Doing Before Creation?

Dating Dilemma: Fossil Wood in “Ancient” Sandstone

Untangling Uniformitarianism

Trilobite Eyes—Ultimate Optics

A Bright Light in Deep Shadows

Disappointing Delusion

Inherit the Wind

Eastern Hognose Snake (Video)

Lord Kelvin Revisited on the Young Age of the Earth

Baraminological Analysis Places Homo habilis, Homo rudolfensis, and Australopithecus sediba in the Human Holobaramin

Intercessory Prayer

Rapid Rocks

A Proposed Bible-Science Perspective on Global Warming

The Sin Offering for the Common People

Missing Antimatter Challenges the ’Big Bang’ Theory

Geomorphology of Uluru, Australia

Boldness in Prayer

Stumping Old-Age Dogma

Numerical Simulation of Precipitation in Yosemite National Park with a Warm Ocean

President calls for Congressional vote on military action in Syria

News to Note

The Triumph of Christianity

Book review: The Battle of Beginnings

Why Orthodox Darwinism Demands Atheism

Feedback: Is Male Headship a “Curse”?

Galaxy-Quasar ‘Connection’ Defies Explanation

Baraminological Analysis Places Homo habilis, Homo rudolfensis, and Australopithecus sediba in the Human Holobaramin: Discussion

Bill Nye’s Crusade for Your Kids

The times of the Judges: The archaeology

Is the Sodium Chloride Level in the Oceans Evidence for Abiogenesis?

Covenant Blessings

Solar Neutrinos—The Critical Shortfall Still Elusive

The Geology of Israel within the Biblical Creation-Flood Framework of History

Creation Scientists Respond to Bill Nye

Sedimentation Experiments: Nature Finally Catches Up!

Anisotropic Synchrony Convention—A Solution to the Distant Starlight Problem

Joy in a Reconciled God

A Classic Tillite Reclassified as a Submarine Debris Flow

Numerical Simulation of Precipitation in Yellowstone National Park with a Warm Ocean

Loosening the Shoe Latchet

Saturn’s Rings Short-Lived and Young

The Geology of Israel within the Biblical Creation-Flood Framework of History

Contradictions: Cock a Doodle, One or Two?

Book review: River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life

A Brief History of Intolerance in Modern Cosmology

Letter from Ken

Book review: Sea-Floor Sediment and the Age of the Earth by Larry Vardiman

There is no Darwin Conspiracy

Glorious Predestination

Information, Science and Biology

Toward An Understanding of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi

New to Note

‘Rapid’ Granite Formation?

Chalk and “Upper Cretaceous” Deposits are Part of the Noachian Flood

Godliness in Form Only

‘Instant’ Petrified Wood

Microscopic Diamonds Confound Geologists

The Jewels of the Lord

The ‘Principle of Least Astonishment’!

Implications of Polonium Radiohalos in Nested Plutons of the Tuolumne Intrusive Suite, Yosemite, California

Make It as Sure as You Can

The Pigs Took It All

Genetics of Coat Color II

Chain of Command

Astronomical Problems

More Abundant than Stars

The Danger of Diluting Scripture

Does 'Y-chromosome Adam' Refute Genesis?

Neanderthal Children’s Fossils

The Natural History of Retroviruses

Full Time Job Just Correcting Glenn Beck

Voter Fraud

Justice Department tries to block Louisiana's school voucher program

The Danger of Adding to Scripture

Newly Discovered 'Orphan Genes' Defy Evolution

Cosmic Breakthrough!

A Review of Mitoribosome Structure and Function Does not Support the Serial Endosymbiotic Theory

'Homeland Security' employee behind racist website placed on paid leave

Is genocide underway in Syria?

A Persuasive to Steadfastness

Diamonds—Evidence of Explosive Geological Processes

A Possible Function of Entamoeba histolytica in the Creation Model

Feedback: Darwin’s Deathbed Confession—a Myth?

Yet Another 'Missing Link' Fails to Qualify
Fungi from the Biblical Perspective

Mercy’s Master Motive

Australia’s Burning Mountain

The Role of Genomic Islands, Mutation, and Displacement in the Origin of Bacterial Pathogenicity

Who and From Where Are These?

Where are All the Human Fossils?

Christian Theodicy in Light of Genesis and Modern Science

Contradictions: Can God Be Tempted?

Fossil Magnetism Reveals Rapid Reversals of the Earth's Magnetic Field

Towards a Creationary Classification of Mutations

Whatever You Do…

That Matter of the Shrinking Sun

Systematic Theology Texts and the Age of the Earth

News to Note

Is the Sun Shrinking?

Fraud and Forgery in Paleoanthropology

“Pray Without Ceasing”

Can Water Flow Uphill?

Proceedings of the Microbe Forum

Feedback: Dinosaur Extinction

The Lessons of Surtsey

Microbes and the Days of Creation

Delusion from God

A Creationist Puzzle

Catastrophic Granite Formation

Another Royal Procession

Antony van Leeuwenhoek: Creation “Magnified” Through His Magnificent Microscopes

The Poor Man’s Friend

Contradictions: A Famine of Three or Seven Years?

Precious Deaths

News to Note

Feedback: Debating with an Evolutionist on Fossil Dating

The Real Presence, the Great Need of the Church

The Only Atoning Priest

Faith’s Dawn and Its Clouds

The Curious Case of Martian Mania

The Two Yokes

News to Note

How Can I Obtain Faith?

Feedback: Get the Message Across

The Pilgrim’s Longings

A Call to Holy Living

Contradictions: A Lot of Righteousness

The Glorious Master and the Swooning Disciple

Morality—the Secular Response?

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Answers in Genesis at London Olympics

The Joy of the Lord, the Strength of His People

Joy Born at Bethlehem

A Visit to the Harvest Field

Learning the Bible’s ABCs in an Innovative Way

Letter from Ken

News to Note

Shooting Tragedy in Colorado

Feedback: Does a molar pregnancy have anything to do with a tooth?

The Throne of Grace

Praises and Vows Accepted in Zion

Contradictions: Figuring out the Root of the Matter

Do Not Sleep

News to Note

Heaven’s Nurse Children

Feedback: Are Races Proof of Evolution?

The Sun of Righteousness

Household Salvation

Contradictions: Root of All Evil?


As Easy as … Well, ABC!

News to Note

The Talking Book

Feedback: Are Gender Roles a Social Construct?

The Matter of Mass—Making Sense of the “God Particle”

Beauty for Ashes

Independence Day

The One Thing Needful

Nunc Dimittis

News to Note

Our Watchword

Feedback: Starchild—Alien-human Hybrid?

The Unbeliever’s Unhappy Condition

Job’s Regret and Our Own

Contradictions: Can a Thief Go to Heaven?

Light for Those who Sit in Darkness

Letter from Ken

News to Note

Tips for Serving a Spiritual “Feast” for Women

The Rise of Apologetics Fiction

Start a Creation Club

Breaking Up Russia's Frozen Soil

Deploying the Creation Message

Academic Freedom Not OK in the UK

Hoosier Hopes Dashed

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth

Lucy Exposed

A Shark Tale


Einstein Wins Again

The Return of King David

After-Birth Abortion

Feedback: The God of an Old Earth
Psychology Without Sin
If Evolution Takes Faith, Why Am I the One with Doubts?

Parenting Through Pain

Nudibranchs—Undersea Slug Fest

Travailing for Souls

Love’s Logic

Are Mermaids Our Evolutionary Cousins?

Contradictions: Wilderness or Wedding?

North and South

News to Note

Christ Is All

Introduction to Answers Bible Curriculum

Flag Day and Biblical Banners

Lessons from Nature

Bought With a Price

Thou Hast Rejected Knowledge

An Uncertain Sound

An Apology and Unification Theory for the Reconciliation of Physical Matter and Metaphysical Cognizance

Understanding the Word of God

Rehab for Your Feet

Louis Pasteur’s Views on Creation, Evolution, and the Genesis of Germs

Ungodly Lifestyles
Biblical Authority Discussion Questions: Psychology Without Sin

Testing the Hydrothermal Fluid Transport Model for Polonium Radiohalo Formation

Perilous Times

The Oldest American Petroglyphs

Your Own Salvation
Toward a Practical Theology of Peer Review

Melting Elements

How Do Mother Butterflies Avoid the Poison?

News to Note
Karyotype Variability within the Cattle Monobaramin

The Living Word

VlincRNAs Provide Clues to Genomic Dark Matter

Now, and Then

Our Young Universe

Mars, a Testament to Catastrophe

Bored black thugs kill a white guy for the fun of it - where is Obama now?

Not Having Access to the Gospel  

Done with TOL

The persecution of Pastor Scott Lively


Gore likens 'global warming' skeptics to racists, supporters of apartheid and homophobes

Christie Bans Voluntary Sodomite Counseling

All Things British

The Art of Weaponry

Rodeo Clown Banned for Life for Mocking Obama

Down Syndrome Awareness

Oprah compares Trayvon case to that of Emmit Till? Please!

Is belief in the deity of Christ an essential belief if one claims to be Christian?

Prayer in School

Can you really love somebody who you think is going to eternal damnation?

Hello From The Stan

Is what Snowden did a good thing?


Banned at TOL

Follow Righteousness

“In-Place” Fossils by Chance

Excerpt from a Christian Travel Guide to Jordan

Dying to Live Another Day

Old-Earth Creationism—Is It a Sin to Be Wrong?

Experiment: Those Swell Seeds

Feedback: Animal Migrations

A Look at Lucy’s Legacy

Rejoicing Greatly

Epigenetic Study Produces 'Backwards' Human-Ape Tree

Green River Formation Very Likely Did Not Form in a Postdiluvial Lake

Contradictions: Did Animal Sacrifices Remove Sin?

The Withering Work of the Spirit

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Feedback: Evolutionary Call to Arms

More and More

Prosperity Under Persecution

Contradictions: Who Gets the Blame for Original Sin—Adam or Eve?

Letters from Ken

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The Alarm

The Sheep and Their Shepherd

Foolish Talking

Genetics of Coat Color I

The Prayer of Jabez

Contradictions: Marriage—Good or Bad?

The Northern Iron and the Steel

The “Disease” of Millions of Years

News to Note

A New Order of Priests and Levites

Feedback: A Pro-life Doctor’s View on Molar Pregnancies

The Fourfold Treasure

Self-Humbling and Self-Searching

A Last Lookout

News to Note

The Pastor’s Parting Blessing

Feedback: Does the Bible Prohibit Space Travel?

Marah, Or, the Bitter Waters Sweetened

Victor Emmanuel, Emancipator

The Touchstone of Godly Sincerity

One Minute to Launch

The Church as She Should Be

News to Note

Moab Is My Washpot

Feedback: Dinosaurs Living with People—The Biblical Worldview

The Ascension of Christ

Carried By Four

Hidden Manna

Contradictions: War and Peace

Complexity of Nazca Lines Defies Evolutionary Assumptions

News to Note

Faith and Regeneration

Feedback: The Creator of Plants (and everything else) vs. Zombies

All Fulness in Christ

The Master’s Profession—The Disciples’ Pursuit

The Wedding Garment

Contradictions: Times of Recession

The Parable of the Wedding Feast

Letter from Ken

News to Note

Feedback: Mr. Hostile

Compassion for Souls

The Power of Christ Illustrated by the Resurrection

Contradictions: What Is God’s Name in the Old Testament?

News to Note

Feedback: Simple Complex Genesis

New Uses for Old Trophies

The Teacher Protection Academic Freedom Act

The Open Fountain

The Lost Silver Piece

Contradictions: Planting Confusion

Rest, Rest

Science—Worldview Neutral?

News to Note

The Crucifixion

The Sages, the Star, and the Saviour

Joseph’s Bones

Purging Out the Leaven

Don’t Be the Devil’s Fool: Why God Hates Lying

News to Note

The Essence of the Gospel

Feedback: Jephthah’s Vow

Our King Our Joy

Flee and Follow

Who Were Cavemen? Get Answers!

Bacterial Attenuation and its Link to Innate Oncolytic Potential

A Personal Application

Biblical Authority Discussion Questions

The Making of a Caveman

Contradictions: My Two Sons

The Two Hosts of Heaven

Shergottite Conundrum: How Old is Martian Crust?

Seven-Day Week

Radiocarbon Ages for Fossil Ammonites and Wood in Cretaceous Strata near Redding, California

Street Evangelism: Bursting the Bubble

To Die Is to Live

The Bloodhound—Natural Born Smeller

What Women Want—Answers

You Can Master Apologetics from Anywhere

From the Mouths of Puppets

Williams Syndrome and the Gospel

Becoming a Living, Breathing Bible

Transformation in London

Why I Believe in 24-Hour Days

Tsunami Survivors Flooded with Memories

The Dead Sea, Not So Dead After All

The Race to Seven Billion

The Earths Keep Coming

The Saint One with His Saviour

Feedback: Bully for Us?

The Bible and Evolution—Mixed Messages

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth

This Yeast Doesn’t Rise

The Sad Case of Sediba

Vestigial Structures—Leftover News

A Hitch in Time

Censorship Keeps Schools Safe for Darwin

The Permian Extinction—Quick and Global

Same Universe—Two Different Views


Was the Cross “Plan B”?

Does It Really Matter If Moses Wrote Genesis?

The Sequence of Christ’s Post-Resurrection Appearances

Right Replies to Right Requests

Keep Your Marriage from Going Stale

Contradictions: Not Enough Hours in the Day

Dei Gratia

The Door’s Still Open

News to Note

Popular Conservative Journalist Attacks Genesis and the Birth of Christ

Jesus No Phantom

24 Hours—Plain as Day

Lesser Yellow-Headed Vulture

Excerpt from Dr. Snelling’s Radiohalos Video

Dan Breeding and Buzz the Vulture (Video)

Compromised Creation

Think Well and Do Well

News to Note

A Singular but Needful Question

Excerpt from The Way of the Master

Feedback: Timeline for the Flood

A Most Needful Prayer Concerning the Holy Spirit

Done in a Day, but Wondered About for Ever

More Questions

Answers Bible Curriculum—For Sunday School and More

Caveman Confusion

Contradictions: Eve’s Birth Certificate

Beacons of the Deep

How Are Cavemen Different?

When Did Cavemen Live?

Who Were Cavemen?

Why Do We Hiccup?

Experiment: What You See Isn’t Always What You Get

New Discoveries of Order in the Sun

Sugar Beets—Farm-Fresh Deicers

The Origin of Oil—A Creationist Answer


Amazing Design in the Chemistry of Pregnancy

Evangelical Popes

The Only Missing Link—It’s Spiritual

Negotiations for Peace

News to Note

Feedback: Will the Real Shishak Please Stand Up?

The Unrivalled Eloquence of Jesus

Means for Restoring the Banished

The Unconquerable King

Contradictions: Was Jesus Wrong About Zechariah’s Father?

A String of Pearls

Letters from Ken

News to Note

Seeking for Jesus

Feedback: Home School Enrichment Magazine

The Profit of Godliness in the Life to Come

Ripe Fruit

Contradictions: Unacceptable Offering?

The Global Epidemic

News to Note

An Encouraging Lesson from Paul’s Conversion

Feedback: Gender-related Moral Implications of the Doctor to Patient Relationship

The Spur

The Way

From Dust to Dust

The Tender Compassion of the Lord

Contradictions: Do Rabbits Really “Chew the Cud”?

The Winnowing Fan

Feedback: I Can Do All Things

The Pilgrim’s Grateful Memories

A Good Soldier of Jesus Christ

The Repackaging of Darwin—Avoiding the Dreaded “E Word”?

News to Note

The Profit of Godliness in this Life

Feedback: Historical Fiction

A Blessed Wonder

The Sad Wonder

Bands of Love

Was Jesus Wrong? Peter Enns Says, “Yes”

Letters from Ken

Hebrew Metaphysic

Feedback: Is It a Sign?
Contradictions: Longevity or Countdown?

Angelic Studies

News to Note

How God Condemned Sin

Kepler’s Mission: To Boldly Seek Out Where Life Could Have Evolved

The Enns Justifies the Means?

Three Precious Things

Augustine on the Days of Creation

Contradictions: Mother Knows Best

Away With Fear

Death and Steve Jobs

News to Note

Feedback: Theophanies in the Old Testament

The Model Home Mission and the Model Home Missionary

A New Song for New Hearts

Martha and Mary

Contradictions: Did Jesus Go Up or Down the Mountain?

It’s a Sign!

The Answers All Around Us

News to Note

The Sine Qua Non

Contradictions: First Impressions

Taking God Out of the Equation

News to Note

Feedback: Radiometric Dating and Proof

Contradictions: Act Like a Child

Reaching Youth

Witnessing Your Worldview

Semper Fi—Teaching Teachers

Letters from Ken

Celebrating Christ’s Birth

News to Note

An Online Island of Truth

A Humdinger of a Challenge

A Fit Argument?

Cartoon:  Let There Be Truth

Riotous Living

Hawking Atheism

A Christian Terrorist?

Burned by Global Warming

White-Tailed Deer—All-American Athletes

A Fin with a Function

Archaeopteryx Has Flown the Coop

The Bible Is Clear: Adam Was a Historical Person

Hammurabi or Moses—Who’s the Authority?

Individual Sin Laid on Jesus

Feedback: More Timeline Twisting

Doesn’t Science Disprove the Bible

Gardening My Children’s Hearts

Jesus Only

Prepare to Meet Your God

Contradictions: Could Adam Eat from Any Tree?

Sincerity and Duplicity

Four for One, One for All

News to Note

Nathanael and the Fig Tree

Feedback: Timeline Twisting Texts

Backsliding Healed

Biblical Authority Discussion Questions

The Drive to “Keep Boating”

Time Traveling for Biblical Truth

Excerpt from Our Created Moon by Don DeYoung

The King Feasting In His Garden

Contradictions: Did Jesus Contradict Himself by Calling People Fools?

Beam Me Up!

News to Note

More Air Pressure Experiments

Excerpt From The Time Machine by Tim Chaffey

Thirty Years In: An Interview with Tom Vail

Excerpt from Dr. Menton’s Body of Evidence 8: Hearing Ear and the Seeing Eye Video

The Two Builders and Their Houses

Feedback: Do You Believe in Santa Claus? Read Carefully

Creative Destruction

Precious, Honourable, Beloved

An Amazing Ride

Readers Respond

The Day Superman Crashed

Battle over the Nephilim

Things to Flee

Butterflies on the Battlefield

A Sticky Solution

Self-Healing Concrete

Magnificent Motors

Power Plants

Bug Bots

God Invented It First

Real Time or “God’s Time”?

From One Flesh—Or Two?

New Ideas That Just Don’t Work

Flood Currents Frozen in Stone

My Bionic Ear

Experiment: Air Mass

A Generous Proposal

News to Note

Sinners Bound with the Cords of Sin

Work in Us and Work by Us

Method and Music, or the Art of Holy and Happy Living

Will I Be a Deserter?

The Glorious Hereafter and Ourselves

News to Note

Feedback: Ark Design

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Putting Away of Sin

Overwhelming Obligations

Tools of Persuasion for Creationist Students

Voices from the Excellent Glory

News to Note

Assured Security in Christ

Feedback: Creationist Students

Christ—The Fall and Rise of Many

The Soul’s Crisis

Footsteps of Mercy

Speaking Up or Keeping Silent in Science Class

Letters from Ken

News to Note

Feedback: Are the Laws of Logic Really Laws?

The Eye—A Similitude

Salt and Light

The Way Everlasting

News to Note

Safe Shelter

Feedback: Did Abram really lie?

The Upper Hand

Preach, Preach, Preach Everywhere

The Unrivalled Friend

Overcoming Doubt

A Word with Those Who Wait for Signs and Wonders

Body of Evidence

News to Note

The First Cry from the Cross

Feedback: Grand Canyon Elevation

Vessels of Honor

The Coming Resurrection

Walking in Truth

A Summons to Battle

Vessels of the House

Christ with the Keys of Death and Hell

The Sure Foundation

Creationist Students Armed for Battle

An Ear to the Master's Voice

Definition of Fasting

The Will of the Lord

Strong Consolation

The Name of the Lord

News to Note

"I Am" in the Pentateuch

A Serious Remonstrance

Shun Babblings

The Vital Force

How to Pray

The Bellows Burned

Rightly Divide the Word

Christ-Centered College Choice

What We Have Now in Christ

Real Grace for Real Needs

Good Courage

Letters from Ken

New to Note

Remember the Day of Rest

Feedback Flesh and Blood

That Old Serpent

The Silken Fetter

Too Hard for God?

Why Did God Create Such Terrible Teeth?

A Door Opened in Heaven

When God Repents

A Still, Small Voice

A Safe Perspective

Christ in Suffering and Triumph

Serving the Lord

The Sin of the Devil

Contradictions: When Was the Temple Veil Torn in Two?

Why Did Christ Die?

Help for Seekers of the Light

Walking in the Midst of the Sea

Thank You

They That Wait Upon the Lord

Pseudogenes Regulate Immune Responses in Humans

News to Note

The Turning of the Day

Plants Use Underground 'Fungal Internet' to Communicate

Armored Fish Fossils Rewrite Evolutionary Story

The First Love

Urgency & Opportunity: Poll Shows Evolving Trends

Multitudinous Thoughts and Sacred Comforts

Strive Not About Words

Whole Lizard Encased in Amber

A Final Word

No Darkness at All

Global Warming? Trees to the Rescue!

Feedback: The Trinity—A Non-negotiable Doctrine

Son of Man

Why High-Speed Throwing Is Uniquely Human

The Old Man Crucified

He Became Poor

Novel 'Junk DNA' Sequences Jumpstart Protein Production

The Believer a New Creature

Resisting the Devil

Taste Tests Confirm Cockroaches Change Preferences

The Former and the Latter Rain

Dinosaurs and Humans

Saints and Sinners

Catastrophe or Cataclysm

I will be taking a hiatus from TOL for awhile

If you could meet someone from TOL in real life who would it be?

One person you'd like to...

Does TOL draw and cater to Cultists/Heretics?

Plants Use Math to Ration Food Use

Exposing The Anointed
Language Families

Dividing Light from Darkness

Fox News interview turns Jesus book/author into sensation

Christ did not die for every man

Pope Canonizes 800 Beheaded by Muslims

Rolling Stone Glamorizes Boston Terrorist

Detroit files for largest municipal bankruptcy in US history

Do You Dispute that Humans Have Free Will?

Change You Can Believe In

Theology Club Question

If I owned TOL...

Military Censors Christian Chaplain Atheists Call for Punishment

Dear Rusha, Res is wrong

And Now For A Nice Thread About All Things Pleasant

The Internet is Real Life

I Like Bob Enyart

Food Stamp President

Resurrected's Posts to Rusha: Christian Witness or Malicious Harassment?

Surveillance State

Helen "Jews Should Go Back to Poland and Germany" Thomas Dead

Mary Alone Can Give Us Life?

Students sign petition to legalize abortion after childbirth

Abortion and Sexual Sin

We are a Nation of Illegal Immigrants

The Pope and the Devil

Pray the Rosary to Mary, the Mother of Life


Don't Mess with Texas

Two Popes Seek Ecumenical Unity

Minnesota School Changes Free Speech Policy

God's Sovereignty in Evangelism

Has the end game begun? Privately, senior Israeli officials now warning Iran war

Photographer in New Mexico Coerced on Conscience Matters

Baker Faces Jail Time for Refusing to Bake Cake for Sodomite Wedding

University Student Told to Remove or Hide Cross Necklace

Sodomites in Seattle

Obama Remark Complicates Military Sexual Assault Trials

Dispute over Sodomite Wedding Flowers Heads to Court

Regulating Child Killing

Biblical Authority Discussion Questions

The Perseverance of the Saints

Savor of Life or Death

Dr. John Whitcomb Honored for Genesis Flood Milestone

Eternal Life

T. rex—Fashioned To Be Fearless

The "Light" Equation

Flying Fish—Aquatic Flight Instructors

The Stars Forever

Gecko Feet—Best Foot Forward

True Freedom

Was Filet Mignon on Eden’s Menu?

New Twist in DNA Turns Heads, Genes

Look Back

Blind Faith

True Equality

The Moments of God

TOL Alternative Radio

Besides TOL what other websites do you frequent and why?

Most Popular TV commercial in the UK and Ireland

To Those Who Are “Almost Persuaded”

Things of the World

Things Present

Working Out Our Salvation

If I Perish

Contradictions: Livestock or “Deadstock”

To the Fourth Generation
Islam’s View of Sin and Salvation

Ison--The Comet of the Century

Experiment: Fast-Formed Fossils

Dennis Prager & the Kids Who Don't Feel Pain

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court

Women are not Teachers in the Body of Christ

Is This Site Anti-Gay? I'm Gay, But I Know God and Jesus Love Me!

Antibiblical Teachings of BioLogos

Throwing a Strike

I Dig Dinosaurs!

Free Desktop Dinosaur Wallpaper

Thou Shalt Not

The Gospel of Abraham’s Sacrifice of Isaac

DOMA Unconstitutional
Celebrating a Major Milestone
News to Note
Excerpt from Daniel Shayestah’s Book
Mature Faith—Illustrated by Abraham’s Offering Up Isaac
Feedback: From the Promise to the Exodus

Made in Christ

Dinosaurs in the Tree House

Young Men

Dragon Legends—Truths Behind the Tales

Prepared Hearts

Tearful Sowing and Joyful Reaping

The Meaning of "Day"


In a Moment

Readers Respond

Spiny Sea Creature Rapidly Accommodates Chemical Changes

He That Is Spiritual

Amazing Adventures with Buddy Davis

Jungle-Covered Ruins May Hold Surprising Hints

Things We Ought to Do

It’s an Ape..It’s a Human...It’s...It’s...a Missing Link!

Distant Dust Disk Mixes Fact with Fiction

Deep Calls to Deep 

Town Quixote's

What do you think of Paula Deen being fired from the Food Network?

Breitbart Dead

TOL Still Rocks

What public figure would you like to meet?

FBI Hides Drone Details


Life’s Ever Springing Well

Ten Years Later—Remembering 9/11

News to Note

Kids Love Heroes!

The Stone Rolled Away

What to Put On

Feedback: Gently Confronting Grandfather

Coming Like the Flood

Winnowing Time

The Proof of Obedience

Presidential Candidates on Creation vs. Evolution

Honoring Our Fathers

Contradictions: Generational Gaffe?

Broken Bones

Fossil Feather Colors Paint Recent Creation Picture

Asking in Jesus' Name

We Negotiate with Terrorists

Biggest protests in 20 years sweep Brazil

Mourning at the Sight of the Crucified

The Opened Prison

News to Note

New Fossil Book Won't Showcase Obvious Catastrophe

Love, Faith, Joy

Can We Present the Gospel in Any Circumstance?

Yet Not I

Feedback: Hilariously Illogical

Bewildering Pseudogene Functions Both Forwards and Backwards

Ye Which Are Spiritual

Chrysostom’s 2013 annual awards

TOL needs...

Christ our sacrifice, not our substitute

The Old Way of the Wicked

Follow the Eunotosaurus: An Evolutionary Shell Game?

Contradictions: Who Destroyed Sodom?

Running Downtown

Are you a "doer" or a "slacker"?

Fathers' sins

Debate(s) You Would Like To See Take Place

Sean Hannity On NSA Surveillance

Strength/weight training

Your All-Time Top Ten Bands

Myspace, Facebook, Whatever Comes Along Next?

'Keep your faith to yourself,' says IRS to pro-life group

Obama ‘Strongly Objects’ to Religious Liberty Amendment

The Fulness of Jesus the Treasury of Saints

Timely Reflections

News to Note

The Persistent Widow

Feedback: The Temple Cleansing

Every Day Usefulness

Fire—the Need of the Times

The Lamb's Book of Life

Contradictions: Balancing the Budget


The Truth in Us

A Sermon for the Most Miserable of Men

It Is Enough

Consistency and Inconsistency

Outlandish Claims for Missing 'Continent'

The Presence of the Lord

News to Note

The Moon's Latest Magnetic Mysteries

Biblical Giants

Nearness to God

State Dept Cover-Ups Range From Prostitution Charges To Drug Rings

Military told not to read Obama-scandal news

2013 NHL Playoffs

Bolivian villagers bury suspected killer alive

NSA collecting phone data on millions of people

Valedictorian Ignores Board Rule, Atheist Complaints...Audience Cheers

Feedback: Should I Disown My Daughter?

Soul Winning

How Does Christ’s Resurrection Impact Our Future?

Unsound Spiritual Commerce

Jesus Christ Immutable

Contradictions: When Did Jesus Cleanse the Temple?

The Rabbit Doesn’t Live There Anymore

Joyful Transformations

What Will Inevitably Happen to God’s Creation?

A Catastrophic Missing Link Problem

News to Note

Good Cheer for Christmas

Fellowship with the Father

Consecration to God—Illustrated by Abraham’s Circumcision

People Not Quite as Clever Anymore

Thine, O Lord

God Knows What We Don't Know

Justification by Faith—Illustrated by Abram’s Righteousness

Effectual Calling—Illustrated by the Call of Abram

The Real Presence & Transubstantiation

Christian Couple Allows Death of 2nd Child

Contradictions: Hanging on Pillars of Nothing?

The Angelic Life

Technology for Good and Evil

News to Note

Crowding to Touch the Savior

Feedback: How Long is a Day?

Do Not Sin Against the Child

The Head of the Church

Contradictions: Should Christians Pray in Public or Not?

Sins of Omission

All These Things—a Sermon with Three Texts

The Unequal Yoke

News to Note

Feedback: Questions About Satan

A Cheerful Giver Beloved of God

The Universal Remedy

The Lord’s Name and Memorial

Can Satan, Demons, and Angels Still Show Mercy and Have Feelings like Joy, Sadness, and Fear?

The Best Cloak

News to Note

The Altar

Feedback: Embryo Protection

How Populations Grow

Grey Hairs

The Perfuming of the Heart

Dying Daily

Is the Trinity Three Different Gods?

The Physicians Baffled, the Great Physician Successful

News to Note

Christ the Glory of His People

Feedback: Were You There?

The Sieve

The Heaven of Heaven

How Can we Stand on Scripture in an Evolution-Pushing Culture?

Noah’s Flood

The Panting Hart

All in All

News to Note

Genetic Recombination Study Defies Human-Chimp Evolution

Hope in Hopeless Times

Hitler Teapot

Feedback: Theistic Evolution

Working Out What Is Worked In

The Music of Hope

That I May Know Him

The Pleiades and Orion

The Faithful Saying

Why Should We Believe in the Inerrancy of Scripture?

Can This Dog Sniff Out Fossils?

Dependence Day

Common Core

Dirty Minds?

News to Note

The Widow of Sarepta

Feedback: Why Do Men Have Nipples?

The Wall Plastered with Untempered Mortar

Daniel’s Undaunted Courage

21 Bonus Articles—Best of the First 5 Years!

Life By Faith

Did Moses Write Genesis?

The Privileged Man

News to Note

Feedback: Huffing and Puffing at God’s Infallible Word

The Deep Seated Character of Sin

To You, Young Men

The Faithfulness of Jesus

The Approachableness of Jesus

What’s Wrong with the Framework Hypothesis?

Bringing the King Back

A Tsunami of Compromise

News to Note

At God's Good Pleasure

Good News for Loyal Subjects

Christian Freedom

What Is Sin?

Feedback: Outrageous?

The Whole Law

A Young Man’s Vision

Memory and the Holy Spirit

Daniel Shayesteh Video

More Egg Experiments

The Sexually Aggressive

Two Gospels Preached During the Acts Period?

Obama didn't salute back

Biblical Authority Discussion Questions

Resurrection with Christ

Apostolic Exhortation

What Is the Biblical View of Hope?

Remarkable Charges by a Christian Against the Ark Encounter and AiG

Israel’s God and God’s Israel

Noah’s Flood and Judgment

Solar-Powered Hornets

News to Note

Good Foretaste of Great Success

Feedback: Deceitful or Distinguishable Terms—Historical and Observational Science

DNA—The Language of Life

Warring for Peace

The Gospel of Peace

Is My Love for the Lord Real?

The Opened Heavens

Building Tomorrow’s Generation

Cicadas Make Great Mathematicians

The Woman Who Was a Sinner

Is TOL really Really Knight's Playground?

Muslim Fanatics Murder Off-Duty British Soldier in London

The Centurion’s Faith and Humility

Unity...At What Cost?

Counterfeit Christian College

Cincinnati—Built on a Fossil Graveyard

Frozen Alive!

Did Miracles Really Happen?

Jesus, the Example of Holy Praise

“Let There Be Light”

Three-Foot Oasis

Islam’s View of God and His Revelation

The Ultimate Team Players

More Soft Tissue in “Old Fossils”

Ready-Made Instincts

Big Blue


Making the Most of Your Hobbies

Opening the 10/40 Window

Asking the Right Questions

Many Christian Colleges Receive a Failing Grade

Homeschool Defense

Bedbugs Bite Evolution

Are Brains Shrinking to Make Us Smarter?
Cartoon: Let There Be Truth


Out of Israel?

Alarm Bells in School

God's Sovereignty

Shark GPS

On all the Heathen

A Giant Leap for Lucy

Judging Error

Beetle Mania

When We Abide in Christ

Readers Respond

Scientist Stumped by Actual Dinosaur Skin

Jurassic Omelet

Good Soldiers

Pope Francis caught on video performing strange ritual on fan

Any Black Brothers Post Here?

Our difference

Hotel bans kids with Down syndrome

Denver Bible is Buying a Church

Obstetrician's son charged with tricking girlfriend into taking abortion pill

Obama breaches Marine umbrella protocol

Special Protracted Prayer

They Have Their Reward

News to Note

Marketing Myostatin Inhibitors with Fake Science

Spots In Our Love Feasts

Budget request denied, Sebelius turns to health executives to finance Obamacare

Vitter: EPA FOIA scandal ‘no different than the IRS disaster’

Feedback: “The Search for the Historical Adam” and Population Genomics

Joshua’s Obedience

Joshua’s Vision

Is the Perpetual Virginity of Mary a Biblical View?

Jesus and the Lambs

How Do We Not Complain?

Hunt for the Ark

News to Note

Nearer and Dearer

Feedback: Circular Reasoning

How Can I Put Others Before Myself?

Do I Really Have to Love Church?

The Arrows of the Bow Broken in Zion

What About Polygamy in the Bible?

King’s Gardens

Lingerers Hastened

Being Bold in Capturing Young Minds for Creation

Creation’s Groans and the Saints’ Sighs

Feedback: Were the Plagues on Pharaoh Because of Abram and Sarai Unfair?

A Song, a Solace, a Sermon, and a Summons

The Great Mystery of Godliness

Astonishing Doctrine

The Rose and the Lily

Take Heed

News to Note

Scientists Broom Challenging Discoveries Beneath 'Contamination' Rug

Sermons from Saintly Deathbeds

Amnesty Bill

Abortion doctor convicted of 1st degree murder

Ask Knight II

To circumcise or not circumcise. What should Christian parents do?

Faithful Men

Feedback: The Source of Moral Absolutes

Long Complex Gene Tails Defy Evolution

The Elect Lady

U.S. government seized journalists' phone records

What Is the Desire of the Wicked?

Saving Knowledge

Christus Et Ego

How Were People Saved Before Jesus Came in the Flesh?

The Secret Mark

News to Note

God’s Foreknowledge of Man’s Sin

Feedback: Dating Techniques

Plain Words with the Careless

God of All Graces


A Song at the Wellhead

Evidence For and Against: Same Love

IRS Admits Targeting Conservative Groups; Apologizes

How Did We Get the Bible in English?

The Great Attraction

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A Sharp Knife for the Vine Branches

Feedback: Is the Ark Encounter a Waste of Money?

David’s Holy Wonder at the Lord’s Great Goodness

The Father's Love for the Son

Delay Is Dangerous

Are the Symbols and Customs of Easter of Pagan Origin?

Seeing Jesus

This Same Jesus

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Things Not Seen

The Water of Life

When to Pray

To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate Easter: That Wasn’t the Question

The Christian's Lifestyle: Our Relationships

Serving the Lord with Gladness

Results of Religious Compromise

A Prayer for the Church Militant

The Incredible, Edible '190 Million-Year-Old Egg'

The Strength of the Lord

The Echo

Modern Y-Chromosome Variation Surpasses Archaic Humans

Instantaneous Creation

Why Would We Be Considered the Most Pitiable?

Abortion: The Evolution Connection

Prerequisites for Christian Unity


Psychic's are always wrong

Is Zoo Worth Praying For?

Pope Determined to Seek Unity of all Faiths

Black Holes on TOL?  

A Response to Rome's Attack on Justification 

Cardinal Dolan Receives Evangelical Award

Who do you think would make a good TOL moderator?

What's the point in discussing biblical interpretation with you Catholics?

You Can't Find Jesus Outside the Pope's Church

Jesus Responds to the Exaltation of His Mother

Obama Blames U.S. For Gun Violence In Mexico 

Report: Pentagon May Prosecute Military Personnel Who Share Faith

Kids Killing Kids

Is the Name “Easter” of Pagan Origin?

Obama Cleanses Day of Prayer of Christianity

How reading the Bible itself helped make me an atheist

Gay Marriage Fight Is a ‘Lie’ to Destroy Marriage

Believing to See

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The One Way of Salvation

Feedback: Can We Know When Jesus Will Return?

Our Life, Our Work, Our Change

Songs of Deliverance

The Relationship of Marriage

Is the Date of Easter of Pagan Origin?

The Shrill Trumpet of Admonition

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The Sweet Harp of Consolation

Feedback: Why Did God Condemn Jehu?

Jesus Putting Away Sin

The Glorious Gospel of the Blessed God

Strong in Grace

Today I Ran Into a Coyote

Mixing Christianity with Judaism

In the Hay Field

Did the Resurrection Really Happen?


Did God Create Williams Syndrome?

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Online Apologetics Toolkit

Alive or Dead—Which?

Great Salvation Testimonies

Fulfilled Messianic Prophecies

Jesus Believed Every Event of the Old Testament

The Canon of Scripture

The Preservation of the Bible

My sinful confession

Is agape an action or an idea?

What are your credentials?

Let a dog show you how to love

The Better Hope

Feedback: The Maximum Date for Carbon 14

The Saint and the Spirit

Nazareth; Or, Jesus Rejected by His Friends

Chameleon Fun Facts

Creepy Crawly Plant Experiments

The King in His Beauty

Is Genesis 1–11 a Derivation from Ancient Myths?

The Christian's Lifestyle: Our Control

Dual Necessity: Apologetics and Evangelism

The Unseen Angels

Digging Behind the Headlines

Lessons to Learn
On-Site Apologetics

Coelacanths: Evolutionists Still Fishing in Shallow Water

More Than Conquerors

How Obama And FAA Scammed Us

Atheists who were once Christians?

Obama speech to Planned Parenthood

Close Confidante of Netanyahu Warns "It's now or never" for military strike on Iran

Creation and the Sciences

News to Note

Dinosaurs Swimming out of Necessity

The Righteous Holding on His Way

Have you Been Baptized?

Teach Effectively

Cultivating a Vision

Think Before You Tweet...and Other Tips for Social Media Evangelism

Evidences for a Global Flood—Grand Canyon

Biblical Authority Study Questions


Clear Intelligence

No Chinese Puzzle at All

Encountering Opposition

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth

Rigging the Numbers

Five More Earths?

Make This Valley Full of Ditches

Kicked Out of Two Homeschool Conferences

How Do I Know the Bible Is True?

Knowing You’re Saved

Mild & Wild Critters

The End of the Righteous Desired

How Do We Know that the Bible Is True?

The Unsearchable Riches of Christ
Letter from Ken Will You Be Bold for God’s Word and the Gospel?

Archaeological Finds

News to Note

Jesus at Bethesda; Or, Waiting Exchanged for Believing

How Does Jesus Fulfill Our Need to Meet with God?

Feedback: Kachina Bridge Dinosaur Petroglyph

Ephraim Bemoaning Himself

A Sermon to Open Neglecters and Nominal Followers of Religion

A Troubled Prayer

Is the New Testament Reliable?

Stephen’s Martyrdom

News to Note

Salvation Before the Cross

No Easy Answers

Body of Evidence

Readers Respond

Encouraged By Eve

Doxology to the King

Massive Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

The Good Deposit

The Sin Offering

Hold Fast

Feedback: Is Young Earth Creationism Divisive?

Plant Epigenome Research Negates Evolution

Do Not Grieve the Holy Spirit

Simple question, asked with sincerity

The Christian's Lifestyle: Our Wisdom

Life-Changing Power

Pseudogene Plays Important Role in Cell Cycle

Scientific Accuracy

Fulfilled Prophecy

Unity of the Bible

Holy Brethren

Claims of Divine Authorship

God’s Character

God—All in All

A Happy Christian

Is the Old Testament Reliable?

Alleged Alien Life in Meteorite

News to Note

Loving Advice for Anxious Seekers

Feedback: Logical Fallacies


The Dawn of Revival, or Prayer Speedily Answered

The Word and the Spirit

Eve’s Legacy—Hope Amid Despair Video

Evolutionists Scramble 'Fossil-Egg Evidence'

Fire-Chasing Beetles

Radical Evangelism

Good Cheer for the New Year

How Should We Interpret the Bible, Part 1: Principles for Understanding God’s Word

God Incarnate, the End of Fear

Life Eternal

Adam and Orthodoxy

A Flood of Memories

News to Note

A Message from God to His Church and People

Feedback: Original Sin

His Name—The Everlasting Father

The Root that Bears Wormwood

The Captive Saviour Freeing His People

The Last Enemy Destroyed

News to Note

The Gospel’s Healing Power

Feedback: Missing the Obvious

Praying in the Holy Spirit

The Standard Uplifted in the Face of the Foe

Pray for Jesus

Apologetics: Introduction

The Church Aroused

News to Note

Children’s Food Given to Dogs

Feedback: A Happy Medium?

A Savior Such As You Need

Soul Murder—Who Is Guilty?

War With Amalek

David: Little Guy or Mighty Man of War?

A Feast for Faith

Does the “New Perspective on Paul” Undermine a Historical Adam?

The Conclusion of the Matter

News to Note

Tragic Ignorance

The Great White Throne

Striking It Rich with 'Instant Gold'

Feedback: Is It Wrong to Interfere with the Pain of Childbirth?

Kicking Against the Pricks

The Blood of Abel and the Blood of Jesus

Heavenly Geometry

Where Does God Live?

Christians Should Never Offend Anyone 

Fields Ripe for Harvest

News to Note

The Voice of the Cholera

Feedback: Was Noah’s Ark Shaped Like a Box?

Where Is Contentment for a Christian Parent?

Hezekiah and the Ambassadors, or Vainglory Rebuked

Explosions at the finish of the Boston Marathon

Salvation Altogether By Grace

Does the Bible Condone Abortion?

What is the Value of our Children?

Peter's Three Calls

Seeing and Not Seeing, Or Men As Trees Walking

News to Note

Order and Argument in Prayer

Feedback: God’s Not Clear on Homosexuality?

God and the Australian Floods

Sin Condemned and Executed by Christ Jesus

Seeing Is Not Believing, But Believing Is Seeing

God’s Cure for Man’s Weakness

What Mean These Mastodons?

Turning Back in the Day of Battle

What They Know Is a Myth

News to Note

The Axe at the Root

Feedback: A Manger Misconception?

Sin Laid on Jesus

The Garden of the Soul

Bad Words Are Inherently Evil

Joy and Peace in Believing

An Immovable Foundation

Things to Keep

News to Note

A Lesson from the Great Panic

Feedback: Would Joseph’s Family Shun Mary?

Temptations on the Pinnacle

Sweet Savour

Messengers Wanted

Miscellaneous Misconceptions About Christmas

Eve Remembered

Where’s the Love?

Not All Fun and Games

Larger Than Life

Message of the Stars

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth

Attacks from Within

Dinosaur Doubts Down Under

Evolution in (In) Action

The Grand Designer

A Parting of the Waves

Slaying the Dragon Myth

The Christian's Lifestyle: Our Behavior

Obedience Better Than Sacrifice

Embryology Gene Control Confounds Evolution

Heedlessness in Religion

The Question the Roman Catholic Can't Answer

15 Year Old Young Woman Leaves Maryland Gun Control Politicians Speechless

The Creator in the Manger

Hope, Yet No Hope. No Hope, Yet Hope.

Don’t Alienate the Aliens

100% Questionable


Divine Gentleness Acknowledged

Together with Christ

Future Punishment a Fearful Thing

A Matter of Time

Strange Fire

Eyes Opened

Virgin Birth

News to Note

Have You Forgotten Him?

Feedback: Jurassic Spark?

Video Interview With Dr. John Whitcomb

Young Universe Video

Geri Campbell Video

The Amen

Praise Your God, O Zion

We Three Kings

Faith Versus Sight

Man’s Thoughts and God’s Thoughts

News to Note

He Is Able

Spring in the Heart

Beta-Globin Pseudogene Is Functional After All

Contradictions in the Bible?

Should assisted suicide be legalized?

Linkage: DIA "Bombshell" Assessment that North Korea May Now Have Nuclear Missiles...

Readers Respond 

The Mighty Arm

No Room for Compromise

Living Fossils

Biblical Authority Study Questions

Run to the Science

Training the Next Generation

Gambling—Don’t Bet on Chance

Fun with a Purpose

Sea Otters

Chronology Wars

Living Fossils

Galaxies—Unexplained Spirals

Blue Stars—Unexpected Brilliance

Exoplanets—Unpredictable Patterns

Telling Time with the Stars

Does the Gospel Depend on a Young Earth?

Reject Favoritism

Setting Up Camp After Babel

Fear the Right Fear

My Father’s Heart

Yeast Survive as They 'Fail to Optimize'

Remembering the Genesis Flood

Eyelids—Intermittent Wipers


Secret Sins Driven Out by Stinging Hornets

Hark! The Herald Angels Said?

The Ravens’ Cry

Seizing the Moment

Media Mania

The Reward of the Righteous

News to Note

Frost and Thaw

Open Heart for the Great Savior

Unity in Christ

Born in a Barn (Stable)?

Last Things

Holy Work for Christmas

Clearing Up Misconceptions: Introduction

News to Note

What is Our Hope?

Open House for All Comers

Feedback: The Definite Article

Early and Late, or Horae Gratia

Fallacies of the Modern Church Part 3

Walking in the Light and Washed in the Blood

Fallacies of the Modern Church Part 2

Consolation in the Furnace

Fallacies of the Modern Church Part 1

Two Loving Invitations

News to Note

The Great Arbitration Case

Feedback: Why Couldn’t Jesus Save ET?

Light, Natural and Spiritual


From the Dunghill to the Throne

Calling for Reformation

Satanic Hindrances

News to Note

Prevenient Grace

Feedback: Elisha, Little Children, and the Bears

The Great Itinerant

Memory—The Handmaid of Hope

A Blow for Puseyism

Letter from Ken

Jesus—The Shepherd

It’s an Attack on the Son

The Emotional Age Issue

News to Note

A Sermon From a Rush

Feedback: Modified Gap Theory

Judgment Threatening But Mercy Sparing

Songs for Desolate Hearts

Degrees of Power Attending the Gospel

The Second Law of Thermodynamics Began at the Fall

Heart’s Ease

News to Note

In Whom Do You Trust?

Feedback: Why Did God Create Apes with Human Features?

The Blind Man’s Earnest Cries

God’s Witnesses

No Tears In Heaven

God Created Things to “Look Old”

Withholding Grain

Letter from Ken

Confession Of Sin Illustrated By The Cases Of Dr. Pritchard and Constance Kent

News to Note

The Gospel’s Power in a Christian’s Life


Feedback: Is the Bible Authoritative and Inerrant?

Who Are Elected?

The Dove’s Return to the Ark

The Church’s Love for Her Loving Lord

There Was No Rain Before the Flood

Are You Prepared to Die?

Not Ashamed to Be a Creationist Student

Christians Kept in Time and Glorified in Eternity

Two Loving Invitations

News to Note

Consider Before You Fight

Feedback: Dinosaurs in the Lobby

The Believer Sinking in the Mire

The Holy Spirit Compared to the Wind

Religion and Politics—They Do Mix (And Often Rather Well)

Jericho Captured

A Glorious Church

Book Review: Reclaiming Genesis by Melvin Tinker

Justification and Glory

News to Note

The Waterer Watered

Feedback: Is God Selfish and Vindictive?

Jesus Appearing to Mary Magdalene

Present Privilege and Future Favour

Satan Considering the Saints

All in a Day’s Work

The Rivers and the Sea

Are You Teaching Discernment?

The Cross—Stumbling Block or Foolishness?

Homework for Parents

Outreach for Theologians

Picture This

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth

Lucy’s Great Grandfather?

Movie Review: The Genesis Code

Travelling Expenses on the Two Great Roads

“The Precious Blood of Christ”

A Warning Against Hardness of Heart

Answers Magazine Confronts Culture’s Ongoing Devaluation of Life . . . and Lots More!

News to Note

The Golden Key of Prayer

American Taliban?

The Impact of Dinosaur Extinction

Get a Life

ID’ed for a Imperfect Argument

Baby Brains

To Be or Not to Be

Creationists and the Courts

Feedback: Is God Deceiving Us?

The Great Physician and His Patients

The Christian's Lifestyle: Our Gifts

The Fires of Hell

Our Refuge

On writing: a thread for the aspiring and established

The Catholic Case Against Sola Scriptura

Christ Our Life — Soon to Appear

Ancient Fossil looks like Today's Acorn Worms

Special Call and the Unfailing Result

Who Here Has me on Ignore?

Adultery and Divorce

Therefore Abortion Must Remain Legal

Innocent Gays

Biblical Authority Discussion Questions

Human Depravity and Divine Mercy

The Power of Presentation

For Christ’s Sake

Letter from Ken

The Strong One Driven Out By a Stronger One

Human Trafficking

News to Note

Jesus Washing His Disciples’ Feet

Paper or Priceless?


Zechariah’s Vision of Joshua the High Priest

Feedback: Doesn’t the Bible Condone the Killing of One’s Rebellious Child?

God's Perfect Way

Logic for Dummies

Circular RNAs Increase Cell Bio-Complexity

The Great Privation: Or, the Great Salvation

The Pilgrim's Progress
Simple Answers

Readers Respond

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Knowledge Commended

If Humans Evolved from Apes, Why Do Apes Exist Today?

A Discourse for a Revival Season

True Unity Promoted

Truth for the Youth

Mary’s Song

Fossilized Footprints—A Dinosaur Dilemma

News to Note

Good Works in Good Company

The Man With the Measuring Line

Feedback: Will the World End in 2012?


The Smoke of Their Torments

High Level American Government Leaders Support Creationism

Living Wills and Other Advance Directives for Medical Care

Diatom Slideshow

Video Clip from Ken Ham’s State of the Nation DVD

Gamboling Gibbons

Gibbons Video

Video Clip from Jason Lisle’s Apologetics DVD

Living Wills—On the Edge of Euthanasia?

Fighting Abortion—The Measure of a Just Society

Rubber Chicken Leg

One Nation Under...?

The Dragons of Peru

Providential Provider

A Solemn Enquiry Concerning Our Families

Didn’t Darwin Call the Evolution of the Eye Absurd?

Life and Immortality

Closing the Gap

Diatoms—Living in Glass Houses

Faith vs. Reason

The Centurion: Of An Exhortation to the Virtuous

The Certainty and Freeness of Divine Grace

Two Visions

News to Note

Preparation for Revival

Feedback: Selecting a Subject

Canyon Rapids and Rapid Formations

Praying and Waiting

Barabbas Preferred to Jesus

An Awful Premonition

Didn’t a Fishing Boat Find a Dead Plesiosaur?

Inward Conflicts

No Country For Ol’ Creationists

The True Position of Assurance

Thus Says the Lord, or The Book of Common Prayer Weighed in the Balances of the Sanctuary

News to Note

How Should We Respond to the Authority of the Father?

The Backslider’s Way Hedged Up

Feedback: Do Genesis 1 and 2 Contradict Each Other?

Jesus Meeting His Warriors

The Prodigal’s Reception

God’s Strange Choice

Was Adam With Eve When She Spoke to the Serpent?

The Child Samuel's Prayer
Letter from Ken

A Mystery—Saints Sorrowing and Jesus Glad!

A Hearer In Disguise

News to Note

The Lamb—The Light

Feedback: Fallacious Refutations

Answers Academy Leader's Guide Links

The Restoration and Conversion of the Jews

Children Brought to Christ, and Not to the Font

Baraminological Analysis Places Homo habilis, Homo rudolfensis, and Australopithecus sediba in the Human Holobaramin: Discussion

God Is With Us

NASA Found Joshua’s Missing Day

God Pleading For Saints

A Bad Excuse Is Worse Than None

Let Us Go Forth

News to Note

Quiet Musing!

Feedback: Please Stop the Hate

Live(ly) Science Debate

The Pierced One Pierces the Heart

The Superlative Excellence of the Holy Spirit

Baptismal Regeneration

Laus Deo

Where is Noah's Ark?

Unbelievers Stumbling; Believers Rejoicing

News to Note

The First Five Disciples

The Arrows of the Lord

Feedback: Entertaining Evolutionists Everywhere

What God Cannot Do

Labor in Vain

General and Yet Particular

Women Have More Ribs Than Men

The Evolutionary Belief System

The Great Liberator

A Promise for Us and for Our Children

The Barley Field on Fire

The Mind of Christ

Feedback: When did time begin?

The Planck Data and the Big Bang

Pope Francis Annoying Traditionalist Catholics

Rick Warren Endorses Catholic Book

“Alas for Us, If You Were All, and Nothing Beyond, Oh Earth.”


Christ Is Glorious — Let Us Make Him Known

Were Giant Skeletons Found in the Desert?

A Bundle of Myrrh

Where to Find Fruit

News to Note

The Sinner’s Friend

Nothing but Leaves

Feedback: When Did Methuselah Die?

Enduring to the End

Election No Discouragement to Seeking Souls

Do You Know Him?

Arguments Christians Shouldn’t Use

Faith and Life

Smithsonian Exhibition—Deception and Atheism

The Ship on Fire — A Voice of Warning

News to Note

A Desperate Case — How To Meet It

Feedback: Did Michal Have Children or Not?

Forward! Forward! Forward!

Suffering and Reigning with Jesus

Alpha and Omega

The Holy Child, Jesus

Letter from Ken

Lessons from Lydia’s Conversion

Not Ashamed to Be a Creationist Pastor

Once a Curse but Now a Blessing

News to Note

Paul — His Cloak and His Books

Direction in Dilemma

Feedback: Why Did People Start to Have Shorter Lives After the Flood?

The Lambs and Their Shepherd

Heavenly Lovesickness!

Caleb — The Man for the Times

From Genesis to the Gospel

Encourage your Minister


Journey to the Extremes with Answers Magazine

Benhadad’s Escape — An Encouragement for Sinners

News to Note

The Mighty Power Which Creates and Sustains Faith

Feedback: Does Sand Prove Long Ages?

The Queen of the South, or the Earnest Enquirer

Thanksgiving and Prayer

Why Were Eve’s Eyes Not Opened Until Adam Ate?

The Warrant of Faith

The Chief of Sinners

How Long Were the Israelites in Egypt?

The Cedars of Lebanon

News to Note

Chastisement — Now and Afterwards

Feedback: What to Tell a Friend Who Believes in Evolution

The Red HeiferWhat Does It Mean That “the Word Became Flesh”?

No Illusion

Breath and Spirit

The Christian's Lifestyle: Our Calling

Obama's Easter Service: Pastor Attacks 'Captains of the Religious Right'

Am I Sought Out?

He Gave Himself

The Saint’s Horror at the Sinner’s Hell

The Blessed Man

What is the Gospel?

Once for All

U.N. Goes for Guns

How Many Gay Threads could a Closet Case Post in a Closeted Gay could Post Threads?

Mike Gendron Rebukes Rick Warren's Ecumenical Tweet

Dumbed-Down Doctrine

Transposable Elements Are Key to Genome Regulation

Born Again by the Word of God

About infractions

The Roman Catholic Church's Enormous Wealth

Observations of the First Jesuit Pope/A Humble Pope?

Canadian Creation Ministry

I Come Quickly

Preparing Hard Ground for Planting

Transposable Elements Are Key to Genome Regulation

Kid-Smart Teaching

Biblical Authority Discussion Questions

Creation to Christ in Twenty Minutes

An Agony to Read

Tiktaalik—Walking Off the Stage

Rewriting Evolution—Again

Interview with Ambassador Bolton

Cartoon: Let there be Truth

Evolutionary Train of Thought

From Death to Life

Mealtime in the Grain Fields
Antarctica—Dinosaurs on Ice

The Power of Aaron’s Rod

News to Note

Confession with the Mouth

Living Proof

Noah’s Ark Discovered Again?

Putting a New Face on Neanderthals

The Descent of Man

Decision, Decisions

Blessings of Obedience

Ape vs. Man

Skunks—A Design that Makes Scents

Believing with the Heart

The Bridgeless Gulf

The Rainbow

Was There Pain Before the Fall?

The Minister’s Stock Taking

The Sinner’s Advocate

Global Warming’s Solar Connection

Tell It All

News to Note

Feedback: Do We Want to “Eliminate” Other Beliefs?

The Young Man’s Prayer

A Precious Drop of Honey


Peace by Believing

Did the Serpent Tempt Eve While in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?

“Lead Us Not into Temptation.”

If Paul Were Around Today, Would He Argue Against Evolutionists?

Comfort to Seekers from What the Lord Has Not Said

The Power of Prayer and the Pleasure of Praise

News to Note

Feedback: Is Christian Orthodoxy a Cult?

The Teacher and His Words

Solid Food

Complexity of Cell's 'Molecular Shredder' Revealed

An Eternal Holy Calling

Along for the Ride

Readers Respond

Free Indeed

The Root of the Matter

Be An “Aunt Lois”

Forests in Antarctica After the Flood?

I Know that my Redeemer Lives

Death and Life in Christ

Were Angels Created in the Image of God?

A Jealous God

Grace Abounding

News to Note


The Clean and the Unclean

Feedback: Testing Worldviews, the Bible, and Doctrine

Exposing a Fundamental Compromise

Global Warming—Normal in an Abnormal World

Global Warming—When Politics and Science Collide

Deep Sea Vents

Mysterious Madagascar

Water Striders--Walking on Water

DNA in the Kitchen

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Water Bear Wonders

10 Lessons from an Atheist

The Gladness of the Man of Sorrows

The Procession of Sorrow

The New Song

How Long Did It Take for Noah to Build the Ark?

The Greatest Trial on Record

Why Don’t Many Christian Leaders and Scholars Believe Genesis?

The Betrayal

News to Note

Missing in Action


Magnified Mercy

Nominal Christians — Real Infidels

Feedback: Native Americans and the Bible

Why Study the Chronology of the Flood?

Our Stronghold

Is It Possible That God Could Love Someone Like Me?

Gracious Renewal

How Amazing Is God’s Grace?

Broad Rivers and Streams

Leading Atheists Display Their Bias

Is God Capable of Forgiving the “Worst of Sins”?

The Voice from Heaven

A Tempted Saviour — Our Best Help

The Sinner’s End

News to Note

Has Life Been Created in a Lab?

Feedback: Look Only at Spiritual Fruit?

No Room for Christ in The Inn

Who’s Running This Place?

The Lord, — The Liberator

Life And Walk Of Faith

When Does God Turn Up?

The Royal Pair in Their Glorious Chariot

Questions about the Tree of Life

A Drama in Five Acts

The Church and the Global Genesis Flood

A Message from God for You

News to Note

Christian Sympathy

Feedback: The Big Cover-up?

Christ — Perfect Through Sufferings

How Does the Immutability of God Affect Us?

Never! Never! Never! Never! Never!

Citizenship in Heaven

Why Is God’s Character Important?


Didn’t the Curse Prevent Overpopulation?

Faith Omnipotent

Good News for You

News to Note

Believers — Lights in the World

Christian Compromises With Old-Earth Geological Theories

Global Warming

Distribution of Plants and Animals

Feedback: Back to the Future?

“Accepted in the Beloved”

The Messenger of the Covenant

What Do You Mean, Oh Sleeper?

What a Difference One Word Makes

Ezekiel’s Deserted Infant

Flesh and Spirit — A Riddle

Answers for Kids Teacher’s Resource Page

Separation of Christianity and State

Exercises in Futility

The Loaded Wagon

The Holy Spirit Glorifying Christ

News to Note

A Sermon for Gleaners

Feedback: A Creationist in a Public School

Deluged with Inquiries About the Ark

Christ’s Servant—His Duty, snd Reward

He Is the Owner

Creation — An Argument For Faith

Has Noah’s Ark Been Found?

Am I Clear of His Blood?

How Long Ago Was the Curse?

Faith and Repentance Inseparable

A Sermon for Men of Taste

News to Note

The Friend of Sinners

Religion — Reality!

The Stony Heart Removed

Earth Day—A Creationist Perspective

“The Love Of Jesus, What It Is—No One Except His Loved Ones Know”

ARJ: Past, Present, and Future

Sunshine in the Heart

When Did Adam and Eve Rebel?

Compassion for the Multitude

Not Ashamed, “Here I Stand”

The Lord’s Care for His People

News to Note

Choice Portions

Exhortation and Greeting

Feedback: Weaved Together in the Womb?

Seminary Prof. Resigns Over Pro-Evolution Comments

Joseph and His Brethren

Another and a Nobler Exhibition

God’s Estimate of Time

Did Abel Eat the Meat of the Sacrifice?

The Old, Old Story

Get Answers to the 10 Basic Questions

Resurrection—Christ the Firstfruits

The Portion of the Ungodly

News to Note

Re-writing Human Evolution—Again?

The Two Draughts of Fishes

Feedback: Ashamed of “I Am Not Ashamed”?

God’s Will and Man’s Will

The Elders Before the Throne

Cheer for the Faint Hearted

Shouldn’t Eve Have Been a Clone of Adam?

Power, Love, and a Sound Mind

The Danger of Doubting

Higgs Boson Confirmed: Separating Fact from Hype

God or Self—Which?

A Sight of Self

News to Note

A Sermon for Spring

Feedback: Not So Common Descent

Obtaining Promises

A Necessary Conclusion

Threefold Sanctification

Inherit the Wind

Beams Collide Today in Expensive Hadron Collider

Life in Earnest

If God Is Holy and Good, Why Is the World Unholy and Fallen?

This One’s Going to be Special!

A Voice from the Hartley Colliery

A Secret and Yet No Secret

News to Note

The Two Advents of Christ

Evolution Professor Receives Spirituality Award

Grace Exalted—Boasting Excluded

Feedback: Tough Questions about the Flood

A Cure for Care

King of Kings and Lord of Lords

A Psalm for the New Year

The Obedience of Christ

Just a Minute

The Royal Death Bed

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10 Basics Every Creationist Must Know: Detachable Chart

Too Good To Be True! A Paradox!

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Who the smartest theologian here on this forum?

Why Homosexuality MUST Be Recriminalized! Part 2

Has US 'Red Line' On Syria Been Crossed?

Homeschooling: The Empire Strikes Back

White House map 'erases' Jerusalem, biblical territories

God’s First Words to the First Sinner

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10 Verses for Discouraged Teachers

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God’s Continuing Work in Haiti

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Prayer Prevails over Planned Parenthood

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Muslims—Creationists’ Friend?

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10 Basics Every Creationist Must Know

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Your Legs Are on Backwards

Genesis and Biblical Womanhood

Sea Urchins—The Daily Grind

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Is Original Sin (Sin Nature) Passed through the Father’s Genetic Line?

Fire! Fire! Fire!

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“Even So, Father!”

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The Church—Conservative and Aggressive

Trust in God--True Wisdom

The First Resurrection

Why Do We Get Punished for What Adam Did?


The Real State of the Nation

The Final Perseverance of Believers in Christ Jesus

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Particular Redemption

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Human Depravity


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Was Satan the Actual Serpent in the Garden?

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Christian Baptism

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Shouldn’t the Woman (Eve) Have Been Shocked that a Serpent Spoke?

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Public Meeting of Our London Baptist Brethren

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The Interest of Christ and His People in Each Other

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Christ Set Forth as a Propitiation

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Did the Serpent Originally Have Legs?

Avatar—A “Spiritual” Experience

Defending Against Korean Nukes

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The First Sermon in the Tabernacle

Update on Nightline Program on Creation Movie

Opening Service of the Metropolitan Tabernacle

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The Great Supreme

The Silver Trumpet

Satan, the Fall, and a Look at Good and Evil


The Shulamite’s Choice Prayer

Tragedy in a Godless Universe

The Glorious Right Hand of the Lord

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None but Jesus—Second Part

“I Am Not Ashamed”

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None but Jesus


Bringing Relief

The Tabernacle—Outside the Camp

The Earnest of Heaven

Science and Biblical Authority

The Christ of Patmos

Words of Expostulation

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Portraits of Christ

A Sermon for the Week of Prayer

Feedback:  Not Sound Logic

The Cleansing of the Leper

A Merry Christmas

New Advice Column is Based on Evolutionism

A Blow at Self-Righteousness

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Consolation in Christ

Preaching! Man’s Privilege and God’s Power

Divine Power--Divine Nature

The Wailing of Risca

Behold the Lamb

So, What Are the ‘7 C’s’ Anyway?

The Quick and the Dead

All Sufficiency Magnified

Triceratops Horn Soft Tissue Foils 'Biofilm' Explanation

Reality Check

Self-Sufficiency Slain

Tender Words of Terrible Apprehension!

A Basket of Summer Fruit

Uncover Fossil Mysteries in Answers Magazine

Grace Reviving Israel

The High Priest Standing Between the Dead and the Living

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The Hands that Created the World—Made the Hands that Were Now Holding Him

The Sons of God

Love for Jesus

The Stones Cry Out

Sin Slain

Was Jesus Born in a House?

Struggles of Conscience

What Does Christmas Have to Do with Creation?

A Single Eye and Simple Faith

Man’s Weakness, and God’s Anointing

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Three Homilies from One Text

Feedback: Could Jesus Inherit the Kingdom?

The Proceedings of the Great Meeting in The Metropolitan Tabernacle

Reigning Grace

Christ’s First and Last Subject

Wintertime Worship: Santa Claus or Jesus Christ?

True Prayer—True Power!

An Amazing Journey!

Vessels Of Mercy

Everywhere and Yet Forgotten

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Incredible Charges that the Creation Museum promotes “Terrorism” and “Child Abuse”

Constraining Love!

Effects of Sound Doctrine

Vile Ingratitude!

A Divine Challenge!

More Than a Revolution

The Jeer of Sarcasm, and the Retort of Piety


Special Thanksgiving to the Father

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The Humility Factor

Sea Monsters

Solve the Mystery of Life

Losing Any Remaining Vestige

Sign of the Times

Believe It or Not: Design in the Smokies!

Creation Evangelists in the Most Unlikely of Places

Reality Check

A Trickle-Down Approach

Creation in the Lions’ Den

“Alternative Universe” Wins the Gold

Building Blocks for Truth

High Doctrine

Lord of the Ringmasters

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth

Meet “Ardi”

Feedback: Hermaphroditism

Characteristics of Faith

Symbol of a Lost Life

A Flash for Geologists

New Clues from Man’s Best Friend

Getting Closer to Down Under

Monster’s Ink

Order in the Fossil Record (Video)

A Sense of Pardoned Sin

Biblical Authority Discussion Questions

Radiometric Dating: Foe to Friend (Video)

Does Radiometric Dating Prove the Earth is Old? (Video)

Look for Fossils in Your Backyard

Beech Leaf Folding Project

Was the Bible Simply Written By Men?

The Teaching of the Holy Spirit

Creationist Receives PhD

Peace at Home, and Prosperity Abroad

Terrible Convictions And Gentle Drawings

Personal Service

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The Beginning, Increase, and End of the Divine Life

Thanksgiving: A Traditional American Holiday

Feedback: Giving Thanks

Christ—Our Substitute

Full Redemption

Mystery Rock

Parable of the Sower

Genesis, Wifely Submission, and Modern Wives

Talking on a Watermelon

Knee High and Hands-On

Maturing the Message

Mapping out the Truth

Five: Tracks But No Trilobites

Cursed Plants (Video)

Four: Amazingly Preserved Leaves

Three: Without a Leg to Stand On

Two: Those Not-So-Dry Bones

One: Life’s Unexpected Explosion

Five Fossil Mysteries...

Stumbling Stones or Stepping Stones

Pint-Size Predators

Space-Age Leaves

Compulsory Evolution Education in UK’s Primary Schools Proposed

Importance of Small Things in Religion

Engaging Our Children


Dinosaurs--Living Large

Separating the Precious from the Vile

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Memento Mori

Feedback: Nothing Borrowed

Election And Holiness

Jesus About his Father’s Business

The Winds of the World

A Blast Of The Trumpet Against False Peace

Living Waters

Making the Evolution Pill Easier to Swallow, Part 3

Made in Christ

Spiritual Peace

Giant Salamander Suction Compared to Jet Car

What was Missing on 60 Minutes Sunday Evening?

Christ Hating Gospel Rejecting Religions

Sin Immeasurable

Mr. Evil Questioning Tried and Executed

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A Revival Sermon

Feedback: A Righteous Lie?

The Treasure Of Grace

A Home Question

Christian Theodicy in Light of Genesis and Modern Science

NOVA = NO Viable Answers (on Human Origins)

The King’s Highway Opened And Cleaned

The Children Are the Key

Making the Evolution Pill Easier to Swallow, Part 2

A New Year’s Benediction

A Christmas Question

The Inexhaustible Barrel

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The Minister’s Farewell

Feedback: Authority and the Supernatural

"Let us pray."

Grand Canyon

Dilemma And Deliverance

Unbecoming of Humans

Woman’s Memorial

The Sweet Uses of Adversity

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Christ’s Estimate of His People

The Saviour’s Many Crowns

The Chaff Driven Away

Come and Welcome

Grieving the Holy Spirit

The Sunday School Syndrome

The Blood of the Everlasting Covenant

A Divided Heart

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“Ida”: What’s the Story Now?

Who Can Tell?

Feedback: Leaving Creation Behind

Paul’s Desire To Depart

Christ Triumphant

Point and Click—and Pick an Event at Your Church

Limiting God

Where Do We Draw the Line?

Faith Illustrated

Evening Meeting

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The Ceremony of Laying the First Stone of the New Tabernacle

The Tabernacle of the Most High

Dinosaur Confusion

The Blind Beggar

Anti-creationist Professor Inadvertently Reveals the Truth of Scripture

How Saints May Help the Devil

“Man . . . That Was Radical!”

The Story of God’s Mighty Acts

Distinguishing Grace

The Call of Abraham

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An Earnest Invitation

The One Real God

Feedback: The Evolution Circus

Washing Machines on Mars

A Home Mission Sermon

Personal attacks at TOL

What are your plans for retirement?

After Aurora: How Mayor Bloomberg Planned to Make the Next Massacre Count

His Name—The Mighty God

The Scales of Judgment

Logical Fallacies: Formal Fallacies

The Believer’s Challenge

Justice Satisfied

The Wounds of Jesus

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Meet “Ardi”

A Psalm of Remembrance

Feedback: Logic and the Garden

Holy Violence

Limitations on God's Promises

War! War! War!

The Necessity of the Spirit’s Work

Wired for Extremes

Joel Rosenberg's Latest Tome Remains Eerily Prophetic On Rising Tensions Between Israel And Iran

Logical Fallacies: Straw-Man Fallacy

A Vision of the Latter Day Glories

Little Sins

Does Church Need Change?

The Best of Masters

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Creation in the Making

Mr Fearing Comforted

Feedback: The Collapse of the Canopy Model

The Way to God

Anything But Simple

The Bed and Its Covering

Weak Hands and Feeble Knees

Christ Precious To Believers

Logical Fallacies: Faulty Appeal to Authority

Predestination and Calling

Wonders of the Human Body

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Prayer Answered, Love Nourished

Feedback: The Burden of Evidence

Jacob and Esau



The “Quest” for Kids

The Shameful Sufferer

Logical Fallacies: Ad Hominem

The Fainting Warrior

Grain in Egypt

The Finger of God

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The Sin of Complaining

Free Grace

Evidence Doesn't Fade from Colorful Fossils

Are (Biblical) Creationists “Cornered?”

Fellowship week?

Karzai Accuses U.S. of Taliban Collusion as Hagel Visits

God save the Queen

World's Largest Statue of Mary Unveiled

Prophecy Today Interview w/Mike Gendron

War on Women: Rape survivor dissed by CO politicians

Feedback: The Logic of Belief

Perfection in Faith

Faith in Perfection

The Vanguard and Rearguard of the Church

Video Segment of Dr. Purdom's Presentation on the Wonder of the Cell


The Blood

Logical Fallacies: Bifurcation


Compel Them to Come In

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False Prophets and True

The Feast of the Lord

The Flame of Gifts

Video Interview with Al Mohler

Tragic Lot

Two Chapters from Already Gone by Ken Ham

The Appendix: A Thorn in Evolution's Side?

Living Truths

Video of Eugene, the Eurasian Eagle Owl

Remembering Dr. Duane T. Gish, Creation's 'Bulldog'

Three in One

CrossTalk Radio interview regarding Benedict XVI Resigning

Very Good

Modesty Quiz

History Channel Unveils Notable Miniseries 'The Bible'

A Vivid Contrast Between Peter and Benedict

John MacArthur Critiques the Catholic Church

The Bible: History Channel series

Payday lenders expected to face stricter rules

Seeing God Underground

Bringing the Beginning to Bible Clubs

Is English your first language?

Teaching Modesty in an Immodest World

Darwin Comes to Hollywood

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth

A Creationist Uncovers the Truth

Fallible Research

Made in China

Is Everyone a Creationist?

Flu Away

Will This Idea Survive?

Reef Belief is Challenged

At a Snail’s Pace

Much Ado about Ida

Proclaiming the Creator in the Land of Many Gods

Feedback: How to Respond to a “Repeat Offender”

Satan’s Banquet

How to Talk to an Atheist


Creation on the Job

Concise Answers on Video

Night Stalker

Readers Respond

Vitamins for the Mind


Biblical Authority Discussion Questions

Saving the World Begins at Home

Samson Conquered

Who Am I Anyway?

Making Science Fun

Pope Provides Great Witnessing Opportunities

Grace, Mercy, and Peace

What criteria do you use for patronizing businesses and companies in every day life?

Observation Thread of TH

Handling Stress

What Would Jesus Eat?

One Leg Up On Architects




The Search for Alien Life

Reaching Twenty-Somethings

Without Form and Void

Going, Going...Gone

Much Yet to Do

The Evil and Its Remedy

The Dark Valleys

The Human Body Wired for Extremes

Jesus Sees and Cares

The Christian’s Heaviness and Rejoicing

Iran's "Plan B" for a Nuclear Bomb

Comfort Proclaimed

Logical Fallacies: The Complex Question

God’s Barriers Against Man’s Sin

An Appeal to Sinners

News to Note


Feedback: A Creationist in the Classroom—Goals and Strategies 

Declension From First Love

Confession and Absolution

His Name—The Counsellor

Microbe Forum 2 

His Name—Wonderful!

Logical Fallacies: The Fallacy of the Question-Begging Epithet

The Fatherhood of God

Moles Can Smell in Stereo

The New Heart

In the Spirit

News to Note

The Voice of the Blood of Christ

Feedback: Fallible Men Writing an Infallible Bible? 

“As Your Days, So Shall Your Strength Be.”

The Way of Salvation

Evolution and God

It’s Never Too Early!

Righteous Hatred

Logical Fallacies: The Fallacy of Begging the Question

Sovereign Grace And Man’s Responsibility

Everyone’s Sermon

News to Note

A Lecture for Little Faith

Feedback: Becoming a Creationist Geologist

The Mission of the Son of Man

The Sympathy Of The Two Worlds

The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus

Surviving Secular College

The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

The Wicked Man’s Life, Funeral, and Epitaph

No More Tears

Logical Fallacies: The Fallacy of Equivocation

A Free Salvation

City Wants Power to “Disarm Individuals” During Crisis

Gun Manufactures Consider Moving out of Liberal States

The Heavenly Race

Moral or Sanctimonious

News to Note

Buying a Gun? States Consider Insurance Rule

By His Doing

The Spies

Pigeon Study Confirms Creation

Stop The Nonsense: Sequester Won’t Hurt

My job as moderator on TOL

Feedback: Is the Bible Incomplete?

A Present Religion

Looking To Jesus

Human Responsibility

The World Turned Upside Down

Logical Fallacies: The Fallacy of Reification

The Cure for Spiritual Weariness

The Sunday School Teacher—A Steward

John the Baptist and Jesus

Christ Glorified as the Builder of his Church

Grace upon Grace

News to Note

True Worship

The Desolations of the Lord, the Consolation of His Saints

'Talking' Ants Are Evidence for Creation

Emblems of the Holy Spirit

Feedback: Should Christians Put Aside Biblical Authority

Possible Human Artifact Found in Coal


TOL Traffic Stats

Maine governor signs concealed-carry measure

64 Drone Bases on American Soil

Joe Biden: buy a shotgun, not an assault rifle, to protect your home

What do you think he meant when he said this?

Not Enough Evolutionism Indoctrination for English Primary School Children?

Where's the Fence?        

The Cry of the Heathen

The Redeemer’s Prayer


Psalm 104:6-9—the Flood or Day 3 of Creation Week?

Logical Fallacies: Introduction

The Form and Spirit of Religion

The Great Revival

The Glorious Gospel

News to Note

Durham’s Grand Canyon

Feedback: Digging up Dirt on Ida?

The Solar Eclipse

Human Inability

Particular Reaction

From Ancient Dinosaurs to Biblical Truth

How to Keep the Heart

The Ultimate Proof of Creation

The Great Reservoir

The Work of the Holy Spirit

God, The All Seeing One

News to Note

Feedback: Where’s the Evidence of Dinosaur and Human Coexistence?

The Prodigal's Return

The Two Talents

A Call to the Unconverted

Self-refuting Skepticism

The Death of Christ

Contradictions: Face to Face

Search the Scriptures

The Results of Evolution

Paul’s Sermon Before Felix

The Immutability of Christ

News to Note

300 Years Before Darwin

Feedback: Is Apologetics in Vain?

"What Have I Done"

The First Christmas Carol

The Holy Spirit and the One Church

The Destroyer Destroyed

The Warning Neglected

Contradictions: An Extra Cainan?

Did Noah Need Oxygen on the Ark?

The Loved Ones Chastened

News to Note

Awake! Awake!

Feedback: The Limits of Science

The First and Great Commandment

The Security of the Church

Light at Evening Time

Inspection of Homeschooling

The True Christian’s Blessedness

Signed, Sealed...But No Longer to be Delivered

Contradictions: Three Days and Nights


Your Redeemer

News to Note

Fear Not

Fast Day Service

Feedback: Do Chinese Characters Support Genesis?

The Effects of the Curse

The Mysteries of the Brazen Serpent

Already Gone

Things that Accompany Salvation

The Condescension of Christ

Greeted by a Mastodon

Biblical Authority Questions

Contradictions: Sleeping in the Temple?

India's Ills and England's Sorrows

Material Signs of Maturity

Independence of Christianity

News to Note

Five Fears

A Good Day Ruined

The Sound in the Mulberry Trees

The Good Man's Life and Death

Love Your Neighbor

Why Recent Creation?

Waiting Only Upon God

Is There an Ultimate Proof of Creation?

Contradictions:  Two Creation Accounts?

A Preacher from the Dead

The Impact from the Fall


News to Note

A Simple Sermon for Seeking Souls

Feedback: Logic or Faith

Birds Did not Evolve from Dinosaurs, Say Evolutionists 

Christ Lifted Up

“Designed to Kill in a Fallen World”

Bloomberg: 'Yes' to Drugs 'No' to Styrofoam

Watch and Pray

"UK Schools OK for Creation"

Faith in All the Ages
"Losing Out in Louisiana"

The Call of the Twelve
"From the Mountaintops"

The Lively Oracles
"Paradise Found?"

Deer in Black and White

"Globe Trotting Sands"
"Freedom of Choice Act"

Prayer–The Forerunner of Mercy

Mercy, Omnipotence, and Justice

Here We Stand—We Can Do No Other!

Israel in Egypt

Coming to Grips with Genesis in the Classroom
Contradictions: As Easy as Pi: Does the Bible make a mistake in claiming that pi equals 3?

Presumptuous Sins

Elijah’s Appeal to the Undecided

News to Note

Heavenly Rest
Feedback: Testing the Shroud of Turin

Christ—The Power and Wisdom of God
The Evolution of Darwin

Biblical Truths Across Continents
Sending Truth to the Front Lines
Sun, Sand, and Dinosaurs
Turn Summer Fun Into Evangelism
Salvation of the Lord

Battling Cancer One Character at a Time

First-of-Its-Kind Program for Creation Geologists

Freedom of Choice Act

The Survey Says...

Losing Out in Louisiana
UK Schools OK for Creation

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth
No Brain Drain
From the Mountaintops

Sponges Squeezed Out of First Place

Paradise Found?

Resistance to Evolution

Globe-Trotting Sands

Readers Respond: Evolution on Vacation

The Curse’s Significance

“Quieter Than a Speeding Bullet”
“Stem Cell Research”
“The Splendor of Thorns”

“The Most Horrific Graveyard in the World”

"Demons on a Leach"

“Why Do God's Children Suffer?”  
“Lessons from the Fall”

Chapter from Joni Eareckson Tada’s new book
Unexpectedly Vegetarian Animals—What Does it Mean?

David’s Dying Prayer

The Uses of the Law

Spiritual Resurrection

News to Note
Justification by Grace

Snakes Alive!

Thorny Pigs

Dan Breeding and Prickles, the African Crested Porcupine

Would you listen to a Woman Pastor?

Feedback: Having It Both Ways?

The Fruitless Vine

Evil at God’s Hand

Love in the Old Testament
The Snare of the Fowler

Why Did God Create Mankind if He Knew Man Would Sin?

A Different View of Natural Selection

Quieter Than a Speeding Bullet

Stem Cell Research—Lifesaving Alternatives

The Search for a Cursed Cosmos

The Splendor of Thorns

The Most Horrific Graveyard in the World

Demons on a Leash

Seven Days
Opportunities to Shine

The Gospel of Prosperity

Why Do God’s Children Suffer?

Youthful Solar System Bodies Puzzle Evolutionary Scientists

Savage: Sacrificial SEALs

Divinely Designed Defenses

Designed to Kill in a Fallen World

Good Designs Gone Bad

Design in the Curse

Lessons From the Fall

Particular Election

Mind Control

Christ About His Father’s Business

Fruit-Bearing Christians

Video Conference Ministry—Who are We?

Not Yet

Contradictions: How Did Judas Die?

Greetings from Peter

The Leafless Tree

The I Will's Of Christ

A Faithful Friend

Hating Knowledge

News to Note

Do New Measurements Confirm Big Bang Predictions?

Tiths and Offerings

Rahab’s Faith

Strong Evidence for Life on Mars?

From Darkness to Light
Feedback: Talking Snakes and Magical Trees

Muscle Motion Discoveries Challenge Evolutionism

'Cataclysmed' with Water

The Blood Shedding

Scientists Get Glimpse Into Infant Language Learning

Muscle Man

Why is the Pope resigning?

What Did You Accomplish on TOL Today?

Ida (Darwinius masillae): the Real Story of this “Scientific Breakthrough”

Mary to Convert Muslims to Catholicism?

What if Jesus Really Meant What He Said?

Hillary’s Trivial Tenure

At prayer breakfast, Obama bemoans D.C. rancor: 'It's like we didn't pray'

Proof the ESV, NIV, NASB etc. are Vatican Versions

Dear Knight please rectify an inequity

Baptism Unites Catholics and Protestants

Millions Seek to Touch Statue of Jesus

Magdalene Laundries

First City to Ban Drones in Sky

If you could trade places with anyone and be them instead of yourself, would you do it, if yes, who and why?

Honey do this--Honey do that list

My niece...

Superbowl - Ravens vs. 9'ers

Pope Calls for Unity for the Sake of Missions

Inflation Fear: Argentina Freezes Food Prices

What is Lust?

Lovest Thou Me?

Secret Sins

Ida (Darwinius masillae): the Missing Link at Last?

Why Are Men Saved?

Speaking of the Creation Museum

Super Rats “Evolving” in Britain

Contradictions: The Unforgivable Sin

Preaching for the Poor

Confession of Sin

The War of Truth

News to Note

A Mighty Saviour

Feedback: Just Another Book?

Heavenly Worship

Going Home—A Christmas Sermon

The Question of Fear and the Answer of Faith

How Old Does the Earth Look?

Contradictions: Crossed Messages

An Evolutionless Earth?

Wrong on Two Counts


Holy Conversation

Turn Or Burn

News to Note

The Indwelling Christ


Speaking the Truth in Love

Al Gore's 15 lines of evidence for global warming

Suicide bombing at US Embassy in Turkey kills 2

Feedback: Are We Hiding Other Views?

Love’s Commendation

Christ in the Covenant

False Professors Solemnly Warned

The Exaltation of Christ

A Mammoth Discovery

Contradictions: Too Close for Comfort

The Comer’s Conflict With Satan

The Duty of Remembering the Poor

News to Note

Making Light of Christ

Feedback: Science and the Inquisition

Pride and Humility

The Christian–A Debtor

The Day of Atonement

Swine Flu—Cause for Concern?


Contradictions: Mixed Prophets

God in the Covenant

Profit and Loss

Christ Exalted

News to Note

Men Chosen–Fallen Angels Rejected

Feedback: Impossibly Old?

Hatred without Cause

Go (Truly) Green

God's Everlasting Covenants

The Plea of Faith

Jesus and the Flood

Another Cup of Coffee

Cities of Refuge

The Majestic Voice

Incorruptible Things

What Does It Mean to Be “Saved”?

Everlasting Contempt

“If You Don’t Matter to God, You Don’t Matter to Anyone”

Another Cambrian Discovery Discredits Evolution

The Summary of Divine Grace

Contradictions:  Accounts Payable

Do People Live Longer among Trees?

What do you collect?

Can you pay to upgrade my TOL membership

Nick M is an enemy of the gospel of God's grace

The Fire of God

Unimpeachable Justice

New Dinosaur Tracks Study Suggests Cataclysm

Intelligent Surveys

The Face of Jesus Christ

Sheriff: Don't wait for police, arm yourselves

Boy Scouts Reconsidering Excluding Sodomites

Nori's pick 1/28/2013

Sheriffs won't enforce gun proposals

What keeps you coming back to Theology Online?

Obama Threatens Fox News, Limbaugh

What does it take to survive on TOL, and can you predict those who will?


Pentagon ends ban on women in frontline combat
News to Note

Salvation to the Uttermost

Feedback: Imagine No Creator


Indwelling Sin

New Technology Reveals More Genome Complexity

Darwin’s Sad Legacy

The God of the Aged

God Alone the Salvation of His People

Contradictions: Greater Than or Equal To?

The Form Of Sound Words

The Character of Christ’s People

News to Note

Divine Sovereignty

The Real Jesus

Gospel Missions

Final Perseverance

Presuppositional Reasoning with False Faiths

Darwin’s Sacred Cause? Book Review

A Willing People and an Immutable Leader

Contradictions: Left in the Dust

Effectual Calling

Israel at the Red Sea

News to Note

A Bottle in the Smoke

Feedback: Does Science Need God?

Good Works

Creation Vacations: Building Your Biblical Worldview

The Allegories of Sarah and Hagar

Where the Rubber Hits the Road

A Solemn Warning for All Churches

Darwin’s Deathbed Conversion—a Legend?

Japanese minister: Let elderly people 'hurry up and die'

The Resurrection of the Dead

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