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NFL 2014

American Atheists Christmas Billboard to Santa

Lutheran Bishop to Celebrate Mass with Pope on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

Man Saw Fellow Fan’s Pregnant Wife Texting Another Man, Does Something About It

Outrage as Racist Protesters Burn Ferguson

Will Mary Unite Hindus with Catholics?

I agree with Meshak

Can you be a bad Christian?

Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas Movie Flops

I am superior to you! How does that sound?

Satanic Unity in Error or Divine Division in Truth

What does 1 Tim. 2:12-14 really mean to us?

John 13:27

Dealing with Fornication Guilt

Protecting Loved Ones

"I heal but I won't volunteer."

Once saved always saved

Growing Confusion Within Catholicism

Do you see All, Some, None of the Spiritual Gifts in Operation Today?

Malachi Chapter 3

Who is a Christian?


Who will bow?

There is no Hell

What Was Lot's Wife's Name?

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people

Does this verse speak of guardian angels?

If you have free will, then why can't you stop sinning?

Self defense systems

Who is it that wears out the Saints of God?

What exactly is a "help meet?

Did Adam and Eve have sexual desires before the fall?

Welcome to Theology Online

You are not saved

What is sin?

What is concupiscence?

The Sexuality of Jesus

Can someone explain...

Do you set a time limit for the Messiah?

A quick question about free will

Climate Change

Hero Dogs

How are light-years measured


Newsflash! Dateline TOL:  Just "One... Gospel"-Nang beatifies Saint Judas!

In Praise of Women

"And Job did not sin with his lips."

Grace: freedom to sin, or freedom not to?

Massachusetts town weighs nation's 1st tobacco ban 

Does "truth smacking" really work?

Who Populates The Millennial Kingdom?

Don't need a God to love my neighbour

Can a Man, See God Face to Face?

Struggling with faith


Contrasting Quotes by Singer/Song Writers

The Sinfulness of the First Adam vs. The Sinlessness of the Last Adam

America Was Warned About Catholicism

Which song are you?

Pope Calls for Unity Among All Christians

Pope Francis: Evolution and the Big Bang are Real

Kirk Cameron Called to Repent for Encouraging Christians to Celebrate Halloween

How Do You Know For Sure That You Are Saved?

Is the glass half empty or half full?

Bad Day At The Rocket Ranch

How were you saved?

Obama on Moms Who Stay Home to Raise Kids

Will God ever be judged for his crimes against humanity?

Pope Attempts to Change God's Moral Laws

Were Men Born Again Before Pentecost?

The Power of a Gift

To the few nut-bags here who think adulterers should be stoned to death

The Truth About Melchizedek

Another Evidence that Jesus Was a Married Man

City in Idaho may arrest two ministers for not performing gay weddings

Australia group deems "Baa, Baa Black Sheep" nursery rhyme sexist and racist

How does God want us to respond when people ridicule us and call us names?

The Catholic Church was Founded by Jesus Christ: Four Lines of Evidence

Rockingham magistrate resigns over same-sex marriage

I hate funerals and...

Do you fear God? Why or why not?

The serial comma is good, right, and proper

Is Society Better With Pornography Adultery Abortion Divorce Homosexuality Accepted?

Is disliking someone a sign of no faith?

Do you you believe in universal salvation?



Do you believe everyone desires happiness as you do?

How do you picture other members?

How God Has Reconciled Us and the World Unto Himself

Do you believe God is good?

An Open Letter to Kirk Cameron

Pope Not Just for Catholics but for All People

The Most Beautiful Women

Satanic "Black Mass" Mocks the Eucharist

Another Mary Deceives Catholics

Why would anyone...?

Israeli Leader Asks Pope for United Religions

Where Would We Be Without the Reformation?

'You must be 'born again' or else'!

Education Bureaucracy: Union Control vs Parental Control

Eucharistic Christ Saved from Satanic Ritual

Ministry Under Fire for Preaching about Sin

Parents, students upset due to dress code enforcement at homecoming

'We Only Whisper It' Justice Ginsburg sings another verse of “Kill the Poor”

Left Behind Movie

Portland Child Evangelism Fellowship Under Fire for Preaching to Kids About Sin

Marriage was already redefined through acceptance of divorce

Is an "anti-christ" the same as an "unbeliever."

The laughter of the almighty, and guns

Evangelical Anglicans Seek Unity with Pope

Jesus loves you all

Pope Celebrates Bodily Assumption of Mary

Catholic League is OK with Irreverent Jesus

Archbishops Live in Lavish Mansions

Catholic Bishop Prays at Graham Crusade

Is Rick Warren a Closet Catholic?

Italian Evangelicals Unite Against Catholicism

Vatican Says Jews No Longer Chosen People

Pope: "Don't Proselytize to be Happy"

Atheists Accuse Pizza Shop of Violating Their Civil Rights by Offering Discount

Stamford Man Fakes Death To Avoid Wedding

Should 9 year old be shooting Uzi?

United flight diverted after passengers fight over legroom

Who on TOL is Able to Spot a Demon?

Woman Who Rejected Islam Meets with Pope

The Most Handsome Man

Why Homosexuality Must be Recriminalized Pt 3

Robin Williams commits suicide

Catholics Venerate Vial of Dead Pope's Blood .

Catholics Look to Mary for Saving Grace

What's Wrong with Rome's Sacrifice of the Mass?

ABC's of Effective Witnessing to Catholics

Birth control goes high tech, fertility chip comes with remote control

How Many or How Much Works Must One Do To Be Saved

Pope Overrules Priest on Giving Communion

The Making of a Reprobate

Pope Tours Israel with Rabbi and Sheikh

Pope Rejects Christ's Instructions on Prayer

Evangelical Conference Pushes Mysticism

Catholic Answers Relaunches Chastity Website

Glenn Beck Speaks at Largest Christian University

Two Years of Perpetual Idolatry

Holy Spirit Started the Ecumenical Work?

Warren Endorses Catholics Come Home Book

"Visits" to Heaven and Hell

Unsearchable Things

The Able One

A Christian Response to the Crisis in Psychiatry

Saving Some

Rachel’s Rant on MSNBC Against Answers in Genesis

Every Creature Under Heaven

Genetic Roots of Tooth Enamel Reveal Distinctive Design

What God Requires

Did Little Wasps Evolve Big Eyes to Recognize Their Friends?

"Visits" to Heaven and Hell

The Canonization of Popes and Necromancy

The Bondage of Religious Deception

What Mean These Stones

Elijah's Prayer

Evidence of the Spirit's Filling

Sit Still

Build Yourself Up

A Soon Departure

Love in Action

Separate and Sensual

The Way and the Glory

Running to Christ

Are There Really “Gay Christians”?

The Lord Our Maker

Molecular Basis of Aphid-Bacteria Nutritional Symbiosis Revealed

The Promise

“Fossil Galaxy” Said to Show Conditions Soon After the Big Bang

Should Woman Be Equal To Men?

The Light Brigade

TOL's fascist feminists and their control of this board

A Photon Reference Frame and Distant Starlight

Cosmos Review: “The Electric Boy”

The Totally Depraved Do Not Deserve Eternal Suffering

Murmurers and Complainers

Eve’s Legacy—Hope Amid Despair

How to Take a Stand for God

The Moral Of A Miracle

Do Total Lunar Eclipses Qualify as Great Signs for Biblical Prophecy?

New Letters for Life’s DNA Alphabet Build on God’s Design

A Clear Conscience

Water World Theory of Life’s Origins Rises from the Lost City

Sorrow At The Cross Turned Into Joy

“I Can Make a Baby”—and Kill That Baby!

She Shall Be Praised

The Prosperous Man’s Reminder

Two Imperatives

Shocking Pro-Abortion Video

Sitting at the Right Hand of God

Cosmos Review: “The Lost Worlds of Planet Earth”

Ungodly Deeds and Hard Speeches

Pope Confesses to Stealing a Rosary

Another Shocking Comment by Pope Francis

6 Times Democrats Demonstrated Their Hatred of the Bible

Christ Will Come Again

Pope Could Support Civil Unions

Judging Others

The Great Emancipator


American Flag Unwelcome in California School

World Council of Churches - Unity with Rome

Meshak is causing a sexual revulsion on TOL Egad

Buenos Aires Mayor: All Women Like to Be Catcalled

Receiving The Kingdom Of God As A Little Child

Confession and Forgiveness

Quest for Goldilocks Planet Scores a Hit with Kepler-186f

Enoch and the Second Coming

The Hope Laid Up In Heaven

Redeeming the Time

Others To Be Gathered

Does God Approve of Large Families?

Satanists Want Monument at Oklahoma Capitol

Wandering Stars



False Converts

Pope Seeks Brotherhood with Jews

Good works will get you into Heaven

Catholics and Muslims Adore the Same God

Raging Waves

Review Cosmos: “Sisters of the Sun”

Specific Creation

An Anxious Enquiry For A Beloved Son

The Abounding Life

Church Take Heed! Matthew Vines’s Unbiblical Case for Same-Sex Relationships

Catholic Church Cleanses Sin

UN Blasts Vatican on Sex Abuse

PBS Exposes Secrets of the Vatican

World Cup Rio

Jesus Offered on Altars for Salvation of the World

One Another

Review: Your Inner Monkey

He Doth Devise Means

Divine Interpositions

Fruitless Trees

The Message From The Lord’s Mouth

Waterless Clouds

Attempts to Trace Life Back to Chemical Origins Maps the Willful Ignorance of the Hunters

A More Sure Word

Refined, But Not With Silver

Mary and Her Icons are Omnipresent

Will God Forgive Suicide

Pope Francis Seeks Unity with Charismatics

Luis Palau Says Pope is a Brother in Christ

Weaning depression medication

Aborted babies incinerated in Oregon to provide electricity

Swiss Guard Claims Gay Network in Vatican

Nun Gives Birth to Baby and Names Him Francis

Faith’s Sure Foundation

Cosmos Review: “The Clean Room”

The True Position Of The Witness Within

Hollywood’s Flood Legend

Review: Your Inner Reptile

A Wilderness Cry

Four Cosmologies

Ten Concerns with the Noah Movie

Hidden Rocks

The Lifting Up Of The Bent Down

He Shall Prolong His Days

Diamond with Ringwoodite Reveals Water Deep in Earth’s Mantle

Coming In and Going Out

Concern For Other Men’s Souls

God Enthroned Between Two Cherubim?

Vatican Cuts Cost to Become a Saint

Hostility Towards the Gospel

Gambling at Calvary

Radioisotope Dating of Meteorites: I. The Allende CV3 Carbonaceous Chrondrite

Bill Nye and I Have Different Accounts of Our Debate

Christ Our Passover

Let's Call It Resurrection Day, not Easter

Jesuit Video Series Promotes Homosexuality

Catholic-Muslim Dialogue for Unity

God's Mark of Ownership

Lone Ranger Christians

All the Lonely People

Cosmos Review: “Deeper, Deeper, Deeper Still”

Moody Continues to Embrace Catholicism

Answered by a Word from God

Useful and Versatile Hands

Korah's Dispute

A Great Bargain

When Christ Is Welcome

A Sacred Solo

Beware of the Seeker Friendly Church Movement

Review: Your Inner Fish

Balaam's Error

Movie Review: The Unbelievers Are Unbelievable

We want children to know that they are permitted to pray to Satan in school

Leading Homosexual Magazine Honors Pope  

Roman Catholicism Is a Growing Mission Field

Cain's Way

The Chief Physician And The Centurion’s Servant

The Hiding Of Moses By Faith

“Little Foot” Bids for Status as Humanity’s Most Ancient Ancestor

The Gospel's Promise is Not Conditional Life

The Trinity and the Christian

The Headstone Of The Corner

Occupied Territory

Cosmos Review: “Hiding in the Light”

Vatican Makes DVD on Eucharistic Adoration

Tennessee Wants to Ban UN From Monitoring Its Elections


World Council of Churches Seeks Unity

Image of Virgin Mary Surfaces on Floor

Brute Beasts

Encouragement To Trust And Pray

Is God Omnipotent?

As I Have Loved

The Firm Hold

Blood of Pope John Paul II Tours Florida

The Song of Creation

Time to Square with Hollywood about Noah

Strong and Courageous

Genetic Links Between Lion Lineages Traced to Common Ancestor

Pope Plays Pharmacist

The new man of the going forward creation does not sin

Pope Francis Mourns Death of Buddhist Patriarch

Filthy Dreamers

“Your Salvation.”

Feedback: Does Archaeology Prove the Bible Is Right About Camels?

The Faithful Saying

Knowing and Trusting

Arctic Tyrannosaur Takes the Prize for Being Petite

Thought Police

Mary is Source of Strength for Evangelism

Shooting at Ft Hood


Stupid Questions Exist

Housing and Urban Development Officials Called to Testify Before Congress over Scandal

Sodom and Gomorrah

Great Difference

On Literalizing Revelation 11 - the Two Witnesses

Gibson Guitar Co. terrorized by Feds

One problem w/ movie “Son of God”

School Prayer

Christ Our Intercessor

No Difference

Love Thy Neighbor


The Doctrine of Christ

“Field-Evolved Resistance” Leaves Rootworms to Ravage Corn Crops

The Noah Movie: Our Detailed Review

Ministering Spirits

Noah Movie Review: An Unbiblical Film

Five Activities Often Mistaken for Evangelism

Wars and Rumors of War

Land Grab

War on Spanking

How Does the Bible Define a False Convert?

Gay Marriage is now legal in the UK

Hobby Lobby battles Obamacare mandate

Operation Choke Point

SEIU Uses Federal Inspections to Target Houston Small Business

Banned Again  

Disobedient Angels

Where True Prayer Is Found

Sea Anemone’s Genome Said to Show Evolutionary Root of Plants and Animals

Contend for the Faith

Under Constraint

Learning to Trust

Believers Free From The Dominion Of Sin

Louis Pasteur

The Essence of Sin

The Shortest Of The Seven Cries

True Discipleship

The Reason Why Many Cannot Find Peace

Was Darwin Right?

Worship and Praise

Glorified in the Saints

Whale Skull Equipped for Sonar Shows Echolocation Appears Abruptly in the Fossil Record

Compassion On The Ignorant

Questions about Metamorphosis?  

An Examination of Christian Entertainment Choices and the Movie Noah

Manna at the Banquet Table

Pray, Oh Pray


Reverse Evolution Causes Darwin’s Finches to Go Missing?

Tell Them About the Savior

A Distinction With A Difference

Comments on the Cosmic Microwave Background

Cosmos Review: “Some of the Things Molecules Do”

Pray for the Lost

Opposite The Sepulchre

God’s Advocates Breaking Silence

Has Cosmic Inflation Been Proved?

Brethren, We Have Met to Worship

Cosmos Grossly Mischaracterized the Heretic Giordano Bruno

The Everlasting Gospel

Sea Sponges Challenge Traditional Evolutionary View of How Oceans Became Oxygenated

The Provision of God

Can Bible-Based Predictions Lead to Scientific Discoveries?

Counting Kinds

The Everlasting Mercy of God

“Do Not Lead Us Into Temptation.”

Jacob Worshipping On His Staff

Did Huh? Arise in Every Language through Convergent Evolution?

Three Ways to Make an Ape-Man

Cosmos Review: Standing Up in the Milky Way

Geology That Makes Sense

Readers Respond

Setting Up an Ebenezer

Afraid to Speak

Good, Very Good, and Not Good

With The King For His Work!

Of Creation in General

Commitment to God

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

The Conversation Won’t Stop

Blessed in Christ

Offended With Christ

Does Your Dog Understand You Because You Share an Ancestral Bond?

The Christian Rest

Thirty Million Years Didn’t Really Change China’s Jurassic Park

Delight in the Lord

Proving God’s Existence

Asleep in Jesus

The Peace Of God

Peter and the Name of Jesus

Reasons For Turning To The Lord

Ancient Humans of Paracas Are Victims of a Twisted Tale

Radiohalos in Multiple, Sequentially Intruded Phases of the Bathurst Batholith, NSW, Australia:  Evidence for Rapid Granite Formation during the Flood

The Perfections of God

Family Reformation; Or, Jacob’s Second Visit To Bethel

Praying for Faith

The Day Of Salvation

Can Spinning Crystals Show How Life Began?

AIG and Ray Comfort on Noah and the Last Days

Diluting the Word of God

Speak For Yourself. A Challenge!

Blinded Minds

Canada’s New Cambrian Explosion: Burgess Shale Chapter Two

Bill Nye the Straw Man Guy and Noah’s Ark

The Good Pleasure of God

Do Tacked-on Chicken Tails Tell How T-rex Walked?

The Law and the Spirit

A Catechism For The Proud

A Golden Prayer

Seducing Spirits

Rocks Around the Clock: Do Zircons Contain Reliable Time Stamps and Early Earth’s Secrets?

The Prayer of Faith

Ejaculatory Prayer

God’s Not Dead Movie Review

The Magnified Word of God

A Gospel Sermon For Outsiders

Fish Brains Grew Till We Have Faces, Evolutionists Say

Nations That Forget God

Jesus Christ Himself

Our Real Motivation?

To the Praise of His Glory

When the Lord Comes

A Tale of Shale and Oxygen in the Explosion of Life

Evolutionary Geologist Daniel Phelps: Afraid to Debate?

Evolutionary Geologist Daniel Phelps: Teaching Creation Is Harmful to Children?

The Lord and Inspiration

God’s Thoughts And Ways Far Above Ours

How to Please the Lord

Sins Of Ignorance

Lizard Breath Fails to Support Kinship with Birds

The Secret Code

Jesus Interceding For Transgressors

An Initial Estimate toward Identifying and Numbering Extant Tuatara, Amphisbaena, and Snake Kinds

A Round Of Delights

Spirits of Truth and Error

Ancient Footprints Place Humans in England Early In the Ice Age

The Beginning of the Creation

How Cavefish Went Blind, and Why It Matters

The Ordinances of Men

The Cause And Cure Of Weariness In Sunday School Teachers

The Saints

The Incarnate Wisdom

Why Do Arms and Legs Come in Pairs?

The Touch

The Ultimate Motivation of This Prominent Theologian?

A Sunday School Sermon

Sweet Naamah

Preserved Through the Ages?

Is Bill Nye an Expert in Astronomy?

The Importance of Reading

Questioning Darwin: a Review

A Bag with Holes

Vanities And Verities

Did the Moon Appear as Blood on the Night of the Crucifixion?

The Theological and Geological Influences on Darwin

Song of the Rock

The Magnanimity Of God

Geneticists Duel Over Dates for “Y-Chromosomal Adam”

Building on the Foundation

Destroy Them, O God
The Bible Wins the Debate with Carbon-Dated Camel Bones

The Righteous Father Known And Loved

No King in Israel

A Heavy Responsibility

Does the Creation Model Make Predictions? Absolutely!

Overcome Them

Taking Hold Upon God
Why Do So Many Birds Fly in a V Formation?

Our Adversary, the Devil

The True Priesthood, Temple And Sacrifice

Noah’s Journal

“Now Then Do It.”

Bill, There Is a Book Out There

The Mind of Christ

“For Ever With The Lord”

Adding to God's Word

Our Last Journey

A Certain Young Man

The First Sacrifice

How the Scorpion Got Its Sting

How to Know the Truth

Did Humans Evolve from a Fish out of Water?

Sinning Against the Lord

God Our Portion And His Word Our Treasure

Feedback: asks, “Should Scientists Debate Creationists?”

Honeybees Navigate with a Map of Polarized Light

Legends of the Flood

The Great Commission

Spirit of Antichrist

Sheep Among Wolves

The Enduring Work of God

Proclamation Of Acceptance and Vengeance

Fish Fins Are Not Fingers That Failed

The God Of Peace And Our Sanctification

Does a “Recently Deciphered 4,000-Year-Old Tablet” Discredit the Genesis Account of Noah's Ark?

Fossil Hand Turns Back the Clock on Tools for Human Evolution

Strong Faith

The Danger Of Unconfessed Sin

Did Tiktaalik's Pelvis Prepare Fish to Walk on Land?

Putting the Ark into Perspective

The Trees In God’s Courts

Atheists and Their Tantrums—Dawkins Comments on Debate

Nevertheless. Hereafter.

Nutcracker Man’s Diet Was Rich in Brain Food After All

Sudden Sorrow

Reaching People with the Truth of God’s Word

Building Nutcracker Man from the Ground Up

Mourning For Christ

Examples of Critical Thinking: Biblical Application

The Final Perseverance Of The Saints

Did Ardi Head Up Human Evolution Before Lucy?

S.A.D. Days

The Good Samaritan

Extinct Carnivore Ancestor of Lions and Tigers and Bears? (Oh My!)

All The People At Work For Jesus

Fossil Flowers in Amber Don't Solve Darwin’s “Abominable Mystery”

Examples of Critical Thinking: Scientific Application

A Business-Like Account

Epigenetic Changes Let Mice Inherit Their Fathers’ Fears

The Heavenly Wind

Our Lord’s Question To The Blind Men

All Things Are Ready. Come.

Neanderthal Toe Said to Suggest an Incestuous Culture

Ecce Rex

Secrets of the Messel Pit, a Fossil Graveyard

Critical Thinking Questions

Strong Consolation For The Lord’s Refugees

Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Debate at the Creation Museum

Duck-billed Dinosaur's Cranial Crest Has Paleontologists Crowing

The Divine Call For Missionaries

Enlivening And Invigorating

Life Lessons Illustrated in the Animal Kingdom

Faith Purifying The Heart

What Makes the Earth Unique? 

The Great House And The Vessels In It

Comb Jelly: World’s Most Primitive Animal?

Walking with Dinosaurs: Every Evolutionist Tells a Story

How Is Salvation Received?

Fig Wasp Fossil Said to Pre-Date Figs by 65 Million Years

Guile Forsaken When Guilt Is Forgiven

For Whom Is The Gospel Meant?

The Continuing Appeal to Peale, Twenty Years Later

The Ark—A Picture of Jesus

The Student’s Prayer

Evolution of Snake Venom: A New Use for Old Genes?

The Jewel Of Peace

Evolution of Snakes on the Fast Track

Dagon’s Ups And Downs

Did We All Come from Adam and Eve?

Retreat Impossible

Manoah’s Wife And Her Excellent Argument

The Attack on Christmas

Idols Abolished

Don’t Let Atheists Brainwash Our Children

Sima de los Huesos Reveals Surprising Genetic Connections

Work For Jesus

Just Right for Life

Can Lake on Mars Support Life?

Love’s Medicines And Miracles

Mystery of the Flower’s Missing Pollen: A Paleobotanical Puzzle

A Family Sermon

Galápagos Islands—A Different View

The Greatest Need

A Cheery Word In Troublesome Times

Readers Respond

Coming — Always Coming

What If My Pastor Avoids Genesis?

Crow Intelligence Said to Evolve Differently from Humans

“Rest In The Lord.”

Ancient Meteorite Said to Harbor Secrets of Watery Martian Past

Our Urgent Need Of The Holy Spirit

Super-salty Water Sealed Beneath Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater

The Two “Comes”

The Great Birthday

Days of Decline in the Church

Christ The Destroyer Of Death

Fruit-Eating Crocodiles Dispel Carnivorous Misconceptions

Christ The Maker Of All Things New

Eyes on Comet ISON’s Fiery Fate but Not Oort Origins

Christ, The Overcomer Of The World

Christ The Conqueror Of Satan

AiG’s Striking New Christmas Billboard Now in Times Square

What Is Christmas?

Christ The End Of The Law

Unwillingness To Come To Christ

First Life on Earth

And Why Not?

What Makes Us Human?

Feedback: Dating Rocks Helps Creation Scientists

What’s a Moonpool?

Rest For The Labouring

Did Archaeopteryx Evolve Flight and Then Get Grounded?

Why May I Rejoice?

Reaching Bolivia and Latin America with Creation Apologetics

Killing Jesus: A History by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard

Why Should I Weep?

Evolutionism—Is There Such a Word?

The Sinner’s Saviour

The History Channel Lost the Truth of God’s Word in Bible Secrets Revealed

Increased Faith The Strength Of Peace Principles

Did Snakes Shape Our Brains?

Feedback: Assuming the Origin of Comets

Overcome Evil With Good

Burgess Shale’s Cambrian Fossils Should Change Our View of Evolution

Why The Heavenly Robes Are White

Baby Parasaurolophus Crest Joined the Chorus Early

A Second Word To Seekers

New Tyrannosaur Pushes Back Evolutionary Timeline

Good News For Seekers

Do Chimp Alarm Calls Reveal How Human Language Evolved?

Atheist Billboards and Our Spiritual Battle Strategy

God Of The Hills And God Of The Valleys

The Blind Befriended

Why Did Jesus Weep?

The Little Dogs

The Recorders

Scorpion Venom Is No Match for Mighty Mouse

Feedback: Why Are the Gospels of Matthew and John Different?


Vegetarian Piranhas’ Teeth Point to Pre-Fall Perfection

Fat Things, Full Of Marrow

The Secret Of A Happy Life

Halloween History and the Bible

Enquire Of The Lord

Empathy or Imitation—Do Chimps Yawn Because They Care?

The Believer In The Body And Out Of The Body

Does the Secret of the Earth’s Origin Abide in the Planet’s Core?

Feedback: Operational Science and Light Without a Source

He Hath Chosen Us

Good Cheer For Outcasts

Do Even-tempered Empathetic Bonobos Reflect Human Evolutionary History?

A Prince And A Saviour

Life’s Need And Maintenance

Creationists Perform Good Research, Too!

Love’s Birth And Parentage

Did Our Ancestors Evolve Into Humans Feet First?

Major Dinosaur Fossil Coming to the Creation Museum

Gathering To The Centre

First Fossil Mosquito Found Filled with Blood

My God

Was the Medieval “Little Ice Age” Triggered by an Indonesian Volcano?

Wave Runner

Gone! Gone For Ever!

Our Lord’s Humanity A Sweet Source Of Comfort

The Anchor

Pollen Places Floral Roots Deeper in the Fossil Record

The Unknown Ways Of Love

Cambrian Explosion Was the Culmination of Cascading Causes, Evolutionists Claim

AiG’s “Thank God You’re Wrong” Billboard Campaign Begins with a Big Bang

The Soul Winner

Alaskan Dinosaur Tracks Buried in the Global Flood

The Best Burden For Young Shoulders

Godly Fear And Its Goodly Consequence

Fossils Fail to Transition from Dinosaur Legs to Bird Wings

The Heart Full And The Mouth Closed

Billboards Engaging Atheists Up in Times Square and San Francisco

Rescued from “The Lie”

Truly Eating The Flesh Of Jesus

Lucy Makeover Shouts a Dangerously Deceptive Message About Our Supposed Ancestors

Strengthening Words From The Saviour’s Lips

Jesus Movement Founder, Prominent Bible Teacher, and Defender of Genesis Now with the Lord

A Weighty Charge

Should We Be Concerned About Climate Change?

Sihon And Og, Or Mercies In Detail

The Sealing Of The Spirit

Are We Globally Warming Our World to Death?

Conversions Encouraged

Missing Link Found? Fossil Fish Face Flips Humanity’s “Evolutionary History” on Its Head

What Do Biologists Believe About Evolution?

Conversions Desired

Prayer on the Streets

Keepers of God’s Word


Bible in Public Schools

Sediba Saga

Petitioning the White House

Alien Thinking

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth

Are Biological Gears Evolutionary Training Wheels for Leafhoppers?

“Do You Love Me?”

Tracking Dinosaurs Down Under

Primate-to-People Ploys

Rise and Fall of Human Intelligence

Countercultural Evangelicals

Troops Moving Out

Supreme Injustice

Kitty Physics

A Remonstrance And A Rejoinder

The Big Three Educational Options for Your Kids

Buried Treasure

Family Worship: Teaching Our Children God’s Word

Amazing Grace

Hippopotamus—Territorial Terrors

We Just Don’t Noah

Busy Doing Nothing

Context Is King

Does Deadly Antibiotic Resistance Mean Evolution Wins?

Where to Find Answers

Reasons For Parting With Sin

Alien Life Found in the Stratosphere?

Matthew Harding’s novel Foundlings

Buddy Davis Interview

Bryan Osborne Interview

Evolution Survey Evaluates Public School Indoctrination

Trial By The Word

Dinosaurs and the Bible

Radiocarbon Dating Shortens the Timeline for Ancient Egypt

Unconditional Surrender

One Greater Than The Temple

Answers Research Journal

For The Sick And Afflicted

Sutter’s Mill Meteorite Harbors a Wealth of Elusive Organics

The Oil Of Gladness

Do Genetic Similarities in Bats and Dolphins Echo Evolutionary Convergence?

Biblical Authority Study Questions

An Abortionist’s Prayer—Asking the God of Life to Favor Death

A God Ready To Pardon

Readers Respond

Did Life’s Molecular Building Blocks Come from Mars?

Pride Catechized And Condemned

Think Bigger

The War on Christmas

Battle for the Heart

“God With Us.”

Pinnipeds—Blurring the Boundaries

Is Public School an Option?

Building a Better Dinosaur

Appearances of Christ . . . In Early Genesis?

The Genesis Flood—Not Just Another Legend

Evolution Won’t Heal

Comet Ison—Fire in the Sky

Experiment: Cool Cotton

As in the Days of Noah

The Miracle Tree

It’s Time to Rebuild Noah’s Ark! Why?

The New Fashion

Çatalhöyük—The First City After Babel?

“Primitive” Mammal Reveals Advanced Designs Instead of Evolutionary Beginning

The Story Of A Runaway Slave

Government Seizes Homeschooling Children—Whose Kids Are They?

The Sufficiency of Scripture for Helping People in Need

The God Of Bethel

The Secret Lives of Frozen Frogs

Paul’s Doxology

The Eternal Truth Of God

The Man Of One Subject

Triceratops Tally up to Four in New Wyoming Dinosaur Graveyard

Hold Your Shield Firmly

The God/Man

Do Herbig-Haro Objects Herald Star Birth?

The Integrity of the Written Word

Does It Really Take More “Faith” to Believe Evolutionary Ideas?

The Turning of Job’s Captivity

Paleo-sorting Morphs Three Dinosaurs into One

Sow For Yourselves

The Unbroken Line Of True Nobles

Examining the True Character of God the Father

There Go The Ships

Selective Switch Toggles Bacterial Traits While “Bacteria Evolve with Predictable Results”

A Spiritual War Is Raging

The Hand Of God In The History Of A Man

Autistic Teen Targeted in Venomous Letter

Feedback: Miraculously Calm Waters Around the Ark?

Love For Jesus The Great Test

Does a Recycled Climate Model Explain Evolutionary Ice Ages?

The Old Man’s Sermon

How To Converse With God

Jesus In Our Midst

Does Your Dog Yawn Because He Cares?

The Lion Slayer — The Giant Killer

Can Resurrected Proteins Reveal Life’s Ancient Mysteries?

Feedback: Can Christians Promote Heresy?

The First Day Of Creation

Shard Shows Written Language at Jerusalem When David Ruled

The Sacred Love Sign

The Priest Dispensed With

If Jesus Is God, Why Was It a Secret?

Saints In Heaven And Earth One Family

Circular Reasoning Surrounds Human Origins, but Even a Broken Clock Is Right Twice a Day

The Choice Of A Leader

Were Birdbrains on the Dinosaur Pre-flight Checklist for Evolution?

So You’re a Christian—Really?

The Special Prayer Meeting

Evolution through the Eye of the Beholder: Peacock secrets revealed

The Blessings Of Following On

Why Men Cannot Believe In Christ

Faith’s Ultimatum

Monogamy: Is it rooted in an evolutionary past?

Rivers Of Water In A Dry Place

Are We One of Many, or Did God Design the Universe with Physics That Actually Works?

Response to Persecution

Abraham’s Prompt Obedience To The Call Of God

War or Peace? The Evolutionary History of Human Nature

Honest Dealing With God

The Song Of Songs

Who Really Carried the Cross of Jesus?

A Vindication Of The Doctrine Of Justification By Faith

Special Report: West Nile Virus—Will It Strike the States Hard Again?

Beware Of Unbelief

How Did Birds Get To Be So Smart: Are They “Feathered Apes”?

Feedback: “The Biggest Joke on the Internet”

How They Conquered The Dragon

The Best House Visitation

How A Man’s Conduct Comes Home To Him

Cholera Clues Uncovered: Did Cholera Exert “Evolutionary Pressure” on People?

The Final Separation

Healing Leaves

Archaeologists Find Farming’s Roots All Over the Fertile Crescent

Disciplining Children God’s Way

Solomon’s Plea

Bees Bond on the Right

The Sure Triumph Of The Crucified One

A Holy And Homely Resolve

Decision — Illustrated By The Case Of Joshua

Paleo-Pest Said to Demonstrate How a Flea Evolved into a Flea

Salvation By Faith And The Work Of The Spirit

From Bacteria to Giraffes: Adapting Reality to Fantasy

Will Lunar Eclipses Cause Four Blood Moons in 2014 and 2015?

Spiritual Appetite

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder: Copycat orchids con pollinators with empty promises

The Secret Of Health

Jesus, The Delight Of Heaven

Jesus, The Stumbling Stone Of Unbelievers

A Horse Is a Horse, of Course, of Course

Were Dinosaurs Dragons?

Jesus, The Substitute For His People

Battle for Babies in the Lone Star State

Praying According to His Will

Many False Prophets

Feedback: When Did You Choose to Be Straight?

The Overflowing Cup

Power swimming up the evolutionary ladder

Opening The Mouth

The Leading Of The Spirit, The Secret Sign Of The Sons Of God

A Voice From Heaven
Flexi-feet: Did Some Humans Fail to Leave Them in the Trees?

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth

Graffiti Alley and the Decay of the West

Uwe Romeike Interview

Biblical Authority Discussion Questions

Did the Continents Split in the Days of Peleg?

Volvox—Single-celled Synchronized Swimmers

Jesus’ View of the Age of the Earth

De-Nyeing Science

Our Daughters and Wives in Combat?

Piggybacking Pollywogs

Homeschooling—Beware the Roaring Lion

Experiment: The Brain—Your Nimble Noggin

Caves—The Greatest Show Under Earth

Cancer—Does Taking Chemotherapy Display a Lack of Faith?

Tower of Babel—Clearing Up the Confusion

Same Facts—Different History

Gospel Nuggets

Embracing Christ’s View of Scripture

Precious Little Sinners

Pythons and Boas—Big, Bad, … and Blessed

Operation Agape

Everyday Apologetics

Virtual Zoo


Germans Flee Totalitarianism

Child Abuse?


Hard to Swallow

Doomed DOMA?

A Church for … Atheists

They Love Lucy

Human Clones—Created to Die

Global Cooling?

Readers Respond

Safety Line

The Miracle Of The Loaves

Turtle in the Gap

Feedback: Is the Bible Silent on Geological Events?

Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth

Defining Marriage—Supreme Court v. Sovereign God

To Souls In Agony

Supreme Court Defies God’s Word

Solemn Pleadings for Revival

Saving Faith and True Creation

Strengthening Medicine For God’s Servants

When Does Life Begin?

“Partners in slime”: Mucus and our viral friends

Giving a “Certain Sound” Regarding Genesis

Faith, And The Witness Upon Which It Is Founded

Malaria in the News

Feedback: Was Noah’s Ark Seaworthy, or Is That Impossible?

Faith And Its Attendant Privilege

How Does the Mind Work?  

Sizeable Sturgeons Set Evolutionary Speed Records?

The Hospital Of Waiters Visited With The Gospel

Special Feature: Matchless Miracle of the Mind

The Weaned Child

Extreme Caving Video Excerpt

In the Days of Thy Youth

A Grateful Summary Of Twenty Volumes

Where Is Jesus Now?

Show and Tell: What Can Chimps Tell Us?

The Gods Shall Perish

Infallibility — Where To Find It And How To Use It

Assurance Before God

The Intensive Care Unit

An Unlikely Testimony
Daughters, Wives, and Mothers in the Military?

Man’s Best Friend

What Memories Are Made Of

Getting Archaeology Right at Ai

Jungle Doctors

Cousin Achilles: The Little Primate That Could

Feedback: Are Wooden Ships Reliable?

A Solemn Impeachment Of Unbelievers

The World’s Oldest Water?

Heart Knowledge Of God

All For Jesus

The Reception Of Sinners

Is the Dawn of the Early Bird Too Good To Be True?

The Consecration Of Priests

Mammoth Questions: Of Blood, Biological Antifreeze, and Clones

Feedback: Could Noah’s Ark Float Without Problems?

Holy Water

Feedback: Did the Ark Have a Sail?

Seabird Study Said To Solve the Evolutionary Mystery of Flightlessness

Providence — As Seen In The Book Of Esther

The Power Of The Risen Saviour

The Agony In Gethsemane

Chimp-human DNA Similarity: What Does It Really Mean?

The Master

The End of an Era

Conquering Cockroaches

“The Riddle”: The United Nations and Homosexuality

The Claims Of God

Human Clones: Created To Die

The Stern Pedagogue

Abundant Pardon

“I And The Children.”

Is Christianity a “Virus”?

Girding On The Harness

BSA and Gay: Phase One

Hindrances To Prayer 

Families: Let’s Use the Recent Atheist Attack to Teach More Kids the Truth!

Dinosaur Stampede Version 2.0

For Whom Did Christ Die?

A Song Among The Lilies

Angry Atheists Display Intolerance of Christianity

The Turning Point

The Scars of Sin

Our Impressive Immune System: More Than a Defense

Wisdom and Might Are His

Taking out the Trash: Bladderwort DNA Is 97% Junk-free

A Word For The Persecuted

Needed: Real Heroes to Stand Their Ground

Philadelphia Abortionist Gets Life in Prison for Infanticide

Is Science Secular?

The Three Witnesses

Noah, the Super Prepper

An Earnest Warning Against Lukewarmness

The Sad Plight And Sure Relief

Prayer Requests and Praises

Is Conversion Necessary?

News to Note

Should Homeschoolers Let Children Decide on Evolution?

A Singular Title And A Special Favour

Thinking And Turning

Jesus Near But Unrecognised

The Unbelievers Plan to Rid the World of God

Forty Years

Why Don’t Christians Follow All the Old Testament Laws?

Boasting In The Lord

News to Note

Is It Child Abuse to Teach Christianity to Your Children? Dawkins Thinks So

Fearful Of Coming Short

Feedback: You Need a Dumb 900-Year-Old Man to Build the Ark

The Eternal Day

Stephen’s Death

Intolerant Atheists Viciously Attack Christian School

The Ear Bored With An Awl

Homeschooled and Now Without a Home to School In?

The Chasm Is Widening: Are You on God’s Side?

“I Thought”

News to Note

Does the Bible Tell Christians to Judge Not?

The Saviour You Need

DNA Day: What Are We Celebrating?

Noah’s Laundromat?

The Lord Chiding His People

“By All Means Save Some”

The Fulness Of Christ The Treasury Of The Saints

The Crown Of Thorns

America Under Judgment?

News to Note

Feedback: Deeply Saddened over Old-Earth Compromise

Additions To The Church

Marrow And Fatness

How Many People Built the Ark?
Answer Key for the Answers 

The Christian’s Motto

Now — A Sermon For Young Men And Young Women

Prayer Requests and Praises

Redemption And Its Claims

News to Note

Feedback: Can We See the Surfaces of Stars?

Saving Faith

Welcome to Ark Encounter

“Without Money And Without Price.”

The Entreaty Of The Holy Spirit

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: The Good Shepherd and the Three Gardens

Counting The Cost

News to Note

The Mercy of the Lord

Feedback: “You People Are Morons”


Beetle Chart

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Grasping at Straws


The Chariots Of Amminadib

But What If She’s Not Dead?

Daniel Facing The Lions’ Den

Blessed and Being Blessed

"What Is That in Your Hand?"

News Flash: Ken Ham Renounces Creation, Embraces Evolution!

The Matchless Mystery

News to Note

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Faking Death

A Lesson From The Life Of King Asa

Answers for a Changing Culture

The Final Nail in Evolution’s Coffin

Breaking Down Prison Walls

Prey Before Eating

Hawaii’s Volcanic Origins—Instant Paradise

Read the Book First

Iron Key to Preserving Dinosaur Soft Tissue

Snake Medicine

Does the Dmanisi Discovery Demonstrate We Are All One Family?

Cartoon: Let There Be Truth

Mystery Plant of the Desert

Are We Winning the Fight for Life?

The Amram Question

Another View of the Grand Canyon

William J. Bryan’s Fight against Eugenics and Racism in the Scopes Trial

Dredged Up Again

Have We Misunderstood Genesis 1:1?

Daughters of Eve

Big Bang—The Evolution of a Theory

A Revival Promise

Influential Pastors and Theologians on the Days of Creation and the Age of the Earth

Tragic Reminders

The Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Model: Evidence for Evolution?

Plant Rights

Recapitulation Repackaged and Re-Applied

One Step Closer to Jurassic Park

Review of The Magician’s Twin: C. S. Lewis on Science, Scientism, and Society

Life More Abundant

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Same Fossils—Two Different Views

Like Dolly, Only Human

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Jesus Family Tomb

Do Medical Schools Need To Teach More Evolution?

My Restorer

Critique of Hugh Ross’s Creation Story

Letter From Ken

Sashaying to the Throne

The Parent’s And Pastor’s Joy

The Influence of Postmodernism, Part 7: Gender Studies

News to Note

The Influence of Postmodernism, Part 6: Queer Theory

Feedback: Does Placental Death Violate the Principle of “No Death Before Sin”?

The Influence of Postmodernism, Part 5: Feminism

The Gentleness Of Jesus

The Influence of Postmodernism, Part 4: New Historicism

Consolation For The Despairing

How Did We Get All This Coal?

The Real State of the Nation

Herman Who? Video Excerpt

The Great Jail, And How To Get Out Of It

Junk DNA and ENCODE Revisited

Mysteries of Our Frozen Past

Lucy, the Knuckle-walking “abomination”?

A Mighty Plea

Affirmations of God’s Existence from Design in Nature

What’s the Core Message of the Answers in Genesis Ministry?

ARJ Highlights

Death For Sin, And Death To Sin

The God Particle and the God of Particles

Deliver Us from the Evil One

Radiohalos—Solving the Mystery of the Missing Bullets

The Two-Fold Call

News to Note

Tannin: Sea Serpent, Dinosaur, Snake, Dragon, or Jackal?

These Things

A Psychologist Who Couldn’t Control Himself

The Fall and the Problem of Millions of Years of Natural Evil

Free Pardon

Radiohalos—The Mysterious Vanishing Bullets

Prayer Requests and Praises

The Wonder of the Fish Called Menhaden

Believe It, Receive It

Good News For The Destitute

Archaeology and the Bible

My Advocate

Let Him Alone

The Rise and Fall of Inerrancy in the American Fundamentalist Movement

Coming to Grips with Genesis Excerpt

Can We Pray to Jesus?

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Seeing Things

The Biblical Testimony of a Global Flood

The Minister’s Plea

ARJ Highlights

Morning And Evening Songs

Mysterious Bullet Holes in Rocks

News to Note

Giants in the Old Testament

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Mistaken or Stolen Identity?

From Atheist to Bible-believing Scientist

To Sunday School Teachers And Other Soul Winners

Ghost Craters—Evidence of a Young Moon

Forever with the Lord

Did Meteors Trigger Noah’s Flood?

Rescued! Remembering the Life and Legacy of Dr. Duane T. Gish

Signs Of The Times

A Response to the Accusations of Noah’s Ark Ministries International and The Media Evangelism by Emphasizing Truths They Have Ignored about My Carbon-14 Dating Report

The Florida Sinkhole Tragedy

Paved With Love

The Six Days of Creation and Evolutionary Theory: Are They Compatible?

The Bible on the History Channel: A Review

Is the Wood Recently Found on Mt. Ararat from the Ark?

A Fatal Deficiency

The Mysterious Spleen

News to Note

Exiles from Eden

Part 3: Closest Thing to Heaven

Emeralds—Treasures from Catastrophe

The Seed Upon Stony Ground

Sediba with a little sleight of hand

Clearing The Road To Heaven

Jewish Scientists Who Oppose Darwinism

Biblical Authority Discussion Questions

Babel: How to Pronounce It

The Christian’s Great Business

Serratia marcescens: The Miracle Bacillus

Megalonyx—Gentle Giant of the Ice Age

Was Child Sacrifice Condoned in the OT?

Kingdom Chronicles

Will the Real Unicorn Please Stand Up?

Readers Respond

Vestigial hiccups, folding fish-eyes, and other fables: Our fishy forebears...again!

After the Rainbow

Moving Forward in Our Understanding of Molecular Motors

Signs of the Past

Scientists Urge Censorship of Terms Implying Design and Purpose when Describing Life

Meaningful Words

Thorns and Thistles

The Heart Of Flesh

Clarifications Regarding Stewarding American Black Bears

Hope Against Destruction

Stewarding American Black Bears with Trust

Beetles—Go Anywhere, Do Anything

What Is Blocking Your View of True Glory?

Gay Marriage as a Civil Right—Are Wrongs Rights?

Death by Design

Why Were the Animals So Big?

Retrograde Exoplanets Challenge Theories

What Started the Ice Age?

Young-Earth Creationist View Summarized And Defended

When Was the Ice Age in Biblical History?

Life: Designed to Inspire Awe and Aid Learning

Special Feature—Mysteries of Our Frozen Past

God Created Cohorts

Slime Mold—Mindless Mapmakers

An Evaluation of The Star of Bethlehem DVD

Environmental Clean-Up Crew

The Geology of Israel within the Biblical Creation-Flood Framework of History: 2. The Flood Rocks

Experiment—Iron: Toxin on the Table

It All Starts with God’s Character

No Merit of My Own

Does God Hear?

Carbon-14 in Fossils and Diamonds

Put a Little Muscle into It

Distant Starlight

Epigenetics—Inheriting More Than Genes

Are They Teaching the Truth in Biology Class?

Genesis—The Original Myth Buster

Semantics Don’t Change Truth: The social motivations behind new definitions

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Evidences and Minimal Facts

Peat Moss—Man’s Wisdom or God’s Wisdom?

Love’s Crowning Deed

The Genesis of Pathogenic E. coli

News to Note

Melanin—Umbrellas of Our Skin

Part 2: Misunderstanding God

Classic Multidimensional Scaling isn’t the Sine Qua Non of Baraminology

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Infallible Proofs

Loose Hinges

The Way to Honour

Carbon-14 Dating—Understanding the Basics

Atheists Aren’t the Only Problem!

Biblical Overview of the Flood Timeline

News to Note

A Response to the Old-Earth Advocacy of Campbell et al., PCA Geologists on the Antiquity of the Earth

The Father’s Will

Summary of a Response to “PCA Geologists on the Antiquity of the Earth”

Part 1: Deceiving Children about God

The Problem with Australopithecus sediba

Arizona State University Professor Accuses Christians of “Child Abuse”

Numerical Simulation of Precipitation in Yosemite National Park with a Warm Ocean: Deep Upper Low and Rex Blocking Pattern Case Studies

An Initial Estimate toward Identifying and Numbering the Ark Turtle and Crocodile Kinds

Medicine for the Distracted

Feedback: A Biblically Based Taxonomy?

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: An Introduction

Science in the Balance

News to Note

Volcanoes—Windows Into Earth’s Past

Organ Recital: A Parade of Presumed Design Flaws Devoid of Truth

Global Warming and Earth’s Design

He Died, He Lives

The Good Shepherdess

My Hope Is in the Lord

Will the Boy Scouts Move Their Tents Toward Sodom?

Our Index Finger—Pointing to the Creator


The Effect of Mutations down on the Farm

Romans, But Not Romanists

Thirtieth Anniversary of a Geologic Catastrophe

News to Note

Reproductive Thievery in Salamanders?

Raising Our Children...Without God?

Feedback: The Moon’s Regression and Density Waves

Soul Satisfying Bread

Robert Koch, Creation, and the Specificity of Germs

Motives for Steadfastness

Did Mercury Poisoning Create a Toxic Flood?

Pro-Gay Theology: Does the Bible Approve of Homosexuality?

Mercury Toxicity and the Genesis Flood

Miracles of Love

Did Atlantis Exist?

News to Note

Rubies & Sapphires


Too Hard or Too Small

The Light of the World

God Created Plant Pollinator Partners

Be Continually Being Filled

Feedback: I Dare You to Publish This

Mirror Images and Amino Acids

Pray Anyhow

Plenary Absolution

Were Plants Designed to Communicate?

The Branch of the Lord

A Call to Worship

Evaluating the Gait Analysis of Ardi

The Beginning of the Year

An Initial Estimate Toward Identifying and Numbering Amphibian Kinds within the Orders Caudata and Gymnophiona

Not Just a Container of Truth

Count Your Many Blessings

An Initial Estimate Toward Identifying and Numbering Amphibian Kinds within the Orders Caudata and Gymnophiona

Radiometric Dating: Making Sense of the Patterns

The Grace of God in Creation

The Lord is Risen Indeed

Completeness of the Fossil Record

Negatives to the Unsaved

The Legacy of Brainwashing

Order in the Fossil Record

The Gospel and Health

News to Note

Josephus and Genesis Chapter Ten

Lift Up Your Eyes

Roe v. Wade: 40 Years Later

Soft Tissue Fossilization

David's Great-Grandmother

The Heart of Jesus

The End of Irreducible Complexity?

What We Celebrate at Christmas


When God Became Man

The Influence of Postmodernism, Part 1: Introduction


God's Standards

The Conditions of Power in Prayer

Hairy New Findings in Dog Variation

A Lesson from the Stork

News to Note


Pride Goes Before Destruction

Responding to the False Claims of a Scientific American Columnist

Who’s Number One in the Universe?

The Triune Comforter

Royal Homage

Radiometric Dating: Problems with the Assumptions

Thou Art the God

An Old Fashioned Conversion

Radiohalos in the Cooma Metamorphic Complex, New South Wales, Australia

In Him Is No Darkness

Good News for the Lost

Creation and the Germ Theory

Speaking in Parables

News to Note

From the Depths of Space

O Praise the Lord

The Man of Sorrows

Interpreting an Unusual Arctic Bear within a Creation Model of Origins

Doing Righteousness

A Review of the “Dinosaurs: When Giants Ruled” Exhibit at Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach

The Genesis of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus

"Wise" Fools

Dangerous Ideas Threaten Our Kids

Literary Forms and Biblical Interpretation


Cain and Abel

Geniuses, Not Brutes!

Radiometric Dating: Back to Basics

The Seed, the Water, and the Word