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A Taboo Questions for Israelis

Underwear bombs, shoe bombs, etc.   What can be done to keep our commercial airliners safe?

Failed attempt to blow up NWA plane

John MacArthur Purgatory

Catholic Dogma Infallible?

Nation Israel is Cursed Forever

State-by-State Religious Commitment Analysis

Mike Huckabee Mocks Mary?

Christmas Traditions

Can an Evangelical Christian Accept Evolution? 

Did Terrorists Make a Dry Run on Nov. 17th?

Jesus Who is He?

Santa Claus: Harmless Holiday Tradition, or Agent of Darkness?

John MacArthur's Personal Rules for Scripture

Ohio Executes Murderer in a Super Nice Way

Pet Peeves

Obama or God?  Who Said it?

Obama Bumps Charlie Brown Christmas and Gospel Message

12 Days of Christmas TOL Style

Hello Everyone

China Cares More About Panda Cubs than Human Babies

Is Huckabee to Blame for Maurice Clemmons?

Common Ground

Who Has Influenced Your Theology?

Grown Men and Video Games

Virgins for Suicide Bombers in Heaven

StarTrek/Star Wars

Battle of the Bands

The Origin of Life

Jesus is 100% God 100% Man

Why is Prostitution Illegal?

Climategate: Global Warming Revealed from the Words of the Commies Who Invented It

Manhattan Declaration


Confess Jesus as Your Lord and Savior

Is it a Sin to Drink Alcoholic Beverages?

Christians and Race Relations

Will You Pray for Me?

Trinity Believers Repent

Does God Want All Men to be Saved?

How the Elect Become Believers in Christ

The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment

Would You Shoot a Rapist?

Favorite Travel Destination

Obama Medal to Civilian

No Muslims in the Military?

12 Dead in Attacks at Fort Hood, Texas

Christian Hoteliers Charged with Insulting Muslim Guest

Joel Olsteen

Swine Flu:  Not For My Kids!

Best of YouTube  

Law & Order Personhood

Those Waskily Behemoths That Died Out Long Before Man

Genesis is Probably Just an Allegory

Abortion Photos Real NY Times Fake

Barak Obama Sees Worst Poll Rating Drop in 50 Years

Observations Great and Small

Time for Mass

Suggest a Movie


Strong Delusion

Should We Participate in Halloween?


100 Best Movie Quotes

Distant Stars in Young Universe?

Divine Science

Why I Don't Like God

Christian Ministers Pray for Obama's Death 

Meet "Ardi" our 4.5 Million Year Old Ancestor

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God vs. the Gospel of Grace

Descartes Argument for the Mind/Body Distinction

God's Part Our Part 

Intelligent Design

An Apology Mormons

Hello to Superstitious Muslims, Jews and Christians

Crystal Clear Proof of the Trinity

The Crux of the Debate on the Abortion Issue

How Did You Come to Believe?

The Question 4 out of 5 Christians Refuse to Answer

Why are Jews Liberal?

Believer's Baptism

Missile Defense

Trinity Talk

You Shall not Murder

Urantia Papers

Polygamy in the Bible

To All Believers, Don't you Sometimes Feel Stupid?

Replacement Theology

Racist, Not Racist

Gollum Killed

Jimmy Carter is a Moron

Yale Student Murdered Because of Her Treatment of Mice?

Judge Orders Trail on Obama's Eligibility

Mary as the New Ark of the Covenant

NH Court Orders Home Schooled Child Into Government Run School

Obama Lied Wilson was Right

Photos from 9/12

Mormons Somebody Help Me

Light on Christianity Greek Mythology

Pro-Life Activist Murdered

History of Antitrinitarianism

The Bible & the Creation/Evolution Debate

Questions for Catholics

Ye are of your Father the Devil

Women's Lib' Destroying the Family

Homos in the News

What God?

Global Warming Talk

Left Winger Bites off Anti-Health Care Protestor's Finger

Michael the Archangel is Jesus

Glenn Beck is Smooth

Seizing Control of the Internet

The Final Word Jesus is God

Names Written in Heaven

Nessie, Our Underwater Ally

Where Would you Move Your Family if Forced to Leave for Religious Reasons?

The Deity of Jesus


Ted Kennedy is Dead

The Lord Said to My Lord

Historians of Jesus' Time

What Does it Take to be Saved?

Catholic and Other Heretic's Teaching Water Baptism Required to be Saved

I was MAD about OSAS

Scriptural Support for the Eucharist

Lithuania Bans Homosexual Indoctrination of Children

The Deceived Argue 

Could the Bible be Banned Under Hate Laws?

Christians who are Pentecostal in Experience


E.T. Teachings

Christianity Doesn't Make Sense

Apostle's Creed & the Divinity of Jesus

The Roman Catholic Church & Other Churches

Question for Christians

Salvation is of the Jews

The Reality of Death

Should Christians Seek Justice in Court or in the Church?

Sex and the Happy Life

A Post Racial President?

How Many Souls Has TOL Saved?

I Never Lost Faith

Law Changers 

I Lost My Faith

So You Call Yourself an Atheist

Do Not Pray the Lord's Prayer

Satan Inc. (ToL's Heretic's List)

Should Homosexuals Be Put to Death?

Christianity is a Religion of Liberation

King David

Should Obama Control the Internet? 

Is God a Misogynist?

TOL Tolerance 

Homosexuality = Arrested Development

Praying the Lord's Prayer

Homosexuality:  Who Cares? 

Why I left the Roman Catholic Church 

Raising Children 

I've Run My Course Here 

Vatican II 

Is the Pope Your Holy Spirit? 

Does Anyone Else Feel Theologically Alone?

Watchmaker (revisited)

Banned at TOL

The Speed of Light (revisited)

Problem with Islam

Speak for God; Answer This One

Perverting God's Grace 

Ask a Catholic

TOL Slogan

Open Theism

Social Media