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Dave Barry’s Year in Review: The 2011  

What Did You Give For Christmas?

Military Practice for Christians

When Christ comes

Abortion doctors charged with murder

I see a dusty bender

A Thread For Mr TH.....

TOL is going to the dogs!


All the issues I have to work out with Christianity

Sola Scriptura & Hermeneutical Anarchy

George Michael: Freddy Mercury all over again?

UA student in coma awakes after nearly dying

Rebecca St. James & Christine O-Donnell - 2 Idiots

Army transfers 8 US soldiers charged in death of comrade, family says he endured racial slurs 

The person I am thinking of.... A fellowship game

Movie scenes in smilies

News to Note 

How Long?

New Study Shows Enzymes Couldn't Evolve

Isaac Newton

Show of Support

Choose Life

Dam Detonation Illustrates Noah's Flood

Imitating Humans

The person I am thinking of.... A fellowship game

Newt Gingrich to gay Iowan: Vote for Obama

Dutch broadcaster claims it will air cannibalism

UNICEF Turns Santa Claus Into Poor-Hating Jerk In Christmas Ad Campaign

Would your family and friends know you if they read your posts here?

Body of Christ = The Church

Who Has The Worst Sense Of Humour On This Forum?

Pope Says Mary Is the Woman in Revelation

Toby Keith - War on Christmas

Why do some people seem to hate Tim Tebow so much?

Who are you?

RIP Christopher Hitchens

Americans face Guantánamo detention after Obama climb-down

What do anti-Catholics really know about the Catholic faith? 

Reality TV. What's you favorite or least favorite reality TV show and why?

Coffee vs tea

Oil Pipeline, Terrorist Funding, Energy Policy

Protestant Errors

UFO filmed hovering over Russian protesters

Gingrich Comment

On the Topic of Soul Mates

Feedback AIG: Does the lack of a forum mean we’re afraid?

God's Remnant

Creation Scientists and Teachers Comment

The Righteous Judge

Archaeopteryx Is a Bird. . . Again

A meeting of the minds


Dinosaurs Ate Rice

Creation geologists meet at Cedarville

Sacrifice and Service

Did Astronomers Find an Evolving Planet?

A science center’s not-so-scientific critique of the Creation Museum


New Study Can't Explain Blue Stragglers' Youth

News to Note AIG

The Doctrine of the Few

Earth Hit the 7-Billion Mark Too Late

Canadians say thank but no thanks to evolution

Faith, Substance, and Evidence

Mercury's Fading Magnetic Field Fits Creation Model

Feedback AIG: God created animals, man, and woman—in that order?

The Nations and the Children of Israel

Ancient Paint Workshop Challenges Human Evolutionary Story

Research Paper Challenge 

Stand Ye Still

Mercury's Surface Looks Young

European Legislators Withdraw Resolution

The Word of Life

Could a Virus Jump-Start the First Cell?

Shining City on the Hill

Early Church on Scripture & Tradition

Millstone Moment

Has TOL gone to the dogs?

Jesus Founded a Visible Church on Earth 

American Empire

News to Note AIG

The Cave Men

Did Dragonflies Really Predate Dinosaurs?

AIG: Feedback: Astrophysics and the age of the universe

Lights in the World

Not hiring until Obama is gone

To grandma's house you go? What are your Thanksgiving Day plans?

The Word is God not Jesus

Godrulz - You really need to respond to these questions

Why Do The Good Christians On This Site Let The Barbarian Get Away With His Behavior?

What is Faith?

Foreign hackers targeted U.S. water plant in apparent malicious cyber attack

Gun instructor wouldn't train Muslims or Obama backers

Current TOL Feuds

Hello Theology Online

Whose interpretation is authoritative, binding & final?

Nick STP Nang AMR Cruc Zippy Elo Choleric GR - What must I do/believe to be saved?

Biblical Authority: A Final Word

DVD evangelism

Modern Science in an Ancient Book

Scientists Don't Know How Universe Works, Started

Biblical Authority: Blessed Assurance

Today’s most photographed scene in Christendom?

Biblical Authority: Amazing Grace

AIG: News to Note

Measuring Billions

Mythical Planet Doesn't Solve Orbit Origins

Biblical Authority: Teach Me the Measure of My Days

Feedback: Are Scientists Really Biased by their Presuppositions?

Love Your Enemies

Scientists Discover New Clue to Geckos' Climbing Ability

Biblical Authority: Be Thou My Vision

New Religious Education Guidelines on Creationism & Atheism

Our Rock: The Creator

Letting the Science Speak for Itself

Biblical Authority: When This Passing World Is Done

Museum Mania

Preaching the Resurrection

Humans are Unique

Mississippi Votes For Hell

If you were in charge of TOL which members would you ban?

Soundly saved, but what next?

Has Einstein's Limit on the Speed of Light Been Broken?

Biblical Authority: The Sands of Time Are Sinking

Museum Guide: Shining biblical light on evolutionary exhibits

Our Rock of Salvation

Whale Study Confirms Evolutionary Trees Don't Work

Biblical Authority: Who Is This that Comes from Edom?

The Worldview of Today’s Youth

Offering Willingly

New Life Origins Theory Has Old Problems

Biblical Authority: Hallelujah, What a Savior!

“Memorial Stones” & Marshmallows

The Face of Jesus Christ

UK Atheists Push to Censor Academic Freedom

Biblical Authority: Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
The Master’s College & Seminary

Sealed by the Holy Spirit

Trace Metals Study Confirms Fossil Has Original Feathers

Biblical Authority: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

Experience Creation

The Lord Jehovah

Have Scientists Finally Found 'Dinofuzz'?

Biblical Authority: It Is Well with My Soul

Schools—A Platform for Biblical Truth?

Jeremiah and Inspiration

NASA's Ocean Currents Study Confirms Providential Care

Biblical Authority: Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Parents—Don’t Leave Teaching to the Church

Behavior Checklist

The Plague: Birth of a Killer

Biblical Authority: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Today’s Youth—Walking Away from Truth

Witnessing to Evolutionary Philosophers

Design in DNA: Flexibility Is Just Right

Godrulz, the rabid Calvinist

Smear: Herman Cain accused of sexual harassment

Justification and the Roman Catholic Church

What is your biggest weakness?

I need your help please

Come back Town Heretic!

Sharia law: Appeals court won't stop Hillsborough judge from considering Islamic law

Vatican aligned itself with anti-capitalism protesters

Working with Roman Catholics in the Personhood Movement

Can Born-Again Christians Remain in the Roman Catholic Church?

Signature in the cell

Biblical Authority: Holy, Holy, Holy

The Rights of Christians in America’s Public Schools

Doing God's Pleasure

Transposon Behavior Negates 'Selfish Gene' Theory

Biblical Authority: What If We Don’t See Any Results?

Can Teachers Teach Creation Legally?


Is Fossil Really a 'Game Changer' for Human Evolution?

Libya's Muammar el-Qaddafi is dead, discuss

Should homosexuals be given the death penalty?

Gilad Shalit: Everybody's Son

Perry: Good looking Cowboy in Vegas

Cub in Grocery Store

What kind of "seed" am I planting here on TOL?

Biblical Authority: Why Should I Share My Testimony?

Are you Evolutionized?

Questioning God

Nature Article Inadvertently Confirms Dinosaur Design

Biblical Authority: How Do We Witness to Someone with No Biblical Foundation?

Are You Evolutionized?—Some Facts Behind the Questions 

The Righteous Judge

Lightweight Star Should Not Exist

Why do Catholics leave the church?

A new observation in light of recent TOL events

House Bill Would Criminalize Satire of TSA

Parents angry over marijuana-shaped candy

What are your favorite, and least favorite, topics to discuss on TheologyOnline?

Looking for quotes on how God's love is so much greater than our love

Biblical Authority: What Was the Content of Paul’s Teaching?

News to Note: A weekly feature examining news from the biblical viewpoint

God Our Savior

Fossil Hand Points Away from Human Evolution

Biblical Authority: How Do We Witness to Someone with Biblical Knowledge?

What Do We Mean by “Human Reasoning”?

Working Out Salvation

Study Says People Subconsciously Resist Creative Ideas

Biblical Authority: How Does the Gospel Affect the World?

Common Ancestor or Common Designer?

Working Out Salvation

First Cell's Survival Odds Not in Evolution's Favor

Alzheimer's is reason for Christian/s to divorce their spouse

Romney's hardened heart and unchanged mind

Biblical Authority: How Can Praise Help Us Share the Gospel?
The Courage to Question—A Passion for Answers

The Hand of the Lord

Rare Supernova Recalls Missing Remnants Mystery

Knight's Pick

Biblical Authority: How Can We Follow the Spirit?

Know the Creator, Follow the Creator

Fast and Furious and Eric Holder

An Open Letter to TOL

Biblical Authority: Should We Suffer for the Gospel?

Tools of Evolution

Jesus Christ Is Lord

Were Viruses Created or Evolved?

Biblical Authority: Can We Present the Gospel in Any Circumstance?
Jaws of Life

What do you suppose God thinks of the Catholic Church?

Genesis 1:26 Help! Who is us?

The Central Proposition

Liberals swoon, collectively


What are the beast and false prophet?

Let them eat cake

Occupy Wall Street issues demands

The "big" Occupy Wall Street anti-capitalist protests. Thoughts?

Choose your "eism"!

Biblical Authority: Should We Expect the Unexpected?

Fascist Phobia

The Apple of the Eye

IBM Attempts to Build Computer 'Brain'

Biblical Authority: How Can We Witness with Power Amidst Opposition?
APEERances to the Contrary

He Knows Our Hearts

Human Languages Fit a Young Earth Model

Biblical Authority: How Do We Recognize Our Role in the Church?

RE Education

Treasures of the Snow

Eye Evolution: Assumption, Not Science

Biblical Authority: What Is the Great Commission? 

Stuck in Censorship Mode

Practicing What We Preach

Christian Professor Claims Genetics Disproves Historical Adam

Should Christians involve themselves in politics?

Catholic & Protestant Approaches to the Bible

Michael Jackson: Photos and audio of the homosexual pedophile

Michael Vick

Sola scriptura vs. Magisterium: What Did Jesus Teach?

Putin Set to Re-Emerge as the Czar of Russia

Obamacare: Medical Records

If you view pornography can you still call yourself Christian?

Rick Perry admits he is a liberal after losing straw poll

Biblical Authority: Will Those in Heaven Grieve for Those in the Lake of Fire?

Publisher’s Pen

The Lord God of Heaven

Feathers Missing from 'Feathered Dinosaur' Display 

When will currency/coin become a rarity?

Do good works play a part in your salvation?

County Fines Couple for Having Bible Study

Biblical Authority: Will Heaven Be a Quiet Place?

European legislators see through committee report?

The Infinite Wisdom and Knowledge of God

Do Eyes Carry 'Scars of Evolution'?

Biblical Authority: Why Do You Want Jesus to Return?

The evolutionists’ survey says ...

News to Note AIG

For the Sins of the Nation

RNA Discoveries Refute Key Evolutionary Argument

Biblical Authority: What Does Heaven Tell Us About Racism?

Feedback AIG: Is young-earth creationism a childish belief?

Brutish Fools

Continents Should Have Eroded Long Ago

Cyber Meltdown

Biblical Authority: Will Carbon Credits Change the Fate of This Planet? 

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Oxford—Once Christian?

Charity or Love?

Butterflies Mimic Other Species with 'Amazing Supergene'  

Special Prosecutor: Solyndra, LightSquared, and Fast & Furious?

Christ's Apostolic Church

Bloomberg: Jobs crisis could spark riots here

Who bought gold?


The Coming Universal Caliphate

Megan Kelly on Chaz Bono

That's so Gay

How Many Concerts Have You Attended?

Candidates: Does faith matter?

Superstitious Gallagher

Obama To Poor: No Soup For You!

Solyndra Loan

Poor sportsmanship & classless fans

Obama is creating a poverty boom

Perry on benefits for illegal aliens

Jane You Ignorant Slut

9-11: Where were you when Islamic terrorists attacked us?

Rumsfeld: Attack imminent if Congress cuts defense

Is there something in the water?

Atheism is a religion

Jew-haters are liars, murderers, and children of Satan says Jesus...

Obama's Jobs Speech

The question which disembowels Open Theism

Never forget 911

Are you born again? Is it a fact or a false claim?

Hoffa: "Let's take these son of bitches out..."

All this anti-Catholic stuff on TOL

Stop with the All Caps

Waters Schmaters

What Color were Adam and Eve?

Ten-Step Refutation of Sola Scriptura

The Genuine Meaning of the term born again in John 3:5

Biblical Authority: How Does Christ’s Resurrection Impact Our Future?

A Tale of Two Journalists

I Am

Earliest Fossil Shows Wood Could Not Evolve

Biblical Authority: What Is in Satan’s Future?

Humans: Purposely Designed

Scripture Says/God Says

Why Would Parasitic Worms Help Bowel Disease?

Biblical Authority: What Will It Be Like Around the Throne of God?

Why does the universe continue to exist?

The Greatest Name

County Fair's Creation Booth Smeared by Media

Biblical Authority: What Will Inevitably Happen to God’s Creation?

News to Note

The Good Confession

Evolutionary Paradox: Embryos Resist Tinkering

Biblical Authority: What Is the Point of Eschatology?

Feedback: Noah, a Global Flood, and the Case Against Racism

Graven in the Rock 

Laetoli Footprints Out of Step with Evolution

Biblical Authority: What Is the Reward for True Believers?  

Christian College Short Questionnaire

The Obedient Christ

Evolution Delays Discovery of Dolphin Sensory Ability

Federal judge halts Alabama immigration law

Dispute over Muslim headwear


Hurricane Irene: discussion, updates, etc.

China Rising

Biblical Authority: What Is So Important About the Second Coming?

News to Note, AIG

When the Rivers Run Dry

More Evidence Neandertals Were Human

Biden to China: 'I fully understand' [forced abortion]

Biblical Authority: Why Is Eschatology Important for the Christian Worldview?

Teaching the Bible in Public Schools: A Review of Two Textbooks

Our Advocate in Heaven

Did Natural Gas Take Millions of Years to Form?

Biblical Authority: Why Is it So Hard to Obey the Spirit?
General Information on Christian Camping

Jesus Christ or Christ Jesus

Early Bird Gets the Boot: Researchers Reclassify Archaeopteryx

The True Church Of Christ According To The Scriptures

Biblical Authority: Can You Control Yourself?

Another feathered dinosaur?

Our Natural and Spiritual Bodies

Origin of Cells Study Uses Bad Science

This is sadly done in the name of God

Flash Mobs

Elite Alert

Why did God create pests such as mosquitoes and flies?

Drug Shortage

How Obama will make up lost votes

Rick Perry: Evolution Is 'A Theory That's Out There' Like Creationism

"And then the end will come"!

Biblical Authority: Where Does Spiritual Fruit Grow?

Creationists accused of Nazism by fellow Christian

The Delightful Law

Putin Rising: But is he “Gog”?

Obama to Farmers: Some Rumors of Regulations ‘Are Unfounded’

Water Near Edge of Universe Bolsters Creation Cosmology

Molestation of kids by Catholic Priests!

News to Note

Taking a Look at Jonathan Edwards

Born this Way

Perry for President

RCC: Adoration of A False Christ Increases

What do you think of Michele Bachmann?

How do you explain Déjà vu?

Why Does American Currency Say "In God We Trust"

A Question About American Conservatism

Mark of the Beast

"One World" Trade Center

Pick on godrulz (pinata)

Is Barack Obama the worst president in US history?

How close is your TOL persona to your actual self?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

When the Foundations Are Destroyed

Teaching the Bible in Public Schools: A Review of Two Textbooks

The Weight of the Wind

Bacteria: More Good than Bad and Ugly

Partakers of the Promise

Another feathered dinosaur? 


Science or the Bible?

Almighty God

Biology 101: Dissecting Today’s Textbooks

Creationists accused of Nazism

Biblical Authority: Are Your Ambitions for God’s Glory or Your Own?

Biblical Leprosy: Shedding Light on the Disease that Shuns

News to Note

His Kingdom Is Forever

Kenyan Controversy

Feedback: Why don’t we find dinosaurs and humans together in the fossil record?

What is your favorite Bible verse?

His Doom Is Sure

The Genesis Nemesis

The Right Man on Our Side

Biblical Authority: Are You Following Heresies?

Monkeying with the Media: A Case Study of the Scopes Trial and the Media's Impact

Fluctuations Show Radioisotope Decay Is Unreliable

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Biblical Authority: Are You Content with God’s Provision for Your Life?

Skull Scratching

Messenger Spacecraft Confirms: Mercury Is Unique

How Does God Hear?

Biblical Authority: Are You Sowing to the Spirit or the Flesh?
Graphic Fraud

Tadpole Faces Form by Bioelectric Patterning

A Mind to Work

Biblical Authority: Who Will Inherit the Kingdom of God?

Sea Turtles: One of Today's “Living Fossils”

Evolution Controversy's Outdated, One-sided Exposure


Should Muslims be Soldiers?

Muslims Block Food Aid to Starving Children

It's only 'terrorism' when Muslims do it

Pole Dancing Class For 7-Year-Olds

What should be done to the man responsible for the Oslo Norway murder spree?

Pastors/Ministers who use tobacco and alcohol

God's Approval Rating Barely Breaks 50 Percent

Biblical Authority: Why Would You Want an Impossible Peace?

Do You Know What Your Children are Being Taught in School?

Opals Can Form in Weeks

Would Catholics Follow the Pope if he said to?

Who is Mystery Babylon?

Putting the Bible Back in Schools

The Eternal God

Favorite burger

Reason 1: The documentary record

Mockers--Ancient and Modern

Reason 2: Evolution

Without the Camp

Biblical Authority: Are You Redeeming the Time?

Reason 3: Fossils

When the Boughs Break

Biblical Authority: What Is Wrong with Living According to the Flesh?

Reason 4: Rock strata, ice cores, and all that

Early Risers

Biblical Authority: Why Is There No Condemnation?

News to Note

Do Hairless Fruit Fly Larvae Spell "Evolution"?

No Complaints

Biblical Authority: What Is this Spiritual Battle We Face?

Reason 5: Continental drift

Fossil Pigment Paints Long Ages into a Corner

The Reverend God

Amazing how those who know the RCC are not against it...

Biblical Authority: How Should We Face Persecution?

Reason 6: The sun shines

Cambrian Shrimp Eyes Are 'Surprisingly Advanced'

What's really behind anti-Catholicism?

Biblical Authority: Who Are the Real Peacemakers?

Reason 7: Supernova 1987a

The Sleight of Men


Biblical Authority: Where Is Your Heart Leading You?

Reason 8: Radioactivity

The Incarnation of Christ

Biblical Authority: How Should We Respond to God’s Mercy?

Reason 9: Stars and galaxies

Green Fossil Leaves Point to Recent Catastrophe

Abiding Words

Biblical Authority: Do You Thirst for Righteousness?

Reason 10: The big bang

Peer Review Fails in Soft Tissue Study


Biblical Authority: What Is Inherited By God’s People?

How old is the earth?

Yeast Adapt, But Don't Evolve

The Meek of the Earth

Biblical Authority: Why Is It Not All About Me?   

News to Note

NASA Data Derail Nebular Hypothesis

In the Midst

Is the Kingdom within us?

I’ve Caught Atheists in an Illogical Position

Second Vatican Council

Early Christians on the teachings of Christ's historic church

How Does 'Mockery', Insults etc Encourage Anyone To Listen Or Change Their View?

Catholic and Protestant ecumenical worship and study

Why do atheists crave debate?

Is space exploration worth the expense for our country?

South Sudan

Biblical Authority: How Should I Mourn Sin?

Feedback AIG: Is God really good?

The Human Mutation Clock Is Ticking

Prayer of the Whole Heart

Biblical Authority: Where Can True Comfort Be Found?

New RE Guidelines on Creation and Atheism

Missouri Flood Carves 'Badlands' Landscape

Not Many Wise Men

Biblical Authority: How Must I React to My Sin?

News to Note

Latest Soft Tissue Study Skirts the Issues

Immediate Results

Feedback: Where’s the Biological Evidence?

Others' Things

Cell Phone vs. Bible

Why I speak in tongues

Being convicted about my pride

Rate song above you

Why are we called saints?

Do you even know how stupid tattoos look?

Scare tactics

Commander to the People

Academics publicly oppose soon-to-open Creation Museum

Presuppositions in the Classroom

Lessons Learned from a Fossil

The Peace of Thy Children

Seed Planting at the State Fair

The Judging Spirit of God

Biblical Authority: What Is the Result of Spiritual Bankruptcy?

News to Note

Reasonable Service

Biblical Authority: Who Are the Poor in Spirit?

Feedback: “blatantly devoid of proven scientific evidence”

Universe's Matter Is Too Clumpy

The Spiritual Senses

Biblical Authority: Are You Truly Blessed?

Noah’s Ark—Sailing in the Netherlands?

Miss USA 'Believes' in Evolution

Jesus Christ Is Lord

Biblical Authority: Are You Ready to Sit and Listen at the Feet of Jesus?
Stuck in Genesis

Young Comet Challenges Solar System Formation Story

Esteem Others

Biblical Authority: Which Comes First from God’s Perspective—Faith, Love, or Hope?
Tunnel Vision and a Close Election

'Wildly Unexpected' Galaxies Defy Simple Naturalistic Explanations

The Proverbial Tongue

Biblical Authority: Which Comes First from Our Perspective—Faith, Love, or Hope?
Let there be Truth

Thrilling Response to Creation Expo at Prestonwood Baptist

Demonic Discouragement

Biblical Authority: How Important Is it for Us to Love?
Ark Almighty

More Evidence of King Solomon's Copper Mine

Here a Little, There a Little

Biblical Authority: Will We Suffer if We Love God?

Anti-Creation Courses
Naturally Wrong

Long Enough

Music personality

My biggest problem with the Bible

Biblical Authority: Must I Really Love My Enemies?

Aquarium Guide: A Fresh Look at God’s Underwater Creation

Animal Kingdom Already Had Underwater Divers and Solar-Powered Flyers

The Joy of Reconciliation

Biblical Authority: Why Is Love Crucial to the Greatest Commandments?

Cedarville University

Study Demonstrates Babies Reason Logically Before They Can Even Speak

Israel's Confession of Faith

Biblical Authority: What Is Love?  

Antibiotic Resistance as “Evidence” for Evolution

Journal Censors 'Second Law' Paper Refuting Evolution


State to fight ruling against ban on race in college admissions

Does a Christian, who is not in fellowship with God make sense to you?

What does it mean to be in the woodshed?

UK Is this really what you want?

What is the Holy Ghost?

Silly Summer Avatar

Do you Pray to a Saint?

Sin - Nature or Nurture

Don’t let this happen to you!

Medjogorje: Secrets and Prophecies

What do you think of the people you know who converted to Catholicism?

Biblical Authority: How Sure Is Our Hope?

It Started in Eden

Prestonwood Creation-Themed VBS Teaches Science, Scripture, and Salvation

The Whole Heart

Biblical Authority: How Do We Endure During Difficult Times?

Utah's Testimony to Catastrophe

Northern Lights Display Earth's Designed Protection

The Holy One of Israel

Biblical Authority: What Is the Biblical View of Hope?

Can Evolution Be Criticized in Public Schools?

San Angelo Biologist Suggests Children Don't Need All Views of Science

Marital Problems

Biblical Authority: What Does Faith Accomplish?

Noah’s Ship: Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

Out of Place Marine Fossil Disrupts Evolutionary Index

The Secret of the Lord

Biblical Authority: Are We Justified by Works or Faith?

News to Note AIG

The Cost of Adaptations Limits Evolution

Stunted Growth in Carnal Christians

Biblical Authority: Is Biblical Faith Blind?

The Republican presidential candidates on evolution

New Sky Map Shows Big Bang Even More Unlikely

The Secret Things

Biblical Authority: What Is Unique About Faith, Hope, and Love?

Feedback AIG: Feedback: A streamlined Noah’s Ark?

Young Blue Stars Found in Milky Way

No Night There

Biblical Authority: Do I Have to Study the Bible?

A Trial to Watch

More Proof That Dinosaurs Lived with 'Later' Creatures

The Eternal Flame

Biblical Authority: Should We Criticize?

Academic Non-Freedom

Louisiana Academic Freedom Challenge Deferred

Worship of Idols and Demons

Biblical Authority: Why Are We Commanded to Be Humble?

Embryos Disprove Evolution

Harold Camping, Rob Bell, and the Search for the Historical Adam

A Little Flock

Biblical Authority: How Can We Rejoice Through Pain?

British Isles

Humans Were Made for Walking

Never Too Late

Biblical Authority: What Does It Mean to Trust in God?
A Not-So-Nobel Effort

Genetics Analysis of Jews Confirms Genesis

Privileged Suffering

Biblical Authority: Do I Have to Forgive Others?

Fin Evidence

Genetic Stop Sign Halts Evolutionary Explanations

Instruction Contrary to Knowledge

Biblical Authority: Am I Really Responsible for the Welfare of Others?

Computers are “Evil”!

The God Who Saves

Ten-step refutation of Sola Scriptura

How will you Honor Gay Pride Month?

Doubts about Salvation

Biblical Authority: Do Others Really Have to Come Before Me?

Has Noah’s Ark Been Found?

How Can Things Invisible Be Seen?

Biblical Authority: Do I Really Have to Love Church?

A Changed View, A Changed Heart: The testimony of a Grand Canyon river guide

Fear of Fire

Biblical Authority: How Can God Expect So Much of Us?

Setting the Stage for an Ice Age

Scan of Amber-Trapped Spider Shows Recent Origin

The Spiritual Rock

Biblical Authority: When Is Obedience Most Difficult?

AIG News to Note

Embryonic Tissue Development Needs More than Just DNA

Stories in Heaven

Biblical Authority: What Is the Right Spirit of Correction?

Church “equipping”

Self-Cloning Lizards Fit for Survival

Sowing and Sleeping

Biblical Authority: What Is the Extent of Christ’s Authority?

AIG News to Note

'Old' Galaxy Found in 'Young' Part of the Universe

The Message of the Old Testament

Biblical Authority: What Is God’s Solution for Man’s Wickedness?

AIG Feedback: A reader responds to Ken’s article on the Virginia Tech tragedy

Despite 'Magma Ocean' Discovery, Io's Volcanic Heat Remains a Mystery

The Virtue of Having Enemies

Biblical Authority: What Is the Reward of the Righteous?

The half was not told

BioLogos Leader Giberson Resigns

Slaves, and Souls of Men

Biblical Authority: What Is the Reward of the Wicked?

They Love Lucy

Evolutionary Leftovers in DNA? Not So, Says New Study

Present with the Lord

Biblical Authority: What Does it Mean to Be Saved?

How Could a Loving God ... ? More school violence in America

T. Rex Toddler Answers Noah's Ark Questions

Our Weekly Day of Rest and Worship

Biblical Authority: Does God Hate Anyone?

The Key to the Age of the Earth

Cellular Circuit Boards Circumvent Evolutionary Causes

Death by Sin

Biblical Authority: What Is the Desire of the Wicked?

Universality of the Genesis Flood

'Living Fossil' Horsetails Confirm Creation

The Indwelling Holy Spirit

Biblical Authority: Who Is a Fool?

News to Note

Carbon Dating of '70 Million Year Old' Mosasaur Soft Tissues Yields Surprising Results

Things Worth Knowing

Biblical Authority: How Is it Possible for Us to Do Good Works?

Tyrannosaurus rex: a big chicken?

Green River Formation Fossil Has Original Soft Tissue

Becoming the Gospel

Biblical Authority: Where Do We Find Satisfaction?

T. rex drumstick

Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria Did Not Evolve


Deadly tornados: tragic weather phenomenon or God's wrath?

Black Trash

A Case Study on the Necessity of the Magisterium

On Matthew 16:18-19 & The Papacy

Dividing Land Israel

San Antonio schools will be counting calories

Prescribing Jesus Gets Doctor Censured

I'm Just here to offset Cruciform

Same Sex Marriages in the Military

Obama sides with the Palestinians...

US expected to cancel $1 billion of Egypt's debt

The last goat standing: Satanism fear stalks village as animals are tortured & killed

Iran building rocket bases in Venezuela

Biblical Authority: How Do You Get Wise from Thinking About Mortality?

Calling for creation in Christian colleges, AIG

SETI Funding Linked to Belief in Evolution

Two Mothers

Biblical Authority: What Are You Hiding?

As I Always Said: “It’s a Mutant!”

Hi-Tech Eye Design in a Lowly Mollusk

The Soul Exchange

Biblical Authority: Where Did We Come from, and Where Are We Going?

News to Note

Job and Adam

What is the War of Gog and Magog Pt 2

What is the War of Gog and Magog?

Can a soul die eternally?

Osama Exposed

Biblical Authority: Why Can’t I Be My Own God? 

“Slain from the foundation of the world”

Mercy and Truth

Nanny State and Trucking

Hip Hop White House

The Secret of OZ

CIA Indictments

Robed Muslim clerics kicked off U.S. flight  

You might be a redneck if . . .

Hell:  I Want Your Thoughts

Slut Walks

Pwnd OBL

Good Evening and a confession

My Return: With Certain Guidelines

Biblical Authority: Who Do You Think You Are?

Feedback: Questioning the Bible

The 'Shall Not's' of John's Gospel

Biblical Authority: O Death, Where Is Your Sting?

“And the Lord Shut Him In”

Pleasant Perplexities

Biblical Authority: Will We All Die?

Letters from Dad: Words of Faith, Hope, and Love

Son of the Living God

Biblical Authority: How Are the Dead Raised Up?

Teaching Science to Children: Learning by doing

Bruising the Devil

Biblical Authority: Why Are We in Danger Every Hour?

Media march on the museum continues

New Galaxy Model Leaves Old Questions Unanswered


Biblical Authority: What Did Paul Mean by Baptism for the Dead?

TIME editors endorse Bible education in schools


ICR Launches Online Apologetics Degree

Life by Death

Biblical Authority: How Long Must Christ Reign?

News to Note AIG

Time Keeps on Slipping
Can Evolution Hurdle the 'Mutation Protection Paradox'?

Biblical Authority: What Does Christ’s Resurrection Mean for Us?

Feedback: Presuppositions?
Insect Fossil Flies in the Face of Gradual Evolution

Biblical Authority: Why Would We Be Considered the Most Pitiable?

Amazing Fossils on Display at the Creation Museum

Jurassic Spider: What's in a Name?

The Oracles of God

Biblical Authority: Will We Perish?

More Archaeological Discoveries and Views from Mount Ararat

'Demon Reptile' Is Not a Missing Link

Christ the King

Biblical Authority: Why Would We Still Be in Our Sins if Christ Was not Raised? 

God’s Design Science Curriculum—Sample Lessons

The Watchers 

Cinco de mayo! What are your plans?

Can you ban me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold GYJO TOL Theology Online?

Reuters Releases 'Death Scene' Photos

Should the USA release photo's of Osama Bin Laden's dead body?

Killing Bin Laden: Obama's Big Mistake?

Court to hear US passport dispute over Jerusalem

Should we rethink enhanced interrogation procedures?

Should Osama Bin Laden be Forgiven?

Osama Bin Laden's Dead

Why there is not one miracle of amputated body parts?

Does God desire that everyone be saved?

What are your favorite song lyrics?

Why Obama is a Socialist

Truth, Justice...and a One World System

Trump Triumphant!

Bathroom Bill

A man is drowning...

Obama Links America’s Greatness With Government Spending — Again

Defending rapists and murders is ok, but not traditional marriage

Easter: no proclamation

Biblical Authority: Are We “False Witnesses of God”?

Teen Sex

Other Preachers

Biblical Authority: What Should We Remember When Thinking About the Resurrection?

Suicide: Self-inflicted Death

Risen with Christ

Biblical Authority: What Could Be Better than Seeing the Risen Lord?

Erasing Images

Buried with Him

Biblical Authority: How Did Paul Explain the Gospel in the Resurrection Chapter?

Pornography: A Distortion of God’s Plan

Accepted in the Beloved

Biblical Authority: What Is Our Moral Calling?

Your body—a gift from God—your most precious gift to your spouse

Did Flower Study Catch Evolution in the Act?

Opening the Ear

Biblical Authority: How Do We Change Immoral Behavior?

Johan Huibers and His Ark: Ready to Set Sail in the Netherlands

Historic 'Primordial Soup' Study Yields New Data, But Not New Answers

Filled with Fruit

Biblical Authority: What Does Jesus Teach Us About Practicing Morality?

Noah the Evangelist 

Fruit Fly DNA Not as Well Known as Scientists Thought

The Prepared Body

Biblical Authority: How Is Jesus the Best Example of Morality?

The Living Savior

Shark Jaw Opens Questions about Coal Formation

Should Fragile Shells Be Common in the Fossil Record?
Biblical Authority: Where Is Jesus in the Moral Law?

The First Day of the Week

Duplicated Plant Genes Don't Solve Darwin's 'Abominable Mystery'

Caring for the Animals on the Ark
Flood Legends: The Significance of a World of Stories Based on Truth

Noah’s Ark and the Flood—It’s Time to Think Outside the Box!

Taking Back the Rainbow

Mything the Boat: How the world sees Noah's Ark

“Perillous” Days for British Christians

What Is The Most Booooooring Topic Of Conversation?

Simply the best

Dearborn Mosque

Easter mass readings

If a birther is

Who Would You Most Like To Share A Coupla Beers With On TOL?

Is Obama A Natural Born Citizen?

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

How GE, Google and other mega-corps pay no income tax

Obama Calls GOP Budget ‘Radical, Not Courageous’

Government Handouts Top Tax Revenues For First Time Since Great Depression

'Hunky Jesus' Contest in San Fransicko

The Truth About Dreams and Visions

Wildcard Wednesday

Feedback: Religion has zero effect on a person's integrity?

Witnessing: A Conversation, Not a Presentation

How long was the original cubit?

Two of Every Kind: The Animals on Noah’s Ark

Goose-stepping to Zion?

Biblical Authority: How Can We Know True Goodness? 

Chameleon Tongue Inspires Robotic Design

Christ the Son of God

Mark of the Beast

Feedback: Just add energy?

New Science Can’t Save an Old Farce

Publisher's Pen

Something fishy about gill slits!
Creationists—American fascists?
Meeting Scientists Behind Closed Doors
Is natural selection “the devil’s device”?
The New Fascists?
On the horns of a dilemma?
“Jesus’ tomb found” claim as empty as Jesus’ [real] tomb

Feedback: Opposition to Creation Museum

Tale from a Crypt

Depicting the Ark—A Sign of the Times?

Happy or Hurting

Question for climate change believers

Anti-War Movement - Typical Liberal Hypocrisy?

Knight, you look like a cigar smoking Las Vegas night club owner, change your image

DNA’s sweet secret: its Sculptor!

Sauropods: God’s Majestic Giants

No mystery to me

Feedback: Complaint about “How to build a bomb

Once lost, but now found

Evolving Agendas

Evolution “restored” in Kansas?

“Hobbits” were true humans!
Just add energy...

Feedback: Confusion on biology, geology, and evolution

Churches in praise of . . . Darwin!

Belief in evolution—required for college admission?

The Bible and Slavery

Why Did God Take Six Days?

So close, yet so far—the humbling of a football star

Observation of evolution in bacteria

Casting Stones at the Pyramids

The question: to ban or not to ban?

Twenty Reasons Why Genesis and Evolution Do Not Mix

Early Optical Technology  

My Stupid Supervisors

Peering into the manufacturing of an anti-creationist urban myth

The trouble with TV

Homosexuality and the authority of Scripture

Creation, Flood, and Coming Fire

The “new atheists”
From fins through fantasy to wings

Evidence of dinosaurs at Angkor


Biblical Authority: Should We Focus on Appearances Regarding Morality?

Wake Up, Shepherds!

The Trumpet of God

Biblical Authority: Why Should We Correct Compromised Truth?

Amniotic Stem Cells—A New Era?

Dinosaur Fossil 'Wasn't Supposed to Be There'

Love's Product

Biblical Authority: How Do I Correct a Brother or Sister in Christ?

Online Education—Big Success

Algae Invaders Actually Benefit Their Salamander Hosts


Biblical Authority: Is It Ethical to Publicly Correct a Fellow Believer?

Focus on Morality

Bill Questioning Evolution Passes in Tennessee House

Love's Longing Prayer

Biblical Authority: What about the “Gray Areas” of Morality?

Evangelism in a Pagan World
New Images Show Far Side of the Moon Looks Young

Remember His Benefits

Video Game Thread

Found: Nails Used to Crucify Jesus

Trump is a Lying Child Killer

Debt Ceiling

Boehner's Bargaining Chip

Fed Judge OKs "Boobies" Bracelet in School

Is there a 'special relationship' between the UK and the US?

The universe is not all about us!

A long night at the museum: History comes alive?

I am ashamed ...

Questions for Robin Crossman, DVM, founder of Babytooth Technologies

Plan B: Over-the-Counter Abortion?

International Adoption: One Couple’s Journey

Mind the Gap
Kinver Caveman

Adopted Into God’s Family

If Everything Is Right, Why Is Everything Wrong?

Culture in Crisis

When God’s Plan Hurts

Should we look to the animal world for answers?

Reaching Teachers

Homeschooling—Growing Opportunity

Evolution in Kindergarten

Biblical Authority: Why Do Naturalistic Ethics Fail? (Part Two)

Helping Tomorrow’s Forefathers Today

Flesh and Bones

Who is Mystery Babylon?

Reaching Post Communist Bulgaria with the Gospel

Not Just Horsin’ Around

Answers Come to Nicaragua

Trading Truth for Tolerance? Same-Sex Unions and the Family

Escape from Darkness: A Former Radical Muslim Reveals Secrets All Christians Must Know

Purity...A Priceless Commitment: Teaching Youth to Stay Pure

Interracial Marriage: It’s the Inside That Matters

Inferior or Equal

Darwin Taught Male Superiority

Stem Cells: Does Their Origin Matter?

Planned Parenthood: A Commentary on its History and Philosophy

AIDS—No End in Sight

Hark—the Ark?

The Language of Inconsistency

An Amazing Life

Evolution Faith Project

Depending on Plan B

Pluto in the Doghouse?

Bearing Out Creation

For the Birds?

Biblical Authority: Why Do Naturalistic Ethics Fail? (Part One)

Hominid Hopes Dashed

Is Islam a peaceful religion?

Crash Landing

More Peeks at Darwin’s Beaks

That’s Entertainment ... Or Is It?

Readers Respond Answers in Genesis

Publisher’s Pen

Cobb County Textbook Stickers Gone for Good

Pleasures at God's Right Hand

Biblical Authority: Why Is Scripture the Ultimate Standard for Morality and Ethics?

Building a Biblical Worldview in a Fallen World

Chinese Dinosaurs Were Fossilized by Flood

The Living Word

Biblical Authority: How Does Fulfillment in Christ Affect Us?

Room for the Soul—Not for its True Creator: the Secular Search for Meaning

Utah Dinosaur Petroglyph Disputed

On Being Faithful

Biblical Authority: How Does Jesus Fulfill Our Need to Meet with God?

Culture and Church in Crisis

Does Thinking of Death Make Intelligent Design More Appealing?

Defense of the Gospel

Biblical Authority: How Is the Tabernacle Fulfilled in Jesus?

Amazing Grace of Freedom

North America's Oldest Inhabitants Found in Texas

Gospel Apologetics

Biblical Authority: What Is the Definition of Complete?

William Wilberforce: A Leader for Biblical Equality

Why Is 'Pseudogene' the Same in Chimps and Humans?

Promised Performance

Biblical Authority: Why Are Human Priests Insufficient?

A Review of The Nativity Story

The Father of Spirits

Jo Scott's Conviction

People I'd like to miss on here

Women Pastors. Good idea, bad idea?

The GOP Path to Prosperity

Haijab--in. Yamaka --out.

Biblical Authority:  Why Did We Need a New Priest?

Sea Bear of the Frozen North

Love or Lust

12 killed in response to Koran burning

Why Do You Think Jesus Hasn't Come Back Yet?

Biblical Authority: Who Is Capable of True Fulfillment?

Deconstructing a Deluded Dawkins

Japan's Earthquake Altered the Length of a Day

His Own Place

Biblical Authority: What Does Fulfilled Mean?

The Trouble with Sequencing

Promoting Christ-centered Home Education

The Honest Apostles

Biblical Authority: How Will Incense Be Offered to God in Every Place?

The Evolution of Childbirth?

Bill Would Prevent Texas Colleges from Discriminating against Evolution Doubters

'Oldest Fossils' Are Just Naturally Occurring Minerals

For those unsaved. If it turns out you were wrong and you face God in judgment what will be your defense?

The Star of Bethlehem:  A Supernatural Sign in the Heavens?

Sliding Down the Polls

Chronology Conundrums

Biblical Authority: How Great Is the Name of the Lord?

The Ghost of Darwin

The Transfiguration

All of those that no longer post here

Biblical Authority: What Is the Water of Life?

A Comet’s Tale

Remembered through All Generations

Biblical Authority: How Can We Have Rest?

Do Leaves Die?

God with Us

Biblical Authority: What Is Christian Liberty?

Visiting the Family?

He Knows

Biblical Authority:  What Does It Mean that Christ Fulfilled the Law?

Training to Teach Truth

Does Japan Earthquake Signal the End Times?

Reporting on the Parables

Biblical Authority: What Will Praise Be Like in Heaven?

The United Kingdom Media Review

When Messiah Came

Cruciform's Done

Why are Catholics accused of worshiping Mary?

In Dragon Age 2 you can be hit on by a gay character, Bioware says get over it

The Great Knife Thread!

Greatest Fight

Why do you like that team?

There will be no debates in the afterlife

Biblical Authority: Where Are the Boundaries of Praise?

Bringing the God of History and Science to the Philippines
A Time to Keep Silent, and a Time to Speak

Jesus' Prayer of Thanksgiving

Biblical Authority: How Can Brokenhearted People Have the Ability to Praise God?

When the World Comes Knocking

Has the Lost City of Atlantis Been Found?

Moses and Elijah

Biblical Authority: How Beautiful Do You Find Praise?
Remembering the Creator—From Space

Japan Tsunami Demonstrates Destructive Power of Water

Fellowship in the Gospel

Biblical Authority: What More Could You Want Out of Life?

Worldview Academy

Heat of Saturn Moon Far Surpasses Long-age Expectations

The Good Part

Trump says Obama should show his birth certificate

Zoos—Evolutionary Propaganda or Teaching Opportunity?

Biblical Authority: What Is Praise?

Learn to Think Critically

Biblical Authority: Why Should We Praise God?

The World Will End On May 21st!

Six Days of Creation—A Superstition?

The Price of Sparrows by Henry Morris, Ph.D.

Biblical Authority: What Does Praising God Mean?

Georgia on the Mind ... Again
Relative Hatred

Biblical Authority: Will God Praise Us?

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

Latest 'Life from Outer Space' Claim Is Shot Down

Be Sure

Biblical Authority: When Is Worship Wrong?

Billions of People in Thousands of Years?

'Periodic Table for Flies' Is Guesswork, Not Science

No Fear in the Days of Evil

How many TOL posters do you think are quantifiably nuts?

Anti-Catholicism will soon be the moral imperative

From Boyhood Geology to Ph.D.

If human and chimp DNA are so similar, why are there so many physical and mental differences between them?

Family Times and Family Tears

The Mother Lode of Ancestral Moms

Bacteria Back Creation

Bad Medicine


Christ, Christmas, and the U.S. Constitution

Taking Back the Temples: Museum & Zoo Tours as Ministry
Global Warming: Examine the Issue Carefully

Jonah and the Great Fish

Happy Holidays:  How Did We Get to This?

Biblical Authority: Where Should We Worship God?

A Foundation of Scripturecans

Biblical Authority: What Is Worship?

I don't dislike Catholics, I'd like to clear that up

Creation Week confusion
Cartoons in ministry?
“Putting science and its studies in their proper place”
How does man’s history fit with the biblical timeline?
How can you claim the Bible is God’s eyewitness account of history?
Genesis of a Legacy
Why we proclaim the Bible as the Truth

Creation Road Trip

Christian character: refuting alleged shortcomings, part 2 by Bodie Hodge

Creation Road Trip Games

Ok, whoever thinks this earthquake thing is God's wrath is just an idiot

Stellar evolution, distant starlight and biblical authority

Taking back astronomy

The underlying issue: who are you going to believe—God or men?

An Examination of Error: Trends in science teaching and textbooks

Galactic Cluster Found Far Out of Place

What the Creator Requires

Biblical Authority: What Is Worship Not?

Genesis and Justice: Legal Consequences When Creation Is Forgotten

God's Tear Bottle

Biblical Authority: Where is Wisdom in Unity?

Saved by Grace

For Years Now

The Heretical Rob Bell

Have you been born again?

What if being good isn't good enough?

The Da Vinci Code … the Movie, the Myth and What To Do about It

The Origin and Destiny of Nations

Biblical Authority: Is Unity Something Built or Something Maintained?

Is God bound by time?

Chambered Nautilus Study Offers Clue to Ammonite Extinction

Seven Mountains

Biblical Authority: How Should We View Jesus for Unity’s Sake?

Christian character: refuting alleged shortcomings

Academic Freedom Up for Vote in Home of Scopes

The Limited Knowledge of Jesus

Biblical Authority: Can Division Cause Unity?

Theistic Evolution and the Future of Humans

Conference Concludes Origin of Life Research Is at a Standstill

Oh, How He Loved

Biblical Authority: What Do the Different Parts of the Church Body Do?

To Be a Pilgrim: Lessons learned from Pilgrim’s Progress

Bill Nye the Evolution Guy

The Joy of Jesus

Biblical Authority: Should We Submit to Our Church Leadership?

“Why are you so bothered?”

The Fellowship of the Cross

Biblical Authority: How Should We Treat Our Church Leaders?

Jesus & the Teaching Church

Eusebius on Papal Succession

Apostolic Succession in Christ's Historic Church

Creation Evangelism and the Great Commission
Surrender to His Will

Biblical Authority: Can the Church Tell Me How to Live?

A Tip on Tips

Deeper and Deeper

Biblical Authority: What if a Fellow Christian Refuses to Repent?

Evolution in Christian Organizations

Breaking Bread

Biblical Authority: What Is This Mystery, and Why Is It Great?

How Life Began—A Textbook Recipe

Survey Results: Evolution Weak in Public Schools Despite Dover

One God

Biblical Authority: Why Does Scripture Correlate a Husband and Wife with Christ and the Church?

If humans and dinosaurs lived together, why don’t we find human fossils with dinosaur fossils?

Human Hand Capabilities Impossible to Duplicate

The Uttermost Parts of the Earth

Biblical Authority: Where Does God Live?

Developing a Biblical Worldview in Our Children
Fish Designed to Tolerate Poison

Living in the Real World

Biblical Authority: How Is the Church Christ’s Body?

The Intelligent Design Movement:  Does the identity of the Creator really matter?

Test Scores Suggest American Students Struggle to Think Critically in Science

The Unperfect Substance

Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

I'd like to take some time to clear some things up

What’s Your Worldview? Abridged from Think Biblically!

Sign of the Times

Hollywood Goes to War

Biblical Authority: Who Is the Head of the Church?

Da Truth?

Stooping Low for Evolution

Rodent Resurrected?

Glee Club

Bird Flu:  Has It Evolved?

On the Shoulders of a Giant

Biblical Authority: What If My Child Faces Persecution for Following God?

Why is the Genesis creation account authoritative and not just another myth?

The Daily Cross

On the Emergent Church

Biblical Authority: For What Should We Prepare Our Children?

The World: Born in 4004 BC?

Rejection at Home

Biblical Authority: What Should Parents Be Working Toward?

Radioisotope dating of rocks in the Grand Canyon

Flower 'Evolves' in the Wrong Direction

What issues are you most dogmatic about?

The Truth About Melchizedek

Life is short.  Have an affair.

Egypt's Revolution

The Firstborn of Every Creature

Biblical Authority: Who Is the Real Builder of Godly Families? 

Biblical faith is not “blind”—it’s supported by good science

The Wicked Man

Who on earth is Glenn Beck?

Biblical Authority: What Is the Goal of a Christian Parent?

Gone fishin’ for a missing link?

Shared Genes Undercut Evolutionary Tree

Whom They Pierced

Which TOL member(s) did you dislike at first but now like? (or vice versa)

Biblical Authority: Where Does a Christian Parent Find Satisfaction?

“The message, not the literal meaning, is what matters”

God's Shadow

Biblical Authority: How Should I Respond to Discipline?

Why is my son an atheist?

Study Shows Humans Are Uniquely Designed for Music

Creation and the Constellations

Biblical Authority: How Should I View Being Single?

Does the Word of God need defending?

Marriage and Food: Two Good Things

Biblical Authority: Is There Any Point to High School or Even College?

Science and faith: are they compatible?

Woodpecker Inspires Designers, Knocks Evolution

Not This Man

Biblical Authority: What Does It Mean to Honor Your Father and Mother?

Stay out of Africa!

Paleozoic Scorpion Exoskeleton Gainsays Assigned Age

The Wisconsin state government standoff: who's side are you on and why?

Biblical Authority: Why Do Children Have to Obey Their Parents?

A wasted life?

Fear of Witnessing

Which book in the Bible speaks to you the most?

Vilifying the Teachers

Assault on Unions

AiG aim claim: to “fool the weak-minded”?  

Kolbe Center response to article on “The Gift of Scripture

An in-depth look at the translation of the Hebrew word adam

Why do you take the Bible literally?

Feedback: Dinosaurs, Dating, and the Age of the Earth

Biblical Authority: Should I or Will I Get Married?

Does scripture allow for the gap theory?

With Christ

Evolution and medicine
Still making a case for the Creator at the Tulsa (Oklahoma, USA) Zoo

Biblical Authority: How Can I Be an Example as a Young Person?

Darwin still debating the creationists

Human Foot Bone Misidentified as Lucy's

The Higher Ways

Who is a Warrior?

50,000 workers and students protest attack on unions at Wisconsin state capitol

Dinosaur and human cohabitation conflict
Doubting Darwin in Kansas classrooms:  School board approves new science standards

Biblical Authority: Why Did Our Savior Also Need to Be God?

Why did I wait so long?

Repeat DNA Function Negates Classic Evolutionary Argument

Created and Made

Saved! Using creation evangelism

RATE research reveals remarkable results—a fatal blow to billions of years

Dover, Pennsylvania (USA) Intelligent Design Trial

Equal access to the Father: Lessons learned from Rosa Parks

Hurricanes and a loving God?

University of California at Berkeley sued over pro-evolution website
Amen to “BreakPoint”

ID and President Bush—the deeper issues

Boy forfeits wrestling match against a girl

Biblical Authority: Was Jesus Fully Human and Why Does It Matter?

A doctor’s ‘house calls’ that changed his life

New Direct Fossil Dating Technique Promises to Fail

All Things Well

Biblical Authority: Why Did Christ Come in Such a Humble and Lowly Way?

Nothing new under the sun: media report hypes evolution claims

Jesus the Bible Teacher

The Gift of Scripture–it’s an issue of authority

Museums training volunteers to combat creation

The ‘Pilgrim’ who ‘preaches’ from a grave

Biblical Authority: Who Was This Newborn Messiah?

Of penguins and people: A review of the movie “March of the Penguins”

Scientists Try to Duplicate Clam Glue and Bacterial Biofilm

The Greatest Love

Biblical Authority: What Was the Promise That Was Made?

Creation, the culture wars and the courts

Confirmation of the Gospel

What do you want said at your funeral?

Jesus is...

Biblical Authority: Why Do We Need a Savior?

The mystery of the megaflood

Our Ministry to Angels

Biblical Authority: Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

Defending “design” in Dover (Pennsylvania, USA)

Can Scientists Now Directly Date Fossils?

The Living and the Written Word

Biblical Authority: Why Do We Celebrate Birthdays?

They’re not connecting it! Hurricanes Katrina and Rita … and a loving God

'Simple' Amoebas Can Farm Bacteria

According to the Word

Sola Fide:  A Protestant Error?

What would you do with TOLers?

Reason #637 to Escape Public School

Priorities:  Are your life priorities in order? What does your priority tree look like?

Pre-Trib Rapture

Biblical Authority: Did Three Wise Men Give Their Gifts on the First Christmas?

The awesomeness of death

Bone-eating Worms Show Fossils Formed Fast

Allegories in Scripture

Favorite Poem

Thanks to ASC and his/her ilk

Why Are the Genealogies of Christ Important?

Does Genesis hold up under critic’s scrutiny?

Life Thrives amid Chernobyl's Leftover Radiation

A Model Church

Pharmacy Mistakenly Gives Pregnant Woman Abortion Pill

Another whale of a tale: creationists without a “whimper”?
The history and impact of the book, The Genesis Flood
RATE strikes at the heart of evolution

Reaching out to scoffers in a unique way

Original Sin at the BBC

Biblical Authority: Was Mary Really a Virgin, and How Important Is It?

Chimp genome sequence very different from man

Has Salt-Trapped Bacteria Been Living on Algae for Millions of Years?

No More Fears

Why Catholicism is Anti-Christ

Biblical Authority: Did Others Know What Was to Come?

And the survey shows...

Neither Wine nor Strong Drink

The Catholic Church--what did they get right, what did they get wrong?

Biblical Authority: Did Mary Know What Was to Come?

Time for evolution wars

The Worldwide Flood

In a Word


Peace at any price?

The Smithsonian/Sternberg controversy

Science teachers hear about creation from a biochemist
Harvard allocates millions to prove there is no God
It All Begins with Genesis—a curriculum for all generations
To Russia with God’s love … through “creation evangelism”
History it ain’t

Biblical Authority: What Is the Significance of the Name “Jesus”?

Creation MEGA Conference brings new beginnings


The “tenth planet” is discovered
USA President Bush on origins
One community at a time

Whom do you trust?

The Awesome Word

End Times and America

How do you Picture them (TOLers)?

#1 problem: Young-earth creationists?

A first in creation research!

Fathers, teach your children

My favorite Creation Museum “exhibit”
Cosmic fireworks on the Fourth of July!
Scopes trial: The trial of the century and why it still matters today
Blasting away at Mount St. Helens
American leadership in the sciences: endangered?

US Supreme Court rules on Ten Commandments displays

What I needed was ‘creation evangelism

Growing Grassroots Movement

Obama Handing Egypt Over to Radical Islam

Uprising in Egypt

Biblical Authority: When Can We Rely on Christ?

The simple faith of a child

Prophets from the Beginning

Guilty pleasures

Biblical Authority: How Hard Is It to Live in the Harsh Reality?

Oklahoma OK

Biblical Authority: What Is the Harsh Reality of the Christian Life Now?

Modern-day Philistines

Biblical Authority:  When Is It Good to Be a Slave?

The Smithsonian Institution makes “intelligent” decision

Biblical Authority: What Do We Live For in the Christian Life?

Kansas evolution hearings: the case of the missing data

Biblical Authority: What Is a True Peacemaker?

What basis, morality?

Biblical Authority: How Do We Live in Peace?

Kansas school board in international spotlight

50-Year Study Shows Coral 'Clocks' Unreliable

The Wonderful Angel

Massive Winter Storm Hits US

Biblical Authority: How Do We Win Against Our Flesh?

Honoring mothers—honoring life

Could Wooly Mammoths Be Brought Back?

Outward Appearances

Biblical Authority: Why Do Christians Still Struggle with the Flesh?

It’s getting “hobbit”-forming

'Evolution' Advertisement Refutes Evolution Metaphor

Treasure in Heaven

Martial Arts and The Christian

Biblical Authority:  Why is Love the Greatest?

Life—a gift from God

From “fish to Gish” to a Fond Wish

Fossil Discovery Reshuffles Dino Evolution Again

Children in Heaven

Why is the Trinity essential to Christianity?

Biblical Authority:  What Is Our Hope?

First light from extrasolar planets

Exoplanet Discoveries Demolish Planet Formation Theories

Thou Hast Made Me Glad

Biblical Authority: How Long Must We Have Faith?

Getting to be as flat as the “flat earth” argument

'Cavemen' Diet Was Far from Primitive

Delivered by the Word

Biblical Authority: Do We Live for Christ or for Ourselves?

Fossil turtles confound evolutionists

Ancient Winery Found Near Mount Ararat

The Elect of God

Born in the USA?

Lawsuit Filed Against Evolution

Ban Joey

I Like Joey

Biblical Authority: What Ultimately Happened to Job?

Startling plant discovery presents problems for evolution

Animal Play Continues to Evade Evolutionary Explanation

Adam's Rib

Biblical Authority: What Can We Add to God?

Can creationists be scientists?

Brain's Complexity 'Is Beyond Anything Imagined'

Jots and Tittles

Biblical Authority: What’s so Big About Behemoth?

The “Why?” question—why is school violence in the headlines again?

Ancient Teeth Overturn Human Evolution

Thy Light and Thy Truth

What could Obama say in his State of the Union speech tonight that would make you feel that this country is on the right track?

Biblical Authority: Who Sustains Us Every Day?

Defending Darwin (again) on PBS-TV

ID Smear 'Presents No New Arguments'

The Lord Is Thy Keeper

Biblical Authority: Do You Really Think You Know It?

“Ostrich-osaurus” discovery?

Mummified Dinosaur Skin Looks Young

The Prayer of Moses

I apologize

Biblical Authority: Who Praises You?

Credit where credit is not due

New Way to Find Age of Ancient Pottery

Prayer for the Word

Biblical Authority: How Much Confidence Should We Have In Our Own Minds?

“Re-digging the wells”

Dawkins Supports First UK Atheist Kids' Camp

The Blindness of Israel

Blessed Assurance?

New and Improved Fatwa

House votes to repeal Obamacare

OSAS Heresy

Changed by TOL


Arizona Teachers Against Ethnic Studies Programs

Biblical Authority: Who Is Like God?

Creation consciousness

Flumes Zoom in on Mud Rock History

A Better and an Enduring Substance

Are we sinners because we sin or do we sin because we're sinners?

Moscow/Tehran Developments/Ezekiel

Biblical Authority: What Does the Word of God Return?

A letter that goes unanswered … and unprinted

Flower Color Changes: Evolution or Creation in Action?

Divine Logistics

Biblical Authority: How Is God’s Love Higher Than Our Ways?

Responding to the compromised views of John Ankerberg

Partial Piranha Fossil Isn't Transitional

Father of Believers

Sexual Assault of a Minor in Jurassic Park

Biblical Authority: How Is God’s Mercy Higher Than Our Ways?

Philosophical naturalism and the age of the earth: are they related?

Rising Animal Cancers Point to a Dying World

Whosoever Will

So Now What's Your Sign?

The Name Something Good About Those You Disagree With Thread

Biblical Authority: How Much Higher Are the Heavens than the Earth?

Darwin’s impact—the bloodstained legacy of evolution

'One Small Step': 40 Years After the First Moonwalk

Something that made my Christian faith fly out the window

Biblical Scale Flood in Australia


Thinking Twice About Sola Scriptura

Biblical Authority: How Is God’s Holiness Not Our Way?

Aliens in your bedroom?

T. Rex Teeth Take a Bite Out of Evolution

The Righteous Word

Biblical Authority: How Are God’s Thoughts Different Than Our Thoughts?

Science facts? Or science fiction?

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