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The Night Sky

The "Or" Thread

What vehicle would you put in your dream garage?

Another Annual Reward 

Politics as Usual

Worse. Posts. Ever.

Biblical Authority: Did God Really Say Christ Humbled Himself?

Mars landing—success or failure?

Jay Talking

Keep Alive Thy Work

Biblical Authority: Did God Really Say “the Word Became Flesh”?

‘You are a threat to education!’

Botox: Toxin Becomes Treatment

Origin of the Races

Biblical Authority: Did God Really Say the Flood Was Global?

Tragic Truth

It Takes More Than Eyes to See

Mind Control

Biblical Authority: Did God Really Say?

Scientific American admits creationists hit a sore spot

Astronomers Surprised by Unnatural Star Cluster

Shielded by the Word

Biblical Authority: Why Is the Trinity Important?

Searching for the ‘Magic Bullet’

Egg-laying Echidna Could Not Have Evolved

Mary and the Grace of God

Biblical Authority: How Should We Respond to the Holy Spirit?

What was the Star of Bethlehem?

Fixed Bird Thigh Nixes Dino-to-bird Development

God Gave Himself

Biblical Authority: How Does the Holy Spirit Help Us Pray?

The New French Revolution

Engineers Have an 'Ear' for Natural Design

The Trinity in Ephesians

Biblical Authority: Why Is the Holy Spirit Listed Last?

Creation in public schools?!

Flat-Faced Fossil Fails to Fit Evolution

Loaded with Blessing  

Biblical Authority: How Do We Walk in the Spirit?

‘Out of the mouth of babes …’ A weighty message even a child can understand!

Origin of Life 'Gateway' Remains Hidden

Judgment from the Word

Superstitious Crackpots: The Year in "Holy" Sightings

How to know for certain you are not saved and going to hell

Biblical Authority: What Is the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit?

A racist graveyard in Georgia, USA

Why Can Moss Process Human Genes?

True Education

Palestinian's "unilateral option"

Biblical Authority: How Do We Spread the Gospel?

An Ark inheritance!

Did Ribonucleoproteins Spark Life?

Loving His Appearing

Biblical Authority: Was All Scripture Given Through the Holy Spirit?

Dinosaur demise theory, version #451

Well-Engineered Ecosystems Bounce Back

Seven 'Three Sixteens'

Biblical Authority: What Does “the Spirit is Truth” Mean?

Pastors challenged by Creation message in Jamaica

Viral Life from Outer Space? Not Likely

Science--True and False

Controversial Christmas Tree in South Korea

Biblical Authority: How Was the Holy Spirit Involved in Creation?

The Experience Trap—Healing

Stone Blades Cut Back Evolutionary Dates

Cursed or Blessed

Holder's Dept. Of (Social) Justice

Biblical Authority: Why Does the Holy Spirit Dwell Only Within Believers?

Comfort in the midst of terrible sorrow

Comer Lawsuit Dismissed, TEA's Neutrality Policy Upheld

The Urgency of Salvation

Biblical Authority: How Does the Holy Spirit Seal Believers?

Evolutionists are on the warpath!

Ancient Oxygen-Rich Rocks Confound Evolutionary Timescale

Degrees of Punishment

Biblical Authority: What Is the Trinity?

Equal time for creation in Cobb County?

Anti-God Ads Hit Dallas

Life in the Blood

Biblical Authority: Who Is the Spirit That Dwells Within Believers?

September 11—a tragic reminder

Metal 'Snakes' Fall Far Short of Life

Unto Him That Is Able

When Did Salvation Get so Tricky?

The Great Hijack Thread

Vandals Destroy Tree

What gun would you put in your dream gun case?

Biblical Authority: Is Jesus Good?  

Jamaican Joust

Evolutionists, Atheists Admit Defeat in Texas

Loving the Word

Biblical Authority: How Could Jesus Declare Absolute Truth?

A Canyon in Six Days!

Tail-gliding Bugs Are Not Evidence for Flight Evolution

At Ease in Zion

Local or Federal Civilian Control?

Net Neutrality (Controlling the Internet)

Biblical Authority: What Is Jesus’ Role in the Church?

Sharks and Rays

The 'Mystery' of Octopus Fossils

Eight Revivals

What divides Catholics & Protestants?

Start II

Russians to gain US uranium foothold

Biblical Authority: Is Jesus All-powerful and Eternal?

Special Feature: Hugh Ross Exposé by Ken Ham

Fossil Fibers Befuddle Dinosaur Evolution

The Settled Word

Smart Guy: Don Batten, agricultural science

Deficit Plan

Biblical Authority: Is Jesus the Creator?

‘Thought for Today’ … by an atheist!

Scientists Seek Second Genesis

Faithful Sayings

Smart Guy: Werner Gitt, information science

Biblical Authority:  What Does it Mean that Jesus Is in the Image of God?

Answers for one of our oldest dilemmas

Neo-Darwinian Theory Fails the Mutation Test

Dangerous Counterfeits

Smart Guy: J.H. John Peet, chemistry

Traitor Gates

Technology is leading to a distracted generation

Biblical Authority:  Did Jesus Come in the Authority of the Father?  

Walking through shadows

The First and Best Biotechnician

Lack of Knowledge

Smart Guy: Kurt P. Wise, geology

Food Control S.510 Passes Senate

The Dream Act (Amnesty)

Dr. Laura's Back

Wikileaks - OK or should be shut down?

Biblical Authority: What Should Be Our Response to Jesus?

‘Get off that 6/24 business!’

Deadly Waters No Problem for Well-Equipped Algae

Coming or Given?

Smart Guy: George S. Hawke, meteorology

Fig Leaf Underwear

Is there hope for all people?

China and Russia have decided to renounce the US dollar

Biblical Authority: How Far Is Up?

The ‘bathtub’ ark

Physicist Receives Million-Pound Prize for Predicting a 'Hypercosmic God'

Matthew the Publican

Smart Guy: Don B. DeYoung, physics

Biblical Authority:  What Does Christ’s Exaltation Mean for Us?

A devilish ploy!

'Live Evolution' Not Witnessed After All

His Age-Long Imminent Coming

Smart Guy: Sid Cole, physical chemistry

N Korea escalation/attack on civilians

North Korea & South Korea exchange military fire!

The War on Christmas vs. the War on Thanksgiving

Another Obama stealth land grab: Salazar and the NCLS

How Many Kids Did Mary Have?

Feds OK 2nd human study of embryonic stem cells

Biblical Authority: Did Jesus Give Up His Authority on the Cross?

A teacher comments on Ohio’s proposed science standards

The Dirty Little Secret Is Out: Religious Faith and Evolution Are Incompatible

Those Who Pass By

Smart Guy: Wayne Frair, biology

Biblical Authority: What Importance Should We Put Upon the Bible?

Christian college snubbed for creation views:  Accreditation denied

What Is a Turtle Fossil Doing in the Arctic?

The Sleeper

Smart Guy: Geoff Downes, forestry research

Biblical Authority: What Do We See in Glory of the Son?

The short-period comets ‘problem’ (for evolutionists)

The Permian Extinction: Good Science, Bad Assumptions

Leaning on the Word

Smart Guy: Larry Vardiman, meteorology

TSA Naked body scans and full body "pat downs" for airline passengers. Thoughts? Feelings? Suggested alternatives?

Senator Jay Rockefeller Wishes FCC Would Shut Down Fox News

Airports Opting Out of TSA

Travesty of Justice: Military Tribunal or Federal Court

Biblical Authority:  How Is the Father Related to the Son?

Cloning misinformation

Altruistic Aphids, an Evolutionary Anomaly 

Enough for Me

Smart Guy:  Evan Jamieson, hydrometallurgy

Disrupting Prayer

Gov wants to scramble your cell

Biblical Authority:  Why Do We Give Thanks to the Father?

Understanding the Times

A New Technique for Pluripotent Stem Cells

A Resting Place

Smart Guy:  Stanley A. Mumma, architectural engineering

Is Social Security Really Broke?

Biblical Authority:  Will Our Father Provide For Us?

US Congressional leader castigated for creation comments

Obama Orders the Destruction of Human Embryos

The Lord Christ

Smart Guy: Colin W. Mitchell, geography

Good for Nothing Christians

Merits of the Saints


Market to Take 'One Hell of a Hit' in Mid-December if Bush Tax Cuts Expire

Biblical Authority:  Why Are Christians Called Children of God?

‘The Way We Were: Human Origins Research in Ethiopia’

In Honor of Darwin's 200th Birthday: Evolution's Biggest Gaps

A Marvelous Thing

Smart Gal:  Elaine Kennedy, geology

High-Speed Case for State Control of Transportation Funding

Is Sarah Palin a Feminazi?

Angry American

Our Humanist Morality

Amazon and Pedophilia Books

Dems not serious about spending cuts

Know The Enemy

Feelin' the Love America?

How Christian Radio

Biblical Authority:  What Does It Mean That God Is the Father?

Biologists mimic evolution in the lab?

Has a "Brain Evolution Gene" Been Discovered?

Maker and Owner

Smart Guy: John Morris, geological engineering

Biblical Authority:  Why Does Only God Know the Future?

Deifying Darwin?

Oh, Baby! Another Missing Link Discovered

Biblical Sarcasm

Smart Guy:  Stephen Taylor, electrical engineering

Biblical Authority:  Why Is God the Ultimate Authority?

What is evolution? Letters to the editor miss the point!

Is the Universe Crowded with Earthlike Planets?

The Center of the Earth

Smart Guy: Andrew Snelling, geology

Biblical Authority:  Is the Father an Impersonal God?

Lots of ice, too much age

Pluto: Is It a Planet?

Preaching the Word

Smart Guy:  Jack Cuozzo, orthodontics

"I will say that first Islam is one of the world's great religions (Obama)"

If evolution is a fact...

Trade War with China

Biblical Authority:  How Do We Show True Acceptance of the Father’s Authority?

The platypus:  Still more questions than answers for evolutionists

Butterfly Evolution?


Smart Guy:  Robert H. Eckel, medical research

Guess This Can Be Called a Sensitive Issue

UN calls for higher taxes to combat climate warning

Biblical Authority:  How Can We Respect the Call of God on Our Life?

Genesis at Ground Zero

Has Noah’s Ark Been Found in Iran?

Understanding through the Word

Smart Guy:  Edmond W. Holroyd, meteorology

Human Rights Farce at the UN

Relics/False Hope/Deceivers in the Roman Catholic Church

Calls Upon Catholic Leaders to Discuss Religious Connection to Israel

Biblical Authority:  What Happens When We Reject the Authority of the Father?

Creationism battle heats up again in US schools

A "One-Hundred-Million-Year-Old Bird" is Still a Bird

Joy in the Morning

Smart Guy: Danny R. Faulkner, astronomy

Nancy Pelosi Seriously Considers Staying as Democratic Leader

Should I Pay Will You Watch?

The Good News Is...

Quantitative Easing

Biblical Authority:  How Is God the Father Our Redeemer?

Καλώς ήλθατε

Training a New Generation of Creation Research Scientists

The Blessing of Prophecy

Walter J. Veith, zoology

Amendment 62/Personhood

I Can't Hear You

Election Day

Oklahoma Safe From Sharia Law

The Voters Have Spoken

Biblical Authority: Where Is Your Confidence in the Authority of the Father?

Alumnus Takes On His Prestigious School!

A Question of Age: Vardiman and Lisle Confront Ross and Rana on the Age of the Earth

Certain Hope

Smart Guy: D.B. Gower, biochemistry 

Biblical Authority:  How Do We Begin to Appreciate the Authority of the Father?

After Eden Turns 100!

Tiktaalik: Our Ancestor?

The Basest of Men

Smart Guy: A.J. Monty White, physical chemistry

Biblical Authority: Why Do We Need the "Old" Testament?

Is Christianity Society’s Enemy?

How Soon Will Jurassic Park Open?

Watchful Sobriety

Smart Guy:  George F. Howe, botany

Biblical Authority:  Will Death and Suffering Pass Away?

Book Review: When Christians Roamed the Earth

Saturn's Moon--Does Water Equal Life?  

Come forth as gold

Smart Guy:  Arthur Jones, biology

Biblical Authority:  What Does It Mean That Jesus Is Our Peace?

Rejoicing in Heaven

A Godly Legacy:  Memorial Service for Dr. Morris

Seducing Spirits

Smart Guy: John R. Baumgardner, geophysics

Biblical Authority:  What Is God’s Plan for Heaven and Earth?

Should Genesis be taken Literally?

New Species Found in Indonesia

The Great Physician

Smart Guy: Ker C. Thomson, geophysics

Biblical Authority:  Are God's Judgments Always Fair?

Poll of Public School Students: Teach Us Creation!

Crocodile Ancestor?

Receiving from the Word 

Smart Guy:  E. Theo Agard, medical physics

Silence the Critic to Death

Biblical Authority:  What Is the Mystery of Christ?

Creation Evangelism in Colombia

Interpreting Stardust

God's Kingdom

Smart Guy: Edward A. Boudreaux, theoretical chemistry

Organizing the Unemployed

We Will Become Gods

Biblical Authority:  Did Jesus Understand the Sacrifice He Had to Make?

Supreme Court: Don’t Teach Evolution Difficulties!

Can We Trust Science?

Heir of All Things

Smart Guy:  John M. Cimbala, mechanical engineering

Favorite Music

Biblical Authority:  Did Isaiah Know About Jesus Christ Centuries Before He Came to Earth?

National Geographic “Woof” Worse than its Bite!

Dinosaurs, Grasses, and Darwinism

Guarding the Word

Smart Gal:  Nancy M. Darrall, botany

Pro-Homo Pres

Obama calls his critics "enemies"

Regulating Marijuana

Biblical Authority:  What Does Jesus Have That Aaron and David Did Not?

Honest Science “Left Behind” in U.S. Education Bill

What Are They Afraid Of?

Multitudes in Hell

Smart Guy:  John P. Marcus, biochemistry

The Origins of the Universe

Vatican synod calls for end to Israel's 'occupation'

The Catholic, Biblical, Original Church

Biblical Authority:  Of What Should the Exodus from Egypt Remind Us?

‘I am only a student’

Defender's Bible Expanded

The Wisdom Mine

Smart Guy:  Andrew McIntosh, mathematics

Biblical Authority:  Where Do We Find Consistency in Covenant?

So, You’re Looking for a College

Washington Scablands and the Lake Missoula Flood

Father, Abba, Father

Smart Guy:  Stephen Grocott, inorganic chemistry

Has our society become too politically correct?

Are the French Lazy?

Biblical Authority:  How Do We Find Grace in a Flooded World?

Confronting the Culture in Cincinnati

Evidence for a Young Earth from the Ocean and Atmosphere 

His Spirit Answers to the Blood

Smart Gal:  Angela Meyer, horticulture science

Silence Honesty: Juan Fired

Biblical Authority:  Where is the First Promise of the Savior?

Rape and evolution:  Evolution shows its true colours

Cold Comfort for Long-Agers

Forgive Him, Oh Forgive

Smart Guy:  Dwain L. Ford, organic chemistry

Biblical Authority:  To Whom Does Scripture Point?

Brave warriors with words

ICR Conference to Confront an Icon of Evolution!

For Me to Intercede

Smart Guy:  George T. Javor, biochemistry

Ethical Oil

Troops chafe at restrictive rules of engagement

Merkel: multiculturalism has 'failed utterly'

Obama Adding 3 Trillion to the Federal Debt 

Nanny State wants Doctor's Note for Tylenol

Biblical Authority:  Why Aren’t the Words “Inerrant” and “Infallible” in Scripture?

Is evolution really essential for science?

The Crystal Cathedral's "Once Upon All Time: Creation"

Christian Metaphors

Smart Guy:  James S. Allan, genetics

"People who are keeping the spirits clean around us (Michelle Obama)."

Biblical Authority:  What If People Deny the Truth?

Creation: Timely tool for today’s evangelist

The History Channel’s ‘frenzy of speculation’

Smart Guy:  Bob Hosken, biochemistry

Federalizing Higher Education

Biblical Authority:  How Important Is Truth?

Did Jesus say He created in six days?

The History Channel Steps into Fantasy

Smart Guy: John R. Rankin, mathematical physics

Biblical Authority:  Does Truth Change?

Museum testimonies!


Smart Guy:  Timothy G. Standish

Axelrod:  "...Do you have any evidence that it’s not..."

Biblical Authority:  How Do We Learn Truth?

‘Back to school, back to the Bible’

Stem Cell Research—Doing Evil to Do Good

Smart Guy:  Keith H. Wanser, physics

School system to get Muslim holiday

Soaring prices threaten new food crisis

Biblical Authority:  Does the Truth Save?


Kansas Schools in the News

Smart Guy:  Ariel A. Roth, biology

Biblical Authority:  What is Truth?

Missing links in gene knowledge

Star Wars – Are There Civilizations Far, Far Away?

Smart Guy:  Jonathan D. Sarfati, physical chemistry

Why God is Not Performing Miracles Today

Gingrich Pelosi Food Fight

How does "information" increase in creationism?

Why atheism is not the default position

Biblical Authority:  How Does Scripture Interpret Scripture?

A few facts from under the rocks: Creation's Crustaceans

Feathered Dinosaurs?

Smart Guy:  Henry Zuill, biology

Taliban in Afghanistan

Free Speech and Picketing Funerals

Biblical Authority:  Does the Inerrant Word Have Lasting Impact on the Church?

'Dinosaur Tree’ Behind Bars
Evolutionists Ignore Kansas Hearings. Why?

Smart Guy:  Paul Giem, medical research

Voters Are Much Less Optimistic About Black-White Relations

Why Arthur Brain?

Biblical Authority:  Does Scripture Have a Personality?

Life's origin: Still a 'mystery' for evolutionists

Creation Scientist Answers His Critics

Smart Guy:  John K.G. Kramer, biochemistry

Biblical Authority:  Is God’s Progressive Revelation Still Progressing?

Fossil Facade

Dr. Duane Gish Retires

Woolly Mammoths:  Flood or Ice Age?

Smart Guy:  Jerry R. Bergman, biology

First look at sketches of the Ground Zero Rabat

"...[W]e believe that one day, the flag of Islam will fly over the White House"

Call for new global currencies deal

Biblical Authority:  Where Are the Contradictions?

Mollie Kathleen's Marvelous Mysteries

ICR Gene Project

Woolly Mammoths:  The elephant kind

Smart Guy:  Jeremy L. Walter, mechanical engineering

Movie Quotes

Obsession with gays... what is up with this?

Nearly One in 10 Americans Depressed, Study Reveals

The Kinder, Gentler OBL

Biblical Authority:  What Is Infallibility and What Does It Mean for Us?

Billionaire on biological information

Prestigious Journal Endorses Basics of Creationist Cosmology

Woolly Mammoths:  Possible explanations for disharmonious associations

Smart Guys: Preface

Contradictions: By the Light of the Moon

Biblical Authority:  What Is Inerrancy and What Does It Mean for Us?

Hawking's 'master race' vision?

You’re getting closer, Dr. Ross!  

Woolly Mammoths:  The confusion of elephant and mammoth classification

'Hear Mohammad Speak' at Ground Zero Mosque

Should Godrulz get a tatoo?

Contradictions: An Extra Cainan?

Biblical Authority:  Why Can God Logically Claim in Scripture that Scripture Is God’s Word?

Creation's Crustaceans:  God's Wonderful World of Nature

Make a Reasonable Offer, Dr. Ross!

Woolly Mammoths:  Extinction of the woolly mammoth

Obama and his lapdog NBC

Suicide in the Military

Contradictions: Three Days and Nights

Biblical Authority:  What is the Greatest Roadmap Available for the Paths of Life?

Expansion...and egg on face

Hugh Ross Avoids Debating Russ Humphreys … Again

Woolly Mammoths:  Were Siberian mammoths quick frozen?

Justice is blind...

Trade War with China

Contradictions: Sleeping in the Temple?

Biblical Authority:  hat Book Can Be Relevant to Every Generation in History?

Road work ahead

The Dubious Apologetics of Hugh Ross 

Woolly Mammoths:  Mammoths thrive early in the post-Flood Ice Age

Contradictions: Two Creation Accounts?

Biblical Authority:  What Does It Take to Grow Close to God? 

Core Issue

Russell Humphreys Challenges Hugh Ross

Woolly Mammoths:  Where was man during the Ice Age?

Contradictions: As Easy as Pi

Biblical Authority:  What Does It Mean That “the Word Became Flesh”?

A groundbreaking event in the fight for Biblical authority

Starlight Wars: Starlight and Time Withstands Attacks

Woolly Mammoths:  Do ice cores show many tens of thousands of years?

Nearly one in five gay and bisexual men infected with HIV

Woodward Book & Afghanistan

The Donald

American's Angry with Politics

Contradictions: The Firstborn Creator?

Biblical Authority:  Will the Bible Really Change a Person’s Life?

D-day–February 12

Dr. Russell Humphreys Responds to Criticism of His Book

Woolly Mammoths:  Only one Ice Age

Republican's Pledge

How God Uses Heretics

Hope you're healthy

The Carter-Obama Comparisons Grow

Contradictions: How Did Judas Die? 

Biblical Authority:  Why is Obedience Such a Big Deal to God?

Leading US magazine exposes evolution’s tall tales

What Caused the Extinction of Ice Age Animals?

Woolly Mammoths:  Catastrophic Melting


Vatican bank chief investigated over money laundering claims

Tissue for your issue?

Contradictions: The Unforgivable Sin

Biblical Authority:  Do I Really Gain Wisdom by Reading Scripture?

“Walking with … untruths!”

New Tools to Fight Germs...from Frog Skin?

Woolly Mammoths:  The peak of the Ice Age

Field Trip to mosque

Obama Pep Talk

Cartoonist goes into hiding

Obama Leaves "By their Creator" Out of Declaration of Independence at Hispanic Caucus Speech

Contradictions: Crossed Messages

Biblical Authority:  Should We View Scripture as Being Holy?

Were Dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark?  Were Dinosaurs Even Around Then?

Even Bacteria Seem to Follow the Golden Rule

Woolly Mammoths:  The snowblitz

Contradictions: Too Close for Comfort

Biblical Authority:  Where were you?

Genesis and Catastrophe:  The Flood as the major biblical cataclysm

Newfound Kickboxing Dinosaur Has Puzzling History

Woolly Mammoths:  The Genesis flood caused the Ice Age

Pedophile priests. Why does the the Catholic Church have such a wide-scale problem with them?

Poverty increasing

Controlling Meds

White House: Global Warming Out, 'Global Climate Disruption' In

Rome Never Fell

Contradictions: Mixed Prophets

Biblical Authority: How Can the Bible Claim to Be the Most Powerful Weapon? 

Geological conflict:  Young radiocarbon date for ancient fossil wood challenges fossil dating

Where Did the Mimic Octopus Get Its Amazing Abilities?

Woolly Mammoths:  The multiplication of ice age theories

America:  Police State

Buckley or Limbaugh Rule

Which bible Character would have a good poker face?

Serious questions for those Roman Catholics that love God

Contradictions: Accounts Payable

Biblical Authority:  How Important Is the Bible’s Claim of Absolute Truth?

Creation: ‘Where’s the Proof?’

Hawking Says Universe Created Itself

Woolly Mammoths:  The Extinction Wars

French Senate passes ban on full Muslim veils

U.S. Faces Growing Terror Threat from ‘Indigenous Muslims,’ Experts Find

How do you feel about building a mosque at ground zero?

If you were in charge how would you fix the ailing economy?

UK Teenager Banned From America For Life Over Obsfcene Obama Email

Where there's smoke there's a Koran

Ban on Gay Marriage Reversed

Contradictions: Greater Than or Equal To? 

Biblical Authority:  Why Does the Bible Claim to Be a Light?

Proof of Noah’s Flood at the Black Sea?

Darwin and SUVs?

Woolly Mammoths:  A mammoth number of mammoth hypotheses 

Fidel Castro says communism doesn't work - thank you Captain Obvious

Obama reports the U.S. to the U.N. for human rights violations

Contradictions: Left in the Dust:  Do snakes really eat dust like Genesis says?

Biblical Authority:  Can We Trust God’s Claim of Truth?

Dinosaurs and the Bible

Mother of All Humans Lived 6,000 Years Ago

Woolly Mammoths:  The mystery of the Ice Age

9/11/10 "Burn a Koran" Day

Near Death and the Afterlife

The Same or Different

Contradictions: Get out of Jail Twice

Biblical Authority:  How Did the Prophets Predict the Future with Such Clarity?

Holy war? Who really opposed Darwin? Popular belief has it back to front

Beetle Larva Bifocals Are Better than Manmade

Woolly Mammoths:  Why live in Siberia?

Contradictions: Location, Location, Location

Biblical Authority:  Whose Message Did the Writers of the Scriptures Record?

Science:  a reality check

The Sun Alters Radioactive Decay Rates

Woolly Mammoths:  Frozen mammoth carcasses in Siberia

Contradictions: The Order of Nations:  Do Genesis 10 and 11 contradict each other about the origin of nations and people groups?

Biblical Authority:  Is It Okay to Squeeze Man’s Ideas into the Bible?

The god of an old earth:  Does the Bible teach that disease, bloodshed, violence and pain have always been ‘part of life’?

Why Can't Science Start with the Bible?

"Immigrants" [non citizens] Voting

Beck Thrills Mormons

Contradictions: Underneath a Solid Sky
Biblical Authority:  Is Scripture the Words of God or Men?

“Up From the Apes”—Time magazine

Undermining the U.S. Constitution

Contradictions:  What’s in a Father’s Name? 

Biblical Authority:  How Does the Bible Have the Power to Change Lives?

Death in the garden

Ape-man Olympics:  What motivates the fiercely enthusiastic claims

Contradictions: Dead Man Writing

Biblical Authority:  Whose Words Are These?

Freedom of Assembly

The Real Hate Radio Hatemongers

Blogging Tax

Awakening America

Guns & Counter-Revolution


The original ‘unknown’ god of China

Problems with Basic Math?  Was Matthew incapable of basic math in his genealogy?

Biblical Authority:  How Does the Doctrine of Inspiration Affect My Life Today?

Bias in the Classroom

AP Writer Sees Open Sale of Hardcore Pornography in Baghdad Streets as a Good Sign

Flying high

Biblical Authority:  Does God Authoritatively Stand Behind the Words of His Revelation?

Contradictions: My Three Sons

The Lie Evolution: The Root of the Problem

Taking Back Astronomy:  Age of the Universe:  Conclusions

Genetics: No Friend of Evolution:  A Highly Qualified Biologist Tells it Like It Is

Time Magazine asks if you are an Islamophobe

Freedom From Religion Foundation supports the Ground Zero Mosque

First Muslim Miss USA

Should Minnie Mouse be Sharia-Compliant?

Speak Up Movement

Obama makes clear support for ground zero mosque

Why Jesus? 

Study uncovers every possible Rubik's Cube solution

Defense Department honors Muslims: Muslim Prayer Service at Pentagon

Religious "Tolerance" and Islam/Mosque near Ground Zero

Cool Christ-denying

Disarming our Judeo-Christian Nation while Arming Muslim Nations

Shariah Law in New Jersey

Guess Who I Am?


Should TOL be shut down?


Biblical Authority:  Is the Bad Stuff in the Bible Really God’s Word?

Contradictions: Two Missing Legs:  Did Moses say that insects have only four legs? 

The Lie Evolution:  Creation is Religion Pt VIII

Taking Back Astronomy:  Comets

The fallacy of racism

Biblical Authority:  Are Jesus’ Words Treated As Scripture?

Contradictions: A Lot of Relationships:  Is Lot Abraham’s nephew or his brother?

The Lie Evolution:  Creation Is Religion Pt VII

Taking Back Astronomy:  Spiral Galaxies

What's the nicest thing you can say to a homosexual?

Retirement/Nursing Home Ministry/Care giving

Radioactive 'dating' in conflict! Fossil wood in 'ancient' lava flow yields radiocarbon

Biblical Authority:  Can We Recognize Inspiration? 

Contradictions:  A Staff or Not:  Did Jesus tell His disciples to take a staff?

The Lie Evolution:  Creation is Religion Pt VI

Taking Back Astronomy:  Magnetic Fields of the Planets

Sorry TOLers

God and the extraterrestrials:  Are we alone, or is there life elsewhere in the universe?

Water on Mars: A Creationist Response

Biblical Authority:  Why Were the Old Testament Prophets So Bold?

Contradictions: A Change of Heart:  Does God change His mind?

The Lie Evolution: Creation Is Religion Pt V

Taking Back Astronomy:  The Magnetic Field of the Earth

British scriptural geologists in the first half of the nineteenth century

Euthanasia: hospital humanism

Helpful Animals

Biblical Authority:  How Much of Scripture Is Inspired?

Contradictions: A Time to Kill?

Taking Back Astronomy: Recession of the Moon

The Lie Evolution: Creation Is Religion Pt IV

Planting seeds for creation

The Lie Evolution:  Creation is Religion Pt III

Taking Back Astronomy:  The Horizon Problem

Biblical Authority:  What Does “Inspiration” Really Mean?

Contradictions:  Full of Meaning Replenish or fill?

Why 'Adam' never met 'Eve'

Secrets of the universe

Biblical Authority:  How Can God’s Justice Make a Difference in My Life?

Contradictions: Two Ages at Once

Taking Back Astronomy:  The evidence confirms a young universe

The Lie Evolution:  Creation Is Religion Pt II

Creating opals: Opals in months—not millions of years!

Biblical Authority:  Why Does Holiness Matter?

Contradictions: Counting Offspring

The Lie Evolution: Creation Is Religion

Taking Back Astronomy: Attempts at compromise

What is the scientific evidence for creationism?

Love affairs and supergerms

Biblical Authority:  Is It Possible That God Could Love Someone Like Me?

Contradictions: A Man of Many Wives:  Does God condone polygamy? by Roger Patterson

The Lie Evolution:  Evolution is Religion Pt III

Taking Back Astronomy:  Light travel-time: a problem for the big bang

Dating is a failed modern experiment

Biblical Authority: Could a God Who Allows Suffering Really Be Good?

Contradictions:  Against the Law

Taking Back Astronomy:  The distant starlight problem

Many Steps to Be in Christ

Creation Road Trip:  Petrified Forests of Yellowstone

The Lie Evolution:  Evolution Is Religion Pt II

The dragons of Komodo Island

Darwin vs. the eye

The mathematical raven...and other odd tales

The Wright brothers: pioneers of the skies

That pig of a man didn’t fool everyone!

Contradictions:  Was Solomon really going to cut a baby in half?

Biblical Authority:  Who’s Running This Place?
Creation Road Trip:  Giant’s Causeway

Taking Back Astronomy:  The Assumptions of Naturalism and Uniformitarianism

The Lie Evolution:  Evolution is Religion

Was the Fruit an Apple? How Did Eve Know It Was Edible?

Sinking a Floating Forest

Creation Road Trip:  White Cliffs of Dover

Contradictions:  Seeds of Dissent

Biblical Authority:  Is Jealousy Really That Ugly?

The Lie Evolution:  Christianity is Under Attack Pt VII

Taking Back Astronomy:  The Big Bang Connection

Contradictions:  A Righteous lie?

Biblical Authority:  When Does God Turn Up?

The Age of the Universe Pt II

The Lie Evolution:  Christianity is Under Attack Pt VI

Taking Back Astronomy: The Age of the Universe

Biblical Authority:  Who Knows More, Us or God?

Contradictions:  Slaughter at Jericho

The Lie Evolution:  Christianity Is Under Attack Pt V
Creation Road Trip:  Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Creation Road Trip: Devil's Tower

Contradictions:  Time of Death

Biblical Authority:  What Is the Power Behind Those Powerful Words?

The Lie Evolution:  Christianity is Under Attack Pt III

Taking Back Astronomy:  Astronomy confirms the Bible

How would you like your epitaph to read?

Contradictions:  Bats of a Feather

Biblical Authority:  How Does the Immutability of God Affect Us?

Taking Back Astronomy:  The Ordinances of Heaven and Earth

The Lie Evolution:  Christianity is Under Attack Pt II

The Lie Evolution:  Christianity is Under Attack

Contradictions:  Meat of the Matter

Taking Back Astronomy:  The number of the stars

Biblical Authority:  When Is the Beginning of God?

Biblical Authority:  Why Is God’s Character Important?

Contradictions in the Bible?  Introduction

Taking Back Astronomy:  Conservation of Mass-Energy

Antarctica—Dinosaurs on Ice Clues to Extreme Change

Taking Back Astronomy:  The Earth is Round

"Big Man" of Human Evolution 'Lucy' Kin Pushes Back Evolution of Upright Walking?

Taking Back Astronomy:  The Sun

Exposing Evolution: Neandertal Man—the changing picture

Taking Back Astronomy:  The Moon

Exposing Evolution: Human Beings 

Exposing Evolution: Chimp-human hybridization: two of a kind or two different kinds? 

Exposing Evolution: Chimp genome sequence very different from man

Exposing Evolution: The extinction wars 

Exposing Evolution: Did humans really evolve from apelike creatures? 

Exposing Evolution: Australia’s Aborigines…did they see dinosaurs?

Exposing Evolution: How did animals get from the Ark to places such as Australia?

Exposing Evolution: The echidna enigma…and the platypus puzzle 

Exposing Evolution: The beauty of the peacock tail and the problems with the theory of sexual selection

Exposing Evolution: The evolution of feathers: a major problem for Darwinism

Exposing Evolution: Swimming with the dinosaurs

Exposing Evolution: Does this evolutionary claim have any legs?

Exposing Evolution: Something fishy about lungs

Exposing Evolution: Gone fishin’ for a missing link?

Exposing Evolution: What really happened to the dinosaurs?

Exposing Evolution: Living tree “8,000 years older than Christ”?

Exposing Evolution: The Shape of Life PBS series 

Exposing Evolution: Ancient Backboned Creature fossil 

Exposing Evolution: Did plants evolve?

Exposing Evolution: Kingdom of the plants: defying evolution 

Exposing Evolution: A new weed species—does it prove creation wrong?

Exposing Evolution: Shining light on the evolution of photosynthesis

Exposing Evolution: "Nonevolution” of the appearance of mitochondria and plastids in eukaryotes  

Exposing Evolution: Evolutionary theories on gender and sexual reproduction

Exposing Evolution: Evolutionary relationships among: archaea, eubacteria, and eukarya
Exposing Evolution: "Snowball Earth”—a problem for the supposed origin of multicellular animals

Exposing Evolution: Supposed eukaryote evolution pushed back one billion years

Exposing Evolution: Could monkeys type the 23rd Psalm?

Exposing Evolution: The origin of life: a critique of current scientific models
Exposing Evolution: Can natural processes explain the origin of life? Pt II

Why Fight? The Amazing Similarities in World Religions

Interesting Quotes from the Church Fathers

Scandal in the Knights' National Leadership

Exposing Evolution: The extinction of the dinosaurs
Exposing Evolution: What about continental drift?

10 favorite bands

Father’s Day:  Obama praises "two father" families 

Utah Killer Gets Death Penalty by Firing Squad

Biblical discipline: to train up a child

Exposing Evolution: Did life come from outer space?

Exposing Evolution: Can natural processes explain the origin of life?

Exposing Evolution: Evolutionist criticisms of the RNA world conjecture
Exposing Evolution: Life from life… or not?

Medvedev sees chance for new world order

Exposing Evolution: Claws on wings 

Exposing Evolution: The Permian extinction: National Geographic comes close to the truth

Exposing Evolution: A canyon in six days

New Bill Gives Obama ‘Kill Switch’ To Shut Down The Internet  

Glenn Beck, love him or hate him?

Exposing Evolution: The geologic column: does it exist?
Exposing Evolution: The way it really is: little-known facts about radiometric dating
Exposing Evolution: What grows on evolution’s tree?

Lawmakers: BP took 'shortcuts'


Tax & Spend Liberals: New Energy Tax

Exposing Evolution: Muhammad – Legacy of a Prophet. Why we love him.  

U.S. Should not Deport “Son of Hamas”
Exposing Evolution: "Living fossils” enigma  
Exposing Evolution: The fossils say what? 
Exposing Evolution: Dinosaur soft parts
Exposing Evolution: Grand Canyon strata show geologic time is imaginary
Exposing Evolution: A canyon in six days 
Exposing Evolution: Geographic plays the dating game 
Exposing Evolution: How well do paleontologists know fossil distributions?

Carbon Bill

Exposing Evolution: Rapid rock
Exposing Evolution: Can Flood geology explain thick chalk beds?
Exposing Evolution: Fossils—do they get more complex?

Exposing Evolution: Virus “evolution” benefits mankind?

Exposing Evolution: Genetic variance of influenza type A avian virus and its evolutionary implications 

Exposing Evolution: Paleosols: digging deeper buries “challenge” to Flood geology

Exposing Evolution: Catching a kinkajou

Exposing Evolution: Vertebrates: animals with backbones

Exposing Evolution: Sickle-cell anemia does not prove evolution

Still Blaming Bush

Exposing Evolution: Fraud rediscovered

Exposing Evolution: Hox hype 

Exposing Evolution: Living light

UN puts more sanctions on Iran

Obama to Meet Oil Spill Victims' Families

Exposing Evolution: Camels—confirmation of creation

Exposing Evolution: Scientific roadblocks to whale evolution

Exposing Evolution: Mutation, yes; evolution, no

Obama an Islamist

POTUS seeking 'ass to kick'

You must have works

Exposing Evolution: Natural selection

Exposing Evolution: Gallup poll on creationism

Exposing Evolution: Evidence for a young world

Do you agree with White House press corps dean Helen Thomas?

Exposing Evolution: What does the fossil record teach us about evolution?

Exposing Evolution: Can genetic mutations produce positive changes in living creatures?

Exposing Evolution: Is bacteria resistance to antibiotics an appropriate example of evolutionary change?

Exposing Evolution: Startling plant discovery presents problems for evolution

Exposing Evolution: Learning the right tricks about life's origin

Exposing Evolution: Natural selection, yes; evolution, no

Exposing Evolution: Evolution atheism

Exposing Evolution: Man: the image of God

Exposing Evolution: Copying confusion

Exposing Evolution: Genetics: no friend of evolution

Exposing Evolution: Henry Zuill on biology

Exposing Evolution: Change, yes; evolution, no

New aid ship heads to Gaza, Israel vows to stop it

Exposing Evolution: Reticulate evolution

Exposing Evolution: Does the beak of the finch prove Darwin was right?

Exposing Evolution: Are mutations part of the “engine” of evolution?

Exposing Evolution: When is a whale a whale?

Exposing Evolution: Cutting out a useless vestigial argument

Live Video Feed of Oil Spill

Child Killing Center ‘Sacred and Holy Ground’?

Rabbis:  'Flotilla Clash Similar to Gog and Magog Prophesy'

Blagojevich, Sestak, Romanoff...

John Brennan "al-Quds"

Talk radio = 'hate' speech?

Exposing Evolution: Does homology provide evidence of evolutionary naturalism?

Exposing Evolution: Comparative similarities: homology

Did God create poodles?

Turkey Turning Against Israel

Exposing Evolution: Design without a designer

Exposing Evolution: Natural selection and speciation

Exposing Evolution: Is Evolution a “Fact” of Science?

Exposing Evolution: Darwin’s illegitimate brainchild

What is Pelosi's favorite word?

Israel Faces new International Crisis Due to Violence Aboard Gaza Aid Flotilla

Exposing Evolution: The Demise of Mitochondrial Eve

Exposing Evolution: Scientific American admits creationists hit a sore spot: Need for a ‘new paradigm’ in bird evolution

Exposing Evolution: On the Alleged Dinosaurian Ancestry of Birds

Exposing Evolution: Dinosaurs: phylogenetic chart

Exposing Evolution: Archaeoraptor: featured dinosaur from National Geographic doesn’t fly

Exposing Evolution: How to read an evolutionary family tree

Exposing Evolution: Classifying Life Pt 2

Exposing Evolution: Classifying Life

Exposing Evolution: Creation:  Where's the Proof?

Exposing Evolution: A ‘more glorious’ means for creation?

Exposing Evolution: The Nature of Science and of Theories on Origins

Disease-tainted Gay Blood Threatens Our Troops

Pro-life Activists to Challenge Planned Parenthood Ban on the First Amendment in Washington, D.C.

White House Cover-Up

The U.S. Department of Blame America First

Why Obama Is Merging the EPA With Churches

Jihadists aren't the enemy

Israeli Heckler Calls Rahm Emanuel "Anti-Semite"

Biden Bashes America

Gays in the Military

Charm Offensive: Netanyahu invited to White House
The Founders' Views on Faith Pt 3

The Founders' Views on Faith Pt 2

The Founders' Views on Faith

Smart Grid

Gold Rush

Do tongues have a place in the church today?

Thumbs up or Down for Noah?

Planned Parenthood Reveals 5-Year Plan to Expand Abortion

The rapture. When will it happen and what will it be like?

Surveillance Suspected as Spacecraft’s Main Role

D.C. Metro Police Escorted SEIU Protesters to Bank Of America Executive’s Home

Peasant Subject Trips

Mexican President Joins U.S. President condemning State of Arizona

Cash is King

Muslim Student Association Confesses She Wants a Second Holocaust

Teen Faces Suspension Over Rosary Beads

When in doubt censor

"States rights," dragons, unicorns & other mythological concepts

Woody Allen thinks Obama would get much more done as dictator

'Thousands of bees' swarm White House

Gingrich: Democrats Want to Impose 'Secular-Socialist Machine'

Greece Considering Legal Action Against U.S. Banks for Crisis

Adderall a Miracle Drug to College Students: Highly Addictive Nature Ignored

Where's the Love?

Pelosi to Aspiring Musicians: Quit Your Job, Taxpayers Will Cover Your Health Care

Obama pushing $23 billion teachers union bailout

Republicans introduce bill to prevent Euro bailout

Facebook Exodus

West Wing Week Message-Control

Google Says It Mistakenly Collected Data on Web Usage
Do We Deserve a Mosque at Ground Zero?

Russian-Turkish-Syrian Alliance Grows as Medvedev Visits

Holder Can't/Won't Identify Enemy  

President Obama Gourmet Food at Home Junk on the Road

Obama Embraces Real Time Crime


Jupiter Loses One of Its Stripes

Death by Drone

Obama using Connecticut Social Security Number?

Gold Vending Machine

Big Rig Wants to Weigh Your Kids

What are some of your favorite verses in the Bible?

Sarah Palin Wades into Arizona Basketball Trip Debate

Wide Load Wants to Control Your Food

Obama Bemoans 'Diversions' of iPod, xBox

Obama to nominate Elena Kagan for Supreme Court

Draw Something Else. American Flag Offensive.

Oil Rig Blowout Could Set in Motion Global Extinction Wave

Are sports that involve fighting (such as UFC) immoral?

Support the Freedom Five!

Wife Beating

Recycling Bins with Tracking Chips

Times Square Attack is Latest Warning of Radical Islamist Infiltration

Kill the .xxx (Porn)

MMS Exempts BP:  BP/Obama Relationship

US bailing out Europe

Gulf Coast Oil Spill Timeline


Ahmadinejad elected by the UN as commission for women's rights

"Significant security lapses with Shahzad" 

Nationalizing Your 401(k)

N.Y. mayor decries 'terror gap' in U.S. gun laws

A Trial in New York for Shahzad?

The Bail out of Greece

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Times Square Car Bomber Faisal Shahzad, aged 30, Naturalized Citizen from Pakistan

Christian preacher arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin

Black Group: 'Obama Not Interested in Enforcing Immigration Laws'

Ready for car bombs?

"I Do Think At A Certain Point You've Made Enough Money (Obama)."

Liberal Church Elites Attack Backers of New Arizona Immigration Law

Happy Lemonade Day!
Bishop: Priests think child abuse ‘doesn’t break celibacy’

Vatican Official Left Abusive Priest in his Position

Cigars, Mmm

States rights

They want your organs

Mormons at my door

Praising Arizona

Police State

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra when the walls fell

Let's focus on Muslim entrepreneurship

Not Even in South Park?

Allah Smiles on Obamacare by Tom Tancredo

Compromise at Liberty: Glenn Beck, a Mormon, to Give Commencement Address
Suit Against Pope, Vatican Details Wis. Abuse

Palin defends evangelist who called Islam an ‘evil and wicked religion’

Convert or pay a fine

"The Republican Party has not given African Americans a good reason to vote for the party (Steele)."

Death threats come in for South Park: 'They will probably end up like Theo van Gogh'

At what point is a revolution justified? (what is the moral criteria)

Republican Shrinkage Problem

An atheist with a problem

If VAT, Ditch the Income Tax

Volcanic Eruption in Iceland more serious than first thought...

Aimiel, can you elaborate on your title as "prophet"?

Nuclear Iran Obama's Legacy

Cap and Trade: A License Required for your Home

Federal Judge Declares National Day Of Prayer Unconstitutional

Massive fireball reported across Midwestern sky

Video Exposes Tea Party Infiltrators

A Question about God

Who is your favorite non-believer and why?

Did FDR Get Us Out of the Depression?

All PC is OTL

New health care law could treat ED for sex offenders

Roeder Sentenced

New Creatures?

Let me be clear as mud

Slip of the Lip?

Dirt Worshippers (Ro 1:23)

Myths About Liberals

Is Obama Disarming Us?

High and Off the Plate

Should Michael Steele Take a Hike?

Land Grab Africa

More Catholics Perverted Priests are Diddling Deaf Kids Now

Sick, Satanic Puppies at Berkeley

Hate News

They were both naked, the man and his wife

Live Action Responds to Community College's Censorship of its Pro-Life Magazine

Green Berets in Negligees  

DC Cathedral Calling on Archbishop Wuerl to Excommunicate Nancy Pelosi

The Kybalion - ancient hermetic wisdom and divine principles

Who's Who? TOL Style

B.O.’s New Private Army Hidden In The “Healthcare” Bill

The Pope. Who is he to you?

Global, Secular, Moral Values

Does Israel Need a Regime Change? 

The perverted triune god with one god missing

Sharia Financing

Shame on everyone for Obamacare

Allah is above what you think and imagine

US House of Representatives Pass Obamacare

Buying Votes

More Obama "Firsts"

Legalism: What is it? And how can you deal with it?

Dutch MPs to decide on burqa ban

George Will on Manhood

Bible Hero

The Use of American Freemasonry

Land Grab by the Feds

Census Form Question No. 9

95 Verses of Open Theism for Godrulz

Cowardly Fox News

National ID Card Fingerprints and/or DNA?

Pro-Muslim Influence on Fox News Channel

What was the First Job you Ever Had?

Answers in Genesis "I am not ashamed" Ad campaign

Earthquakes in Haiti and Chili: God's judgment, global warming, or just random geologic events?

Obama "Firsts" by Congressman Tom Tancredo

Retard Insults

Born that Way Lie

Christian nation. Did America's founding fathers intend for the USA to be a Christian nation?

Why Do Catholics Cross Themselves?


20 Fewer Scumbags

Would Europe be Justified in Forcibly Expelling Muslims?

Earthquakes and End Times

Wildcard Day

Killer Whale

Government Run Schools

Internet Addiction of the Rise

Gender neutral bathrooms

Legalization or Decriminalization of Cannabis?

Every Creationist Argument We Seem to Encounter on TOL

Born with fear of spiders

I'm new.  Am I missing something?

Pay Down your Visa and Buy a Big Mac

The Man Jesus 1 Ti 2:5

John MacArthur Pastor with No Infallible Bible

Superbowl Ads

Proclamation of Intent Concerning Catholics

A New Abortion Scandal

Breast Cancer Victim wants to buried in Obama t-shirt

Michelle Obama on 'Today': I understand criticism of my husband

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast

Christian Group Questions Sarah Palin's Pro-Life Credentials

Catholics are not Christians

Pope John Paul II self-flagellated to get closer to Jesus

Cat that can predict death

Catholic Answers

Don't Ask Don't Tell Don't Work

Obama's State of Confusion (Levine) Speech

CBS Considers Gay Dating Site Ad During Superbowl

Bats and dolphins separately evolved same sonar gene

Where did God come from?

Who is the God of Jesus?

Evolution Today

Pro-Life Superbowl Ad

The lesser of two evils just defeated Obamacare

Glenn Beck Talks about his Mormonism

Abortion Compromise

What Is The Point In Belief If Death Is The End Anyway?

Fort Hood Report: Why No Mention of Islam?

Real Science Friday: The Energy Order of the Universe

What do you think are the benefits in regular supportive church attendance?

How Does the Fall of Man Cause Earthquakes?

Water baptism: what is it's place today?

How to Stop Corporate Greed and Fix the Economy

Martha Coakley: Devout Catholics 'Probably shouldn't work in the emergency room'

The Christian-Terrorist Threat

Dolphin Killings in Japan  

They Have Been Cursed’: Pat Robertson Says Haiti ‘Swore a Pact to the Devil’

Obama's un-safe schools czar

Google censorship of 1 of the popular religions?

Spanking Kids Makes Them Happy

Obama Names Transgender Appointee to Commerce Department

Brit Hume - Tiger Should Choose Christianity

US HIV travel ban lifted today

Obama says Yemen is "poor"

Begotten not Made

Avatar The Movie

Is American culture dissipating?


WH Terror Response: 4 Days, WH Response to Cheney: Hours?

Should Christians take up arms?  New World Order

New Decade What's In Store

Obama Unleashes Interpol, Violates American Sovereignty

Florida Court Sets Atheist Holy Day